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Player Profile: Mitchell Trubisky

So, Mitchell Trubisky will start Monday night for the Chicago Bears . . . FINALLY!  Bears fans, NFL fans, and fantasy football players around the world have been waiting for this day. Glennon hasn’t been good (I’m trying to be nice here), and Trubisky showed great potential in the preseason.

2017 Preseason Stats:

Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Rating
Mike Glennon 26 44 59.1% 243 5.5 2 2 70.5
Mitchell Trubisky 36 53 67.9% 364 6.9 3 0 106.2


2017 Regular Season Stats:

Mike Glennon 93 140 66.4% 833 6.0 4 5 76.9


Glennon isn’t solely to blame for the Bears woes so far this season, however.  The o-line has been bad (and injured), and he’s been a victim of some drops by his receivers (11 so far this season).  Luckily for the Bears, Trubisky is uniquely talented to help ease these issues.

We all know preseason football is much different than regular season football, but based on what we’ve seen from Trubisky, we have to be hopeful.  He showed good accuracy throughout the preseason which should be sustainable – accuracy and ball placement were his biggest strengths coming out of North Carolina.  The receivers are still bad (and will continue to be bad), but having Trubisky in there to should lead to more accurate passes and, in theory, easier passes to catch.  Additionally, Trubisky has demonstrated a good ability to move around in the pocket and extend plays.  He’s also athletic enough to roll out and buy time.  Would you believe me if I told you Trubisky avoided the sack on this play by stepping up in the pocket, then rolling to his right, and throwing an accurate pass downfield?

Trubisky also displayed great accuracy when throwing on the run.  If you’d like to see an example, the preseason game against Denver is a great place to look. The Bears utilized designed rollouts, often to get Trubisky on the move and hit a crossing route.  It worked really well and played to Trubisky’s strengths.  You can find some film on this here:

The Chicago offense should see an uptick across the board. The move to Trubisky means good things for the whole team.   I expect to see longer, sustained drives as well as more explosive plays down the field.  One player I’m more excited about than the rest would be Deonte Thompson. Thompson  H wasn’t originally going to see a ton of playing time, but with the injuries to Meredith and White, he’s gotten more opportunity.  He actually saw the most snaps among Bears WRs in both Week 3 and Week 4.  He and Trubisky looked to have a good connection in the preseason and should have the chance to show that going forward.

Trubisky should be a solid QB2 going forward.  He has a decent weekly floor given his ability to scramble for some yards when need be.  He does a good job going through his reads before taking off, so I’d expect him to do most of his damage through the air.  QBs with the ability to extend plays can often make a big play or two against even the best defenses.  He’ll have a good floor in all games and can have good upside against poor defenses.  









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