Hey all! Feels like forever since my last entry, but this summer has been really quiet in the fantasy world. Thankfully, activity has picked up over the last two weeks as our attention turns to the 2017 season. In case you have forgotten, here was my roster after the conclusion of the rookie draft:

If you are just now finding this and want to see all the moves, I made during the draft, here is a link to that article. Since the end of the draft, I’ve made a few waiver moves to try to strengthen the back end of my roster. Here is a quick summary of my add/drops:



Anquan Boldin

Jacoby Brissett

Jermaine Gresham

Ryan Griffin

Branden Oliver

Rico Gathers

Bruce Ellington

DeAngelo Williams

Adam Humphries

New York Jets D/ST

Cordarrelle Patterson

To clean up my roster, I dropped a couple of players to make room at the back end of my roster. Dropping each of these players is self-explanatory–roster cloggers with no real upside. The only player I am interested in adding again is Rico Gathers, who could have big time potential once Jason Witten retires. However, I am very pleased with the players I was able to add.

Jermaine Gresham is the starting tight end for the Cardinals and came on strong at the end of last year. Bruce Ellington is currently in line to be the WR2 in San Francisco, opposite of Pierre Garcon. I am not expecting much from him, but it adds to a depleted WR depth chart. (NOTE: This was written before the news of Ellington’s impending release by the Niners. I have since dropped him from my roster.) Similar to Ellington, I also added Bucs WR Adam Humphries. Fantasy owners seem to be neglecting the 24-year-old, despite expecting big things from the Bucs offense. As it stands now, Humphries is the starting receiver for the Bucs out of the slot with Chris Godwin working strictly from the outside. Even if he does not produce like he did last year, he is still a great option on any fantasy team as WR depth.

Finally, I was able to add a big-time target of mine this offseason in Branden Oliver. I am adding Oliver everywhere I can from the waiver wire because he is the direct handcuff to Melvin Gordon. But he is more than just a handcuff; he is also the passing down back for the Chargers. With the departure of Danny Woodhead, the passing down role in LA has a huge void to fill, and Oliver fills that role perfectly. Philip Rivers recently stated that Oliver looks great coming off an injury last August and looks explosive. Rivers also stated he believes Oliver is a perfect complement to Gordon. Adding him is icing on the cake for my RB corps.

Now for the fun part: trades. Over the past two weeks, I have been sending out offers to nearly every team in the league to see what sticks. I’ve gotten a lot of rejected trades, but I am slowly learning what different owners value. Every time I get a rejection email from MFL, I always shoot an email to the other owner to see where I went wrong and what I can do to fix it down the road. Doing this allows you to connect with other owners and let them know you do not intend to screw them over. The best trades happen when each owner feels he came away as the winner. If you can develop relationships with the other owners in your league, the chances of you finalizing deals increase drastically.

I mentioned at the end of my last diary entry that I want to turn some of my running back depth into receiver depth to balance out my roster. I have been trying to do so by offering up LeSean McCoy to potential 2017 contenders. I am trying to get a running back and a receiver in the deal, both in the 10-20 range at their positions. I found a potential trade partner about a week ago that fits what I am looking for. His team is called the Rough Riders and he owns Lamar Miller, Michael Crabtree, Willie Snead, and Golden Tate. I offered him Shady for Miller and his choice of one of the three receivers (Crabtree, Snead, Tate), but was kindly rejected. I shot him an email asking where I need to make the offer better. Before responding, he sent me an offer that included Samaje Perine and Kenny Golladay on my side. If you don’t know, I LOVE KENNY GOLLADAY, so that trade was quickly shot down. He then responded to me by saying he intends to start the rebuilding process now and pick up some 2018 picks and young players now while the market is low. It made sense since his team was middle-of-the-pack and you don’t want to be stuck there forever.

After many back-and-forth offers and emails, he sent me an offer that blew my mind.

Can you believe I considered rejecting this trade? My love for Ebron and Golladay got the better of me for most of that day. I asked a lot of people their opinions, and everyone thought I was crazy for having not accepted it immediately. Fellow DFFer Jake Anderson (@nftdrafftalker) even went as far as saying the trade would be a 93%/7% Twitter poll in favor of the Rodgers side. I got greedy and sent him countless other offers without Golladay and Ebron, but he held firm in his offer, even saying he can’t believe I left it on the table so long. It wasn’t until he told me he had two other similar offers to other owners that I knew I had to accept. I couldn’t lose out on a major deal like that to another owner because my love for a 4th-year tight end and a rookie blinded me. So, there you have it, the brain wins.

Another team that I believed to be a potential suitor for McCoy is Beast Mode. His team includes players like Duke Johnson (Crowell handcuff) and Pierre Garcon. I sent him an initial offer of Giovani Bernard, Golden Tate, and an 18 second for Garcon, Duke Johnson, and Josh Doctson. He rejected the trade and sent me an email saying “Doctson is better than Golden Tate”. With that statement, I respectfully bowed out from sending him offers. However, he sent me Duke, Doctson, and Garcon for Lamar Miller, Tate, and an 18 third, so I knew he was interested. After more back-and-forths, I finally accepted this offer:

I was content making this trade because Tom Brady is no longer essential to my team now that I own Aaron Rodgers. Gio still has value in my eyes, but the threat of Joe Mixon is still there. Giving up Tate was my biggest loss, but I made up for it by getting Garcon (a similar receiver in a better situation) as well as Josh Doctson. Doctson is a nice depth piece to develop, and if he does not pan out like some expect, the price I paid was small. Similarly, I was also able to attain Charles Clay. Clay will serve as my backup tight end after I traded Ebron. He is serviceable in PPR formats, having caught over 50 passes in each of the past four years. The biggest piece in this trade for me outside of Garcon was gaining Duke Johnson. Not only does he have value to me as Crowell’s handcuff, but he also has standalone value in a PPR league. I love getting Duke in this trade.

After the two trades and my add/drops, my roster now looks like this:

I am excited. My plan is still to move Shady for a back and a receiver. I have a couple offers out there now waiting to be responded to. Additionally, I am in the process of adding Sam Bradford as my backup QB from waivers to replace Brady. A serviceable backup, Bradford will serve as my QB2 and Jimmy Garoppolo as my developing QB3. Hopefully, all goes according to plan with both acquiring Bradford and also moving Shady McCoy. At worst, I’ll keep Shady try to make a playoff push with star power and decent depth. I will keep you guys posted as everything goes down and we move through August and football!


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