One Last DFF Redraft PPR Mock Draft

In the August installment of the DFF Redraft Mock Draft series, the @DFF_ReDraft experts ran through a 12 team, 12 round, PPR mock draft. This draft comes at a perfect time for everyone, since we are in the peak of the redraft season. Instead of giving you a pick by pick summary like in mock draft articles in the past, the majority of the redraft experts discussed their strategy during the draft, gave you their sleeper picks and biggest reaches on their team below.

Here is the link to the entire draft board.

If you have any questions on any of the selections or want to know why someone drafted a certain way, reach out to them on Twitter (handles available below). Make sure you follow our page and all of our great writes in the redraft department.

Draft Order:

1 – Seth McKinley (@sethfffellas)              

2 – Mike Oliva (@MikeCOliva)          

3 – Jerry Sinclair   (@JerrysinDFF)         

4 – Stephen H   (@TheRealHalupka)

5 – Michael S  (@DFF_Mste)            

6 – Mitch Lawson (@DFF_MitchLawson)

7 –  Matt Jones (@MattJonesTFR)

8 – Kyle August (@kylefffellas)

9 – Stephen Fuller (@fulst_rosto)

10 – Aaron Larson (@aalarson)

11 – Anthony Zaragoza (@ZaragozaAnthony)

12 – Johnny Slokes (@JohnnySlokes)

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Team Owner: Seth

Draft Slot: #1

Strategy: Wait on WRs and load up at the other positions first.

Best Pick: 7th round Edelman in a PPR, even with the suspension, is quality stuff.

Biggest Reach: The problem with the turns is that you have to take your guys way earlier than you’d like to. That guy, for me, is Dion Lewis. I’m all in on this guy being the #1 in TEN, and I’m going to draft that way too.

Sleeper: While Kyle is the true Kenny Stills truther on our show, I can’t deny the fact that Stills has the opportunity for a huge year.

Outlook of Team: I need Lewis or Watkins to hit and then I’m solid. I expect I’ll have to replace RoJo and Booker at some point, but in a PPR there’s usually a Theo Riddick-type player available on the wire. If I could do it again, I’d take Mahomes over Rivers for the upside of a Watkins/Mahomes stack and stream the QB position if that didn’t work out.

Best Team: If either Drake or one of the GB guys hit, then Kyle’s squad is sitting pretty. He has a strong WR corps, and even though he didn’t draft a QB in the first 12 rounds, there’s still plenty available to choose from.

Team Owner: Jerry

Draft Slot: #3

Strategy: Assemble a balanced team early. Don’t lean too heavily on one position.

Best Pick: Carlos Hyde in the 9th round. As listeners of the Dynasty Warzone know, I LOVE Carlos Hyde this year. He’s the most disrespected player in fantasy in the 2018 preseason. Has outperformed Nick Chubb, can also compete in the passing game with Duke Johnson, and is going late in drafts. A potential RB2 and starting RB in the 9th round?!?! Easy pick every time.

Biggest Reach: Derrick Henry in the 3rd round. I’m not on the Dion Lewis bandwagon. He’s hurt far too often and has a very small sample size of success. Derrick Henry holds the record for the most rushing yards in the history of High School football. He won the Heisman Trophy over finalists like Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, Ezekiel Elliott, and Leonard Fournette. Henry had the misfortunate of being drafted behind Demarco Murray in Tennessee, but this is a man who has shown he can play this game. It’s a reach, but he’s my guy, and I’m not ashamed to do it.

Sleeper: Rashaad Penny. A weird sleeper I know, but with all the love Chris Carson is getting, it has caused Penny to plummet in drafts. Call me nuts, but I’m not buying that. The Seahawks drafted Penny in the first round despite the holes throughout their roster. This is their guy, and if this mock were done before the Carson hype rocket blasted off into space, Penny would’ve been taken somewhere in the 4th round.

Outlook of Team: Love my RBs. Le’Veon Bell, with his handcuff in Conner, plus Derrick Henry, Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny, and Carlos Hyde. My WRs are thin with Mike Evans and Allen Robinson, but with plenty of RB depth, I should be able to swindle someone in a trade to upgrade the position. QB and TE ended up with Andrew Luck and Evan Engram, both late, which allowed me to benefit at other positions.

Best Team: I’m biased towards my team, so I’ll just give you who I believe the playoff teams are. Aaron did an awesome job picked from the ten spot. It helps that I love Amari Cooper and Corey Davis this year. Stephen F from the 9th pick. Two nice RBs and then popped off four nice WR pieces. Kyle from the FFfellas, I’m not the biggest Drake guy, but he’s got a lot of pieces that can win any given week. Last and certainly not least, in fact probably the best…Me baby, me.

Team Owner: Stephen H.

Draft Slot: #4

Strategy:  Pick number 4 is one of my favorite drafting slots. It guarantees you one of the top running backs who will be able to lock down production at a premium position. Typically I’ll look to load up on running back early, but best player available will never steer you wrong.

Best Pick: I was almost jumping up and down to get Sony Michel in the back end of the 6th round. He has the talent of a 4th rounder and should be back early on this season. To grab a potential every week starting running back that late was a huge win.

Biggest Reach: I’m usually one of the last owners to grab a quarterback, so the pick of Carson Wentz in the 7th was a bit early. There is a ton of QB value later in the draft like Matthew Stafford in the 9th and Philip Rivers in the 11th. Considering Wentz may not start the season on time, this was one I would like to have back.

Sleeper: Even without Carson Wentz to start the season, Nelson Agholor has the potential to finish as a WR2 this season. Alshon Jeffery may start the season on the PUP, leaving a ton of touchdown upside available in Philly. Agholor has flourished in his slot receiver role, but there could be a lot more for him in 2018.

Outlook of Team:  This team is strong at tight end and wide receiver with the selections of Rob Gronkowski and T.Y. Hilton early on in rounds 2 and 3. The question will be which of the young running backs that were selected starting in round 5 can carry the load. If one of them hits, this team will be a force to be reckoned with.

Best Team: Kyle’s team is looking strong. He has a great mix of talent at the running back and wide receiver early which should be able to carry him. Not selecting a QB shouldn’t be a detriment as there are plenty to choose from including Ben Roethlisberger. This team looks like a winner.

Team Owner: Michael

Draft Slot: #5

Strategy: Antonio Brown then stack RBs. This is the only strategy from the five spot in 2018 for me. I don’t think I’ve participated in many drafts which didn’t start with a combo of the top 4 backs. This allows you to lock up the best PPR asset there is and still get a decent 2nd round pick.

Best Pick: Aaron Rodgers at the 4.08. I’m as committed to Late Round QB as anyone but this was too much value to pass up.

Biggest Reach: John Brown, I took him two rounds ahead of his current ADP, but I am entirely buying into the hype, he has been the epicenter of pretty much all of the Ravens preseason buzz. Brown has been a 1,000-yard receiver before, and there will be a lot of opportunity in Baltimore this season.

Sleeper: Not sure there can be any real sleepers in a 12 round draft, but I’ll have to with John Brown again.

Outlook of Team: I’d be happy taking this team into the season. I have the QB1, the WR1, a couple of potential top 16 RBs and a top 6 TE. To compliment them are a lot of high ceiling guys who should see massive volume in Hogan, Goodwin, and Parker.

Best Team: A lot of solid teams in this draft despite some very different approaches, but I’m leaning with Kyle’s team, I always look for balance coming out of a draft, and he has the most balanced team outside of my own.

Team Owner: Mitch

Draft Slot: #6

Strategy: I intended to go heavy on WR early in the draft. Out of the 6th spot, I would be in perfect position to get either Antonio Brown or DeAndre Hopkins, who I have ranked 4th and 5th on my overall rankings. I would allow myself to fall into the RBs if there was value in the first few rounds. But since there were too many RBs coming off the board early, I locked down an amazing PPR WR corps.

Best Pick: Trey Burton in the 8th round. I made this pick before Adam Shaheen sprained his ankle. Still, I think getting Burton as the 8th TE of the draft was a super solid value. His role in Nagy’s offense could be incredible, especially considering the obvious chemistry he has with Trubisky (Targeted by Trubisky on 6 of 18 attempts [33%])

Biggest Reach: Geronimo Allison in the 11th round. This pick was a reach at the time of the draft. I would anticipate it looks spot on by the time this article is published. Allison was putting more and more separation between himself and the rookie WRs for the WR3 spot. A 6’ 3” long-armed receiver, he could be in for some decent production, especially if Cobb’s surgically repaired ankle can’t last through a 16 game season.

Sleeper: He’s hardly a sleeper anymore. But I’ve been touting Chris Carson since OTAs, and he’s paying off big time. Winning the RB battle in Seattle, he was already looking like a sneaky value. Then Penny injured his hand. Carson’s needle just keeps pointing up, and he could be a great value pick even in the 7th round.

Outlook of Team: I went high risk/high reward here. I am counting on Rex Burkhead and Chris Carson to carry me through the first four weeks without Ingram. But after that, I have a lineup that looks poised to contend all season long.

Best Team: Aaron Larson (@aalarson) built a formidable PPR team. He front-loaded his team with PPR premium RBs and balanced it with high volume WRs and some great value at QB and with his depth receivers. If Jimmy Graham is indeed a Top 5 TE this season, then I think Aaron has the team to beat.

Team Owner: Matt

Draft Slot: #7

Strategy: I’m a big proponent of going WR heavy. I wrote about why here so I won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details. Locking up a core of high-volume, high-upside picks through the first four rounds I rolled with that strategy to start my draft. I rolled with a couple of my favorite RBs and grabbed a couple of value WRs to boot. In a perfect world, where I don’t time out and pick QBs in the 9th/10th rounds, the draft goes differently at the end. Extremely happy with the start though.

Best Pick: Emmanuel Sanders is the WR to own in Denver as far as I can tell. Getting him halfway through the 7th round is something that I’ll take all day.

Biggest Reach: I guess I’ll knock my QB picks here. I don’t see the need to take a Kirk Cousins or a Jimmy Garoppolo in that range. I’d rather stock up on RBs there and wait for Patrick Mahomes or Marcus Mariota.

Sleeper: Jordy Nelson. I am not entirely sure what’s going to happen with the Gruden offense, and I’m pretty sure that he’s going to run the franchise into the ground. I still think Jordy has plenty left in the tank and can contribute this season.

Outlook of Team: As currently constructed, I’d need to trade from my WR depth and get another RB most likely. Since this is PPR and I could start 4 WRs, I think there’s definite upside with my pass catchers though.  

Best Team: I’m a sucker for a WR heavy draft in PPR. Johnny’s team fits the bill there. If he took another WR in the middle rounds, I think he’d be the team to beat by far. Even as constructed, he put together my favorite team.

Team Owner: Kyle

Draft Slot: #8

Strategy: Even in PPR, I prefer to go with an RB in round 1 due to the values that will be there at WR in round 2. I was able to get Allen at the 2.4, who is a top 5 WR in PPR for me in 2018. After that, it’s best player available with the idea that a WR will most likely be my flex.

Best Pick: Josh Gordon 5.9 – We started this draft just before he rejoined the team, but regardless, you know the risk with Gordon. However, when he’s on the field, he has solid upside and is my WR3.

Biggest Reach: Probably Clement in at 10.5. I didn’t feel like I reached for anyone in this draft, but he’s probably the one mid-round guy I picked at his current value.

Sleeper: Robby Anderson. He was a WR1 on a PPG basis with McCown last season, and even if Darnold starts week 1, it’s still an upgrade over what Anderson had to deal with the last month of 2017. Love his value in the back half of the 7th round.

Outlook of Team: Overall I like this squad. I was able to pair two top 12 WRs with Melvin Gordon through the first three rounds and followed it up with Gordon, Anderson, and Garcon at the WR position. Drake might be a little risky as an RB2, but I liked what I saw from him in the second half of last season and based on my roster, I only need for him or one of the Green Bay RBs to pan out, and I’m set. Also felt like Doyle was a steal in round 12 in this format. And yes, I know my team didn’t draft a QB in this 12-round mock, but Big Ben, Dak, Ryan, Goff, Mahomes were all still on the board. I’m not worried about QB in non-Superflex league. To be honest, I wish we were playing this one out.

Best Team: Liked Stephen H.’s team quite a bit. Hard to beat a Gurly/Gronk/Hilton/Thomas start in the first four rounds.

Team Owner: Stephen F.

Draft Slot: #9

Strategy  Based on a number of my selections “Death or Glory” would be the likely term for the strategy with a plethora of possible but not necessarily probable upside selections. Starting out with Barkley and Cook, finishing the season with two RB1s is not out of the question.

Rounds 3 through 6 followed with 2xWR1s and 2xWR2s from ‘17, all drafted later at their position than they scored last season. Moving into the mid rounds my 7th round returned excellent value for Russell Wilson as the QB5 off the board.

Best Pick:  Jarvis Landry in the 4th as the WR18 taken is fantastic value for last years WR6 even after his move to the Browns he will be PPR gold.

Biggest Reach:  Jordan Reed’s ability has never been questioned. Capable of top 3 TE numbers when on the field, his skillset severely lacks just one ability, availability. In a deeper draft, my TE2 would likely have been only a round away.

Sleeper: Scoring as an RB3, RB2, and an RB3 again over the last three seasons drafting Bilal Powell as the RB56 is great late round value who should outscore his draft position considerably even if only used as a bye week replacement in the flex position.

Outlook of Team: If players return comparable figures to ‘17 and Barkley, Cook and Reed score favorably a playoff spot may beckon.

Best Team: Picking from the 1.01 spot can be tough waiting for the 2.12 to come around, yet Seth has put together a great start with DJ, Shady, and Lewis at RB, Kelce at TE and a solid group of WR2/3s. His late round pickup of Rivers at QB will not leave him wanting at the position.

Team Owner: Aaron

Draft Slot: #10

Strategy: I love picking this late in redrafts this year, there is so much talent that gets pushed down to the late first and early second. With that being said my strategy was basically to take the two best available players with my first two picks and then build the rest of my draft around those picks.

Best Pick: Since this is a PPR draft I think Christian McCaffrey at the 2.2 was my best pick. McCaffrey is a PPR stud, and Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner won’t be afraid to run him between the tackles. I considered taking a wide receiver, but I knew that with my next pick not until 3.10 I wasn’t going to be able to get another running back even close to McCaffrey’s value.

Biggest Reach: I cringed a little when I took Amari Cooper at the 3.10. I hoped for a safer receiver pick, but the third round saw a huge run on receivers. I’m hoping that Cooper can have the breakout that some people are anticipating, and be a true WR1 on my roster.

Sleeper: Nobody seems to know who the top receiver will be in Jacksonville, and Dede Westbrook has as good of a chance as any of them to become a WR1, especially in PPR leagues. This kind of upside in the 12th round is exactly what I look for in a sleeper.

Outlook of Team: I love my running backs with Kamara, McCaffrey and Lamar Miller. I’m not as confident in my receiving corps, but the fact that they all have the potential to be the target leader for their NFL team gives me hope that enough of them will come through. I don’t love Drew Brees in the 8th round, mainly because I was hoping for Cam Newton there, who was sniped by Anthony just before my pick. Finally, if Jimmy Graham can be a touchdown magnet in Green Bay, then I should be set up with an incredibly solid team.

Best Team: Kyle gets my vote since in the first six rounds he grabbed potential top-tier running backs and receivers. He might be stuck streaming quarterbacks and tight ends, but with the current landscapes at those positions that is perfectly ok.

Team Owner: Anthony

Draft Slot: #11

Strategy: Get my running backs early. Drafting from the 11 spot gave me the best opportunity to achieve that goal. It also put me in the second tier RB group for rounds one and two. Having two bell cows at RB will give my team the stability it needs to make a long run in the playoffs. Plus, the wide receiver position is so deep this year, I can wait and get some nice upside players later in the draft.

Best Pick: Cam Newton (8.2) – I love waiting on quarterbacks. And in most drafts, I wait until round 10 before I get my signal caller. But with a guy like Cam Newton sitting there at 8.02, the value was too good for me to pass up. Newton gets a lot of flack for not being the ideal pocket passer. But what he lacks in the passing department, he makes up with his feet. When he’s on his game, Newton can be a top 5 quarterback in fantasy.

Biggest Reach: Jay Ajayi (3.11) – I’m a Jay Ajayi truther. But in the third round, even my love for Ajayi tells me I reached a bit here. I’ve been able to snag the former Boise State star in the fifth round so far this draft season. Unfortunately, this mock draft had running backs going off the board fast. So, I had to make an audible and drafted Ajayi as my #3 RB at the end of the third.

Sleeper: Tyler Lockett (10.2) – People might call me crazy, but I love Tyler Lockett this year. The Seahawks did very little to replace Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson’s production from last season. Gone are 174 targets, 1,223 yards, and 16 touchdowns from those two players, and the only player added to this WR group was Brandon Marshall. Not to mention, star wide receiver Doug Baldwin has come out and said he might have to play this season at 85%. And if you needed more reason to love Lockett, Seattle just extended him for another three seasons. You don’t extend a player unless you believe in him. I will take the former All-Pro specialist in the tenth all day.

Outlook of Team: I like how balanced my team is. I have my two bell cow running backs in Leonard Fournette and Kareem Hunt. I was able to draft a top tier mobile QB in Cam Newton and his top pass-catching target in Greg Olsen, and a solid core of wide receivers (Tate, Crabtree, Cobb). This is one of my favorite mock teams I’ve drafted this season.

Best Team: Johnny Slokes. I am not a big fan of wide receiver heavy drafts this season, but I like what Johnny did in this one. Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Tyreek Hill are unreal. He was still able to get Alex Collins and some high upside PPR running backs (Cohen, Thompson, Bernard) to supplement his WR group. The icing on the cake? Johnny got Matthew Stafford and Kyle Rudolph late in the draft.

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