Nick Foles Dynasty Profile

Past Production

Here are Nick Foles’ full NFL stats.

Year Games   Completion %   Yards   TDs   INTs   Fantasy Finish   Fantasy PPG   PPG Rank  
2012 7 60.8 1699 6 5 QB33 12.3 25th
2013 13 64.0 2891 27 2 QB12 19.7 3rd
2014 8 59.8 2163 13 10 QB29 14.9 22nd
2015 11 56.4 2052 7 10 QB33 8.6 37th
2016 3 65.5 410 3 0 QB45 N/A N/A
2017 7 56.4 537 5 2 QB43 4.8 41st
2018 5 72.3 1413 7 4 QB37 14.8 25th
2019 4 65.8 736 3 2 QB42 N/A N/A
2020   3 63.7 680 5 3 N/A 13.6 28th

The Eagles drafted Foles in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft as the backup quarterback to incumbent starter Michael Vick. As a rookie, Foles played in fill-in duty for an injured Vick, seeing action in seven games. He wasn’t anything special as a rookie, though. 

In 2013, Foles once again took the starting job after a Vick injury. However, this time Foles looked like a star. He made the Pro Bowl, and he was a top fantasy quarterback during 2013. Unfortunately, 2013 was Foles’ best season by far in the NFL. He wasn’t the same player in 2014, and he eventually landed on injured reserve with a collarbone injury.

After 2014, the Eagles traded Foles to the Rams, where he immediately became their new starting quarterback. Foles continued his poor play from 2014, and he switched on and off with Case Keenum as the Rams’ starter. Eventually, the Rams drafted Jared Goff with the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, leading to Foles’ release.

Foles then entered three years as a clear backup quarterback, first in Kansas City, backing up Alex Smith. He only saw spot duty in 2016 while Smith dealt with a couple of injuries, and the Chiefs didn’t decide to retain Foles after 2016. The Eagles signed Foles to a two-year contract to backup franchise quarterback Carson Wentz.

In Philadelphia, Foles did little during the fantasy-relevant portion of the season. However, he led the Eagles to a Super Bowl title in 2017 after Wentz suffered an ACL tear. Foles also filled in for Wentz in 2018, winning a wild card playoff game.

After his playoff heroics, the Jaguars decided to give Foles another chance at a starting job with a 4-year, $88 million contract. Foles’ starting tenure lasted one game, as he left Week 1 with a shoulder injury. He missed the next eight games, losing his starting job to Gardner Minshew. While the Jaguars temporarily went back to Foles, Minshew eventually took over for good, leaving Foles as the backup.

2020 Performance and Outlook

With Minshew as the starting quarterback, the Jaguars decided to trade Foles to the Bears, where Foles would compete with Mitch Trubisky to start. Trubisky won the quarterback competition, although it seemed like the Bears wanted Foles to be their starter. In Week 3, the Bears turned to Foles after Trubisky played poorly. Foles came in and led the Bears to a win.

After Foles’ comeback performance, head coach Matt Nagy named him the starter moving forward. I don’t think that Foles is a quarterback to consider starting in 1 QB dynasty leagues, but he’s worth a roster spot there. Foles is already on a roster in most superflex leagues, and he presents low-end QB2 value as long as he remains the Bears’ starter.

Dynasty Analysis

The Bears restructured Foles’ deal after they traded for him to reduce his cap hit. However, the Bears would lose money against the 2021 cap if they released Foles before that season, so Foles will undoubtedly be on the Bears in 2021. In contrast, Trubisky’s contract is up, so he won’t be back.

However, even though the Bears are currently 4-1, I can’t imagine they proceed with Foles in 2021 as their unquestioned starter. They likely won’t be able to acquire a high-end starter in the 2021 NFL Draft, but they could sign a free agent like Jameis Winston to compete with Foles. Either way, I don’t see Foles as a long-term dynasty asset. If you can acquire a first-round rookie pick in exchange for Foles in superflex leagues, he would be off my dynasty squad in an instant.

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