My FFPC Draft Recap: Ryan Linx

I usually try to feel out what the other owners are looking to do, before I decide what my plan will be when it comes to a dynasty startup draft. I go into every draft with an open mind and usually let my first few moves dictate which way I will draft. If I can get a few future 1st round picks early on, I will tend to draft younger and draft upside. If I end up trading my first round pick away, I will go with the “win now” approach and try to draft a team that can win a championship over the next three or so years. I will provide an example of each below before I go over this startup draft.

Drafting Young

Below is a startup draft that I traded out of the first round and traded down in several areas throughout the draft to acquire several 2018 1st round picks. If you are comfortable with your draft skills, trading down and acquiring first round picks the following year can help you build a contender.

In this draft, I traded down and down. Then I traded down some more. I kicked off the first year by only drafting Tevin Coleman, Lamar Miller and Ameer Abdullah in the earlier rounds while stacking up wide receivers and tight ends. I tried to go young and talented and am happy with the outcome. With all of the 1sts I acquired in the rookie draft I was able to turn the picks into Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb, Rashaad Penny and two 2019 1sts. I had two more late first round picks which I turned into 2019 picks. I think this team can be a contender this year. I liked this strategy so much I planned to use it again in this FFPC draft.

Win Now

In a separate startup, I completed last year I traded my 2019 1st very early on and kept doing what I could to move up in the draft. I do not have a picture of what the team looked like before this year’s rookie draft was completed, but below is a picture of what it looks now. I went very heavy on the “older” talented guys and took advantage of the tight end premium (1.5 point per reception) of the FFPC.

My core consisted of underrated dynasty players that won me this league last year was LeSean McCoy, Mark Ingram, Larry Fitzgerald and Golden Tate. The older player typically come at a discount in dynasty. You can often find someone like Mark Ingram in the 7+ rounds or Larry Fitzgerald in 10+ due to their age. If you stack up enough of those players, you can put yourself in a spot to win a championship year one which would pay your dues for years to come while you still compete and work on rebuilding as your players retire, or they start to decline.

FFPC $250 Dynasty League Startup Draft

Now that I provided two different approaches I have taken in startup drafts, I will move onto my latest FFPC startup. The first round went by and most of the second until I had my first pick at 2.10.  After this pick I had 2.11, 3.3 and 4.3 coming up. To my surprise, I was offered Antonio Brown for picks 3.3 and 4.3. I debated the offer shortly and decided to accept.

Once I decided to accept this trade I knew I would be changing my original plan and instead would be looking to win now. My next two picks were Travis Kelce and A.J. Green at 2.10 and 2.11. I then had to wait all the way until 5.10 for my next pick. Due to the belief that I can find values throughout the entire draft, I decided to trade down numerous times and ended up with the roster below:

I will go over my picks in the first 10 rounds with a brief description of my reasoning for each pick.

1.7 – Antonio Brown – This was not my pick but I traded for him. Brown is still the most dominant WR in football and will be for several years to come. I could not turn down this offer and it pushed my draft in a different direction.

2.10 – Travis Kelce – FFPC is tight end premium and to me, he is the top tight end in dynasty. He normally goes late 1st or early 2nd in FFPC best balls and expects him to score near the top 5 wide receivers.

2.11 – A.J. Green – Did not love taking A.J. Green here but I think he can still be a top 10 wide receiver for several years to come. I debated taking Stefon Diggs here as well.

5.10 – Kerryon Johnson – Waiting this late to take my first running back hurt when trying to build a team to win now. I missed out on huge running back runs early and decided to take Kerryon in hopes he leads the Lions in touches.

7.9 + 7.10 – Mark Ingram and Marlon Mack – These two picks may have saved my draft. I am a believer that Mack will lead the Colts in touches and be very successful. The Mark Ingram suspension came early on in the draft and I knew he would slip but at 7.9, I considered it a steal, after his suspension is over he can plug into my rb1 spot the rest of the season.

9.2 – Duke Johnson – Duke Johnson is one of my biggest buys in dynasty right now. He ended the season last year with 78 total carries and was rb11 on the year, let that sink in, 78 carries TOTAL. Johnson’s perceived value from the Hyde signing and the addition of Nick Chubb in the draft. Neither player threatens his role as the passing down back. He is also a free agent next year and I believe he can be next years Jerrick McKinnon.

9.3 – Cam Newton – I don’t know why but I tend to end up with Cam Newton in many dynasty drafts. Newton has proven he could be the #1 fantasy QB before and arguably has the best supporting cast he has ever had. He went as the qb8 in this draft which I think is a steal.

9.6 – Robert Woods – I have been a fan since he was in Buffalo. He has shown some huge upside and chemistry with Goff last season. Though he may finally get his shot as the wr1 with Sammy Watkins leaving, the Rams did bring in Brandin Cooks, so expectations need to be tempered. I expect Cooks to produce more than Watkins did, but Woods to still be a weekly contributor with a few big weeks sprinkled throughout the season.

10.7 – Michael Crabtree – He played well with the Raiders and now becomes the clear cut #1 on the Ravens. Any time you can get a #1 wide receiver on a team this late, it’s a steal.

I do have a strategy that I like to implement which will be criticized by most. If I feel comfortable with my team and depth come round 15+, and there is a kicker I think will be top 3, with a late bye, I will pull the trigger. It can give you an advantage and is one less position you need to worry about most of the season with a week 10 bye. The same can be done for defense’s as well. In league’s you want to take any advantage you can get, and for the most part this strategy can give you one at 2 starting positions.

Below is the draft board:

Overall, I was not thrilled with the outcome of this team. I think it has a chance to compete now, but may be missing a few pieces. If I can trade one of my five 2019 1sts for a solid RB, I think it stands a chance. If I can not then I’m hoping the rookie picks next year can help propel me to the top.

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