My FFPC Draft Recap: Dan Cook

$77 Dynasty Football #45

I’m proud to represent the #DFFArmy and their partnership with the FFPC. Our slow email draft started on May 5th, and wrapped up May 23rd. There was a flurry of trades to begin the 1st round including a few I took part in. I’m going to take a look at the twenty round draft and look at the shocking picks, which would be slight reaches or just unexpected, value picks, where the team got the best value of the round and some notes throughout the draft about my selections.

1st Round

Shocker: Saquon Barkley 1.05 (Slad & the Furious)

Value: Antonio Brown 1.11 (Texas Wolverine)

8 Running Backs and 4 Wide Receivers Taken

Saquon has been the almost unanimous 1.01 in rookie drafts, but I was shocked to see him go this high. Antonio Brown kept sliding, and I was tempted to try to jump into the 10th or 11th spot to take him, but I stuck to my plan of gaining draft capital for next season knowing I’d have to give up something to make a move. A steal for the ‘Texas Wolverines’ at 1.11. Both ‘Slad and the Furious’ and ‘Dimes’ traded to get an additional 1st rounder and ended up with Barkley and Alvin Kamara (Slad) and Ezekiel Elliott and Le’Veon Bell (Dimes). ‘Dimes’ went on to trade Bell to ‘The Ballin’ Experience’ for 3.12, 4.03 and two 2019 picks. 3.12 was traded in another deal, and Sony Michel was selected at 4.03.

I traded down from 1.03 to 1.05 with ‘Camp Grey Taters’ gaining in the 2nd round, and gave my 7th for a 6th and also a 2019 2nd and 2019 3rd. I was pleased only dropping two spots. I missed out on David Johnson who I was hoping to take at 1.05 but gained a nice haul otherwise. My 2nd trade back was to 1.12 with the ‘Slad & the Furious’ and I gained a total of 62 draft spots covering the 7th, 13th and 14th rounds along with two 2019 2nds. In another deal, I also gained a 2019 1st, so I have plenty of 2019 draft capital to play around with in trades or to draft highly in next year’s draft. Eventually, Michael Thomas was my selection to close out the first round.

2nd Round

Shocker: Derrick Henry 2.05 (The Ballin’ Experience)

Value: Keenan Allen 2.07 (A Gurley Has No Name)

6 Running Backs and 6 Wide Receivers Taken

The ‘Ballin’ Experience’ traded out of the 1st round with ‘Slad’ in the first trade of the draft which ended up being 1.08 and Alvin Kamara. ‘Ballin’’ then had two 2nds and chose Dalvin Cook with the 2.01 and Henry, my shocker, at 2.05. I think I would have rather had anybody in the 2nd round and at least three or four from the 4th round over Henry, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Team ‘Arya Gurley’ (A Gurley Has No Name) got good value with Keenan Allen at 2.07 considering he was 4th in receptions (PPR league) and 3rd in yards for wide receivers last season. ‘Slad’ made a trade to get 2.04 and selected King Money (shout out to the Fellas), Davante Adams. ‘Slad’ was quite possibly the busiest drafter as he completed sixteen trades during the entirety of the draft. He offered about six to seven times as many too! Some picks ‘Slad’ owned multiple times throughout the draft and made it impossible to see where some of them eventually ended up. I selected Christian McCaffrey at 2.08 to pair with Thomas.

3rd Round

Shocker: Deshaun Watson 3.08 (The Ballin’ Experience)

Value: A.J. Green 3.02 (Huskers)

1 Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 4 Wide Receivers, and 5 Tight Ends

The first quarterback off the board was expected, but the fact that it was Watson made ‘Ballin’’ my shocker of the round for the second consecutive round. Aaron Rodgers is who I would have bet to be first or even “Ginger Jesus”, Carson Wentz. I didn’t want him, but A.J. Green in the 3rd round is good value. The tight end run began in this round and I snagged Travis Kelce to secure one of the elite tight ends. I started the trend with the 3rd pick of the round and Rob Gronkowski, Zach Ertz, Hunter Henry (RIP for 2018) and Evan Engram rounded out the run. It’s always better to start or find oneself in the middle of a run than at the end, although I would have been happy with Evan Engram too.

4th Round

Shocker: Devin Funchess 4.06 (A Gurley Has No Name)

Value: Tyreek Hill 4.04 (Roc Lobster)

4 Running Backs, 6 Wide Receivers, and 2 Tight Ends

Let me start by saying I own ZERO shares of Devin Funchess and want no part of him. So, now that my bias is out of the way; Gurley could have drafted: Brandin Cooks, T.Y. Hilton, Jerick McKinnon (my pick of the round), Josh Gordon, Aaron Rodgers, LeSean McCoy… You get my point. Tyreek Hill, on the other hand, was a great selection in the 4th, and there may have been a tier break for wide receivers at that point that forced the Funchess pick. Through four rounds, only one quarterback selected was a little surprising, but with only starting one quarterback, the need isn’t as great as the other skill positions. I was offered a trade for my pick this round but declined it for a couple of reasons: 1. I didn’t have a 5th round pick and wouldn’t have gotten one in the deal (I traded mine for a 2019 1st). 2. Jerick McKinnon was still around and a PPR back that I had targeted around this pick. The ‘Slad & the Furious’ wanted to take McKinnon with the pick he informed me after my selection.

5th Round

Shocker: Jacksonville Defense 5.12 (The Ballin’ Experience)

Value: LeSean McCoy 5.10 (USS Never Sail)

3 Quarterbacks, 3 Running Backs, 4 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, and 1 Team Defense

This shocker pick is still talked about to this day in our GroupMe text threads. The Miner brothers, ‘The Ballin’ Experience’, stand fully behind their pick of the Jacksonville defense selected in the 5th round. Most of the other owners completely disagree. While I like the “Sacksonville” defense, I would never select them or any other defense this high in a dynasty draft. Lost in the conversations of defense, ‘USS Never Sail’ got a short-term stud in LeSean McCoy. I normally avoid aging running backs in dynasty startups, but the value was too good to pass up even if it’s a short-term play. The quarterbacks started to fly off the board in this round, but most teams stood pat at QB until later. I did not have a pick in this round as it was dealt earlier in the draft.

6th Round

Shocker: Duke Johnson 6.07 (A Gurley Has No Name)

Value: Russell Wilson 6.04 (Roc Lobster)

1 Quarterback, 6 Running Backs, 4 Wide Receivers, and 1 Tight End

My shocking pick for this round is minimal shock value. Duke Johnson should still have a role in the offense and could leave after this season, like Jerick McKinnon, and land a starting job next season. I just thought there were better running back options like Lamar Miller, Alex Collins, Kerryon Johnson, or Tarik Cohen available at the pick. Cohen could have been a better PPR back option with less standing in his way at this current moment. Russell Wilson was the fifth quarterback off the board in the draft. Tom Brady was the only one that I thought couldn’t or shouldn’t go ahead of Wilson, because of age, but Wilson is typically in the top 3 dynasty quarterbacks off the board in dynasty. I had two selections in this round and grabbed my second and third wide receivers in Alshon Jeffery and Robert Woods. Had Wilson fell to me I probably would have taken him instead of one of the receivers.

7th Round

Shocker: Devante Parker 7.02 (Huskers)

Value: Marvin Jones 7.08 (Slad & the Furious)

4 Quarterbacks, 3 Running Backs, and 5 Wide Receivers

The ‘Huskers’ earned the shock of the round basically because they are still hanging onto the hope of a Devante Parker breakout season. I’m out on Parker and will be shipping off my shares as the hype train builds in my other leagues. D.J. Moore was taken one spot after Parker, Marvin Jones, my value of the round, a few picks later and Demaryius Thomas at the end of the round. I would prefer all of them to Parker for different reasons. Moore has potential, Jones is performing at a high level, and Thomas has years of production. Marvin Jones was my value because as he is still in his prime and has been very productive the past two seasons and shouldn’t see much change in his role this season. I selected Matthew Stafford with the last pick of this round and decided to get one before the next big tier drop at quarterback. There was a handful of them I still liked, but I didn’t have another pick until 9.03.

8th Round

Shocker: Patrick Mahomes 8.02 (The Ballin’ Experience)

Value: Alex Collins 8.04 (Texas Wolverine)

4 Quarterbacks, 5 Running Backs, 1 Wide Receiver, and 2 Tight Ends

Shockers in the 8th round and going forward are not very surprising. I actually like the Mahomes pick, but seeing him drafted before Kirk Cousins was a bit of a surprise. Mahomes is the second quarterback for the ‘Ballin’’ team and should be set at the position for the life of the dynasty league. This being the fourth shocker pick for ‘Ballin’’ tells you that they don’t care about ADP and co-owner Steve Miner said as much in one of the debates about players in the draft, “Plus, that was my whole point, Brad,…it was a great pick regardless of ADP, IDP, or OPP (LMFAO!). This conversation was in reference to Corey Davis but is the team mentality that they go after “their” guys and don’t care about others opinions. Alex Collins, a starting running back, going this late is excellent value considering how many “backups” or “third down backs” have been taken before Collins (Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, Tarik Cohen, Dion Lewis, and the Green Bay mess in the backfield just to name a few). As stated before I did not have a selection in this round, so I missed out on the fun for about a day or so.

9th Round

Shocker: Christian Kirk 9.01 (Acme Corp.)

Value: Marquise Goodwin 9.07 (The Ballin’ Experience)

2 Running Backs, 8 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, and 1 Team Defense

The receivers flew off the board in this round and to start the run Kirk was a bit of a surprise. You could say a lot of the receiver picks were surprises, but Kirk being an unproven rookie going ahead of other young receivers with upside was a mild shock. Like I said as we get later, the shock value becomes less. Marquise Goodwin, who had some very good games down the stretch with Jimmy GQ at quarterback was the other receiver I was considering before going with Jamison Crowder. I like Crowder to be one of my flex guys since he has “Captain Checkdown” himself, Alex Smith. One interesting note, the ‘Ballin’’ team, had four straight picks in this round due to trades and selected the Los Angeles Rams defense, Marquise Goodwin, Martavis Bryant, and Isaiah Crowell. Yes, these guys are the same ‘Ballin’’ team that has the Jacksonville defense. You can only start one defense though. A good strategy for taking them away from other teams or using them as a trade chip, however.

10th Round

Shocker: Nyheim Hines 10.12 (Acme Corp.)

Value: Dez Bryant 10.08 (Camp Grey Taters)

1 Quarterback, 3 Running Backs, 5 Wide Receivers, and 3 Tight Ends

This round seemed to be the aging vet round as Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald along with Delanie Walker all came off the board. Short term value is great with these three, especially in the 10th round. The shocker of Hines is not a bad pick by Acme, but out of the group of selections seemed to be the most surprising. As we get later and later, most teams try to grab “their” guys, so shocking is not as extreme as some other rounds. In this round I grabbed my second tight end in George Kittle, who I think will be a TE1 this season.

Rounds 11-14

In round 14 we saw our first kicker go off the board with Stephen Gostkowski, which is way too early, but team ‘Dude Abides’ must love his kickers. Team defenses went off the board four times with the Vikings, Eagles, Chargers, and my selection of the Ravens. I would have liked to have gotten one of the other three defenses, but chose to draft some running backs (C.J. Anderson, Devontae Booker, and Kalen Ballage) and my backup QBs (Matt Ryan and Lamar Jackson). I’m willing to sit on Lamar Jackson and hope that he can develop into a top QB with his dual-threat and getting him in the 13th round was worth it. My running back trio is nothing to boast about, but all have some upside with Anderson being a potential goal-line back and backup for McCaffery, who I also own, Booker possibly being the starter or at least a share of the work in Denver, and Ballage having potential in Miami.

Rounds 15-20

I rounded out the rest of my draft with Kenny Stills, LeGarrette Blount, Tre’Quan Smith, Matt Bryant, and the Cardinals defense. I don’t know if any picks in this range are considered shocks or values as most of the players are what they are at this point in the draft. I went with Stills because he may inherit some of the lost targets from Jarvis Landry’s departure. Blount was brought in by head coach Matt Patricia, and he knows what he can do. He’s not a long-term play, but most of these guys will not be retained due to cuts at the end of the season anyway.

My Roster

Thanks for reading my draft recap for $77 Dynasty Football #45. You can follow this league all off-season and into the regular season as we follow this league to see the big winners and losers and our eventual champion. Follow me @seahawksdan8, and you can listen to me on the IDP Edge Crushers Podcast every week talking IDP., is an Official Sponsor of the IDP Edge Crushers. Are you looking to get some action in on today’s games? Head over for all of your sports betting needs with updated odds covering all major sports.

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    • J. Miner- Baller

      June 9, 2018

      As 1/2 of “Tha Ballin’ Experience” I would like to say that we still stand by our 5.12 Jacksonville pk. and welcome others to argue against. We will only know the TRUE value of our pick at the conclusion of our Championship matchup!!! Thank you for all your insights!!! J. Miner- Baller!


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