Musical Chairs: Free Agents & Trades Part 2 (DFF Dynasty Degenerates)

Leading up to the NFL draft, @DFF_Degenerates gather again to chat about some of the biggest names to change teams in recent weeks. We’re talking about some interesting running back moves this time, along with more wide receivers.

After all the player movement, who has the best seats at the fantasy table?

Carlos Hyde to the Browns

@DFF_Walk: I’m going to reserve judgment on this until after the draft. Hyde is an obvious upgrade to Crowell but if they spent an early round (Day 1-2) pick on an RB then all bets are off.

@dibari22: I don’t hate this, but Hyde’s versatility as a pass catcher is what makes him good for fantasy purposes, but the Browns already have Duke Johnson on the team who has already proven himself to be one of the top receiving running backs in all of football. I may be confused, but this is the Browns, and this is what they do.

@amazehayes_: I want to see what Cleveland does in the draft to address the running back position. I fully expect them to bring in another RB, but the timing of that is the key. Obviously, any back brought in on Day-1 will drop Hyde significantly, as well as possibly Day-2 depending on who they pick. If the Browns wait till Day-3 to take a back, I will really like Hyde in 2018. Running backs under Todd Haley have done very well historically for fantasy and even if Hyde’s ceiling is reduced by Duke Johnson’s role in the passing game, Hyde will see red zone carries (assuming there are some to be had). He’ll be fine as a low-end RB2 in 2018 if no major back is brought in to compete with Hyde.

@DFF_Madman: I love this move for both Carlos Hyde and my Cleveland Browns. Hyde fits what the Browns want to do. A big, versatile back who can play in any scheme, health is his only drawback. Hyde can run inside, outside and catch the ball well. He’s good in short yardage and money in the screen game. He lit San Francisco on fire last year under Kyle Shanahan. I expect him to be at least a high-end PPR RB2. Duke can keep playing hardball with his contract, and the Browns will bring in another RB, probably through the draft. However, for this season, Hyde is the back to own and could finish as an RB1.

Jerick McKinnon to the Niners

@DFF_Walk: I am trying to contain my excitement for this SPARQ freak in a Kyle Shanahan offense because we only saw flashes of brilliance during his time in Minnesota. McKinnon possesses the skill set that Shanahan covets (he said as much after the signing) and will assume the feature back role in SF with the departure of Carlos Hyde and Matt Breida profiling better as a COP back. Assuming health, McKinnon can be an RB1 in 2018.

@amazehayes_: I could not have thought of a more perfect situation for McKinnon to land in than San Francisco. With that said, I think it would be funny if the Niners draft Saquon Barkley, so I can watch Dynasty Twitter implode (I’m a terrible person). If McKinnon is the 3-down back in SF, he might finally be the fantasy RB1 that all SPARQ-score believers wanted out of him. Under Kyle Shanahan, McKinnon will be fed in both the running and passing game, skyrocketing his floor, ceiling, and fantasy value.

@DFF_Madman: For fun, take a look at his player card on Playerprofiler.comJerick McKinnon breaks the mold! He’s an above-average runner and receiver and is very solid in pass-blocking. All he needed to be a 3-down fantasy football star is an opportunity — and that’s exactly what Kyle Shanahan is giving to him. Buy, buy, buy.

Dion Lewis to the Titans

@DFF_JamesH: I’m only commenting on this one to have a slight chuckle at the people that were saying Derrick Henry was going to be a top 5 RB next season now that Murray is gone.

@DFF_WalkThe Derrick Henry hype train completely derailed. Get ready for another couple seasons of RBBC in Nashville.

@dibari22: If you hate this situation now, wait until they draft a legit 3rd-down receiving option early on day-3 of the draft. Henry between the 20s, Dion Lewis in the red zone, and the rookie on 3rd downs.

@DFF_Madman: If you’re a Derrick Henry owner and expect him to be the lead back in Tennessee, you’re doing fine. He’s going to take that train off the rails.

While it may sound crazy, Henry will be no worse than the greater part of a 60/40 split in Tennessee with Dion Lewis. The Titans will move toward a zone-blocking scheme that will benefit both backs. We’re talking chunk-plays that just let fantasy footballers feast. Lewis will have one last hurrah in fantasy scoring, as this is the season Henry breaks out for real. Buckle up.

More Wide Receivers Trading Places

Do any of these moves instill confidence?

Michael Crabtree to the Ravens

@DFF_JamesHThis is the perfect move for Crabtree. He had to share a lot in Oakland with Cooper which affected his fantasy value. Now, the next best option behind him is John Brown which leaves Crabtree as the clear WR1 in Baltimore. He should have a big season.

@DFF_WalkThis is what the Ravens do. They love other teams’ old wide receivers. Crab has become quite the consistent TD threat with 9/8/8 the last three years. His vice grip hands and RZ proficiencies should make him an immediate favorite of Joe (Elite?) Flacco. He should return low end WR2 value during his time in Baltimore.

@DFF_MadmanThe Ravens continue being inept at drafting WRs and are keeping in tune with their philosophy of bringing in free agents at the position. Baltimore’s depth chart currently has new guys at all three wideout positions. Along with Crabtree is John Brown and now Willie Snead. The Saints will not match that contract offer, particularly after signing Cameron Meredith. Snead dropped off fantasy Earth last season in New Orleans anyway. Crabtree will offer another year or two of WR2 performance as the main man in Baltimore’s offense.

@amazehayes_: Nope, just nope.

Jordy Nelson to the Raiders

@DFF_MadmanOld man Jordy is back, baby… back in black!

This will be a good look on him. I guess he was done in Green Bay like I tried to tell people. ? Anyway, he’s back in black with those dastardly dudes of Los Angeles (Oakland?) (Las Vegas?) (whatever!). He’ll keep chugging along with one big play every game and the TDs. I don’t see him playing for much longer, but it’s a nice Swan Song for Jordy. If you’re a win-now team, what do you have to lose in holding on to Jordy for another year? I would not make any moves to acquire him, though. For all those who thought Jordy should be sent out to pasture, he’s saying, “forget the hearse, ’cause I never die.”

@DFF_JamesHI’m still not sure what I think of Nelson. Has he ever produced when he didn’t have Aaron Rodgers (the GOAT) throwing to him? That was in Green Bay; now he is fighting for targets with Amari Cooper who has developed a good bond with Derek Carr over the past few years.

@DFF_Walk: I was fading Jordy last year as it looked like Father Time was beginning to catch up. Apparently, the Packers felt the same way as they reportedly let Jordy walk without even asking him to restructure (take a pay cut) before releasing him. We all saw what the non-Amari Cooper receiver meant to Oakland during the Derek Carr tenure with Michael Crabtree. Crabtree, with roughly an 800 yd/8 TD avg. over the last 3-seasons, is pie in the sky for Nelson owners. Gruden is going to force-feed Cooper, leaving Nelson to fight for scraps in the Senior Center!

@dibari22: I expect Nelson to come in and do what Crabtree has done for the last 3-seasons – outperform Amari Cooper. Plain and simple, Cooper disappears in the red zone and when he does appear, he drops the TD passes that come his way. I don’t expect much in terms of yardage, but ole Jordy is going to lead the team in touchdown receptions.

@amazehayes_: I’m with DiBari on this one, in that Jordy will be the primary red zone threat for Oakland. This will hurt Amari Cooper (again) but I expect a big-time improvement for Cooper in 2018. I would not be surprised to see Cooper over 1000 yards in 2018, but the touchdowns will remain in Jordy’s favor, as it did with Crabtree.

Albert Wilson to the Dolphins

@DFF_JamesHThis could be a good move for Wilson. He had flashed at times in KC, but this is the Dolphins we are talking about. Sorry, Wilson – going here is a bad thing.

@DFF_Madman: Wilson should assume the vacated Jarvis Landry slot role in Miami. Just don’t expect him to put up the same insane numbers as Landry. Wilson will offer you greater performance in fantasy this season, but Miami is as close to a dumpster fire as there is in the NFL. Their head coach is awful.

@dibari22: The Dolphins are my early pick for the worst team in football for 2018. They’ve done nothing to get better while simultaneously losing their best defensive lineman (Suh), best offensive lineman (Pouncey), and best wide receiver (Landry). This, after trading their best running back (Ajayi) mid-season last year. Wilson isn’t going to do anything except help this dumpster fire secure a top-5 draft pick in 2019.

Terrelle Pryor to the Jets

@DFF_WalkI’m done with Pryor.  Let me know when he ends up either back in Cleveland or wherever Hue Jackson lands after the Browns fire him next offseason.

@DFF_Madman: Well, the Jets have been searching for a QB for a long time. Looks like they may have found the best one they’ve had on their roster in years!

We hope this compilation helps you in your quest for Dynasty Football greatness.

This has been another collaboration from the underground Dynasty football congregation known as @DFF_Degenerates.




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