LB B.J. Goodson, New York Giants

B.J. stands at 6’1 and 242 pounds. He is from Lamar, South Carolina, a small town that has a population under a thousand. He played college ball for 4 years. He was limited early on as he played behind some talent. Stephone Anthony blocked him from starting earlier. B.J.’s best friend is his pet, a Maltese, named Rose.
The Background
Just how impressed were NFL teams with LB B.J. Goodson? You may have never heard of him before, but 15 NFL teams interviewed him before the draft. In fact, the NFL Scouting community even began taking notice after he led Clemson with 108 tackles, in 2015, his first full year as a starter. He started every game last season, despite facing some injury concerns along the way. Ultimately, he was good enough to rank 9th with 59 solo tackles and 6th with 49 assists.
As you might recall, I love the tackle for loss stat. He delivered 14 hits for a loss in enemy territory, while posting 5.5 sacks as well! Goodson proved to be a real gamer with a nose and skill set to make plays. Additionally, B.J. even was called upon to make the reads for his beloved Clemson Tigers defense and I believe he will can do the same in the NFL. Why you may be asking? Because he showed good leadership at the collegiate level and earned the respect of his peers. As a result, his teammates named him their team captain.
Drafted by the G-MEN
What a perfect landing spot for B.J. Goodson. The New York Giants grabbed him with the 11th pick in the fourth round. I always think back to Bill Parcels and the days when the Giants just ran the ball and played fierce defense. Back when there were true to form blue collar players. Remembering those days definably reminds me of Goodson. He has that old school approach and a hard hitting, in-your-face mentality. He can deliver a hit in the hole that would stop a running back dead in his tracks and send snot shooting out of his nose. [I’ve been on the receiving end of hits like that myself] Ultimately, team success means more to him than any selfish personal stat. I’ve watched him explode into blocks, blowing up a play, allowing others to make the plays for the greater good of the team. He displays a great center of balance, which allows him to slip around a block and make the tackle. This really shows when he is trucking downhill, shedding the fullback and – BAM – tackle made.
When this kid sets his bull’s-eye on a running back, he makes the play. As with any prospect, it’s not all roses as he cannot recover to make a play if he gets behind. B.J. was faster, in the 40-yard dash, than Ragland – who is going much higher in IDP rookie drafts. Nevertheless, Goodson is a real tackle eater of a player though. Most impressive for me was his attack on the blockers, using physical hands at the attack point and an ability to move the blocker so he can continue his pursuit (It helps when you have long arms and can separate).
Another part of his game I really was surprised with was how quickly he would figure out what was going on in the play. His smarts really helped to hide some of his lack of a long burst. The backer’s ability to see what is developing in front of him and get in a good position is done almost flawlessly. Although, once in a while, he will get sucked into one of those tricky play action passes and he is dead in the water when he does. In fact, he didn’t show well on his sideline to sideline speed. He is very quick in the short area of his range, but he’s just not a player who will recover or chase a play down with consistency. Additionally, in coverage, B.J. will lose the one on one battle, but can hold his own in zone coverage. Let’s be honest, if he can work and control the middle of the field he will be okay.
One thing I noticed that caught my eye and by extension, the eye of his coordinator, was his ability to play with his “hand in the dirt”. Here’s what I am talking about…as you can see, he jumps into enemy territory to make the stop and gets bonus points for securing the tackle for a loss. At the 1:55 mark you will enjoy the quick burst he displays before exploding into the quarterback for the sack.
Fantasy Impact/Value
I like him as a late round pick. He has been a ghost in all of my rookie drafts. However, I’ve been targeting him in the 6th round. In my opinion, he could push for a starting MLB spot as early as this season. Therefore, I’m placing him on my Taxi Squads and I will wait to see what happens in camp. With all of his skills and smarts, I like him a lot in 2017. Right now, on OURLADS, Keenan Robinson [from Washington] is slated to start at MLB. My thought would be moving him to WLB instead of J.T. Thomas, which would leave a nice opening for Goodson at MLB. The G-men need quality starts and they didn’t have that last season, mainly because they were crippled by injuries. I love the thought of him playing MLB for the Giants, and as a tackle hog, there would be great value to be had in our rookie drafts.
Final Thoughts
This highlights a few of the skills I mentioned. At the 1:05 point, you will see his ability to get around a block. At 1:16, B.J. slides to the sideline stalking the RB. You’ll notice that this is not his strong suit. At 2:28, he penetrates the backfield from the line of scrimmage and gets a coveted tackle for a loss. Good things happen when you are around the ball. Finally, watch as our player continues to work this play and is able to get the fumble recovery in the air at the 5:51 mark. In my opinion, B.J. Goodson is well worth the late pick in your rookie drafts.
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