Keep or Stream: Dynasty Defenses

In redraft I’ve always been the streaming type of guy, making 50+ transactions a season. My final roster usually only consists of only about 20% of player initially drafted. This approach has always worked well for me in leagues that allowed it, heck even leagues with FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) I’d go to town after the waivers opened up. All that being said, joining a Dynasty league had me second guessing myself.

This past season I had my first Dynasty startup draft. I treated it like a normal draft but with more emphasis on youth and long-term potential, of course. When it came down to K and Def, like most, I waited until my last two turns to take them. During the season I found myself thinking, “Man I wish I had got Jacksonville’s young and stacked defense.” I even considered trading for a defense I could call my own and not have to worry about streaming anymore. Ultimately I decided to keep streaming mostly because I didn’t want to force myself to start my defense against a strong offense and would prefer to play match-ups.

This did get me thinking however about how others would approach my dilemma. I took to Twitter to see what the people had to say. Out of 93 participants surveyed, 48% preferred to keep with one team, and 52% would rather stream weekly. I was shocked to see such an even split. I had to know which one was statistically better.

Based on the assumption you are in a 12 man league: I charted out the top 11 scoring defenses of the year and broke them down by week. Then I checked for three highest scoring defenses of each week left available and added those totals up. This was done to see if the best of the rest could compete with the top scorers of the year. The results were amazing:

Owning a top 11 defense netted you an average of 161 points for the season, and you had deal with a bye week. Streaming one of the top 3 defenses outside of the mentioned 11 netted you 240 points including no weeks off. Even the highest scoring defense, Jacksonville, only put up 193 points on the season. Granted you would need to know to pick up one of these defenses that scored well, which is why I averaged out 3 and not just the top individual team.

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