WR Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins

WR Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins

Jamison Crowder, Wide Receiver, Washington Redskins

Holy moly!!! It’s almost the fantasy playoffs and if you are still in the hunt I commend you for not being a putrid quitter. I am in the hunt in all of my four leagues, and this player I am about to talk about is one of the reasons why I am alive in my main IDP historical league.

If you know me you would know here at “DFF” that I am one of the few IDP centered guys we have and I am proud of that, but I had to know offense before we ever even did IDP. So, after getting bored with mastering offense (Wink, wink) I started to get into more IDP leagues after my main league incorporated individual defensive players. I fell in love with it considering I am a defensive minded person when it came to playing football and how I view games. My eyes always were attracted to see if the offensive line is holding up to the pressure instead of the long pass attempt. So, it takes a stellar player to get my eyes off defense to notice him, Crowder did just that.


  • 40-yard dash: 4.46 and 4.48 seconds – 20-yard short shuttle: 4.25 seconds
  • 3-cone drill: 6.98 seconds – Broad jump: 10 feet, 3 inches

I usually dig into a player’s past in my player profiles, but I’m changing it up. You can go to Wikipedia to see his high school and Duke career. The thing that I noticed about Jamison in his Duke days was his increased fight and fortitude against more high-profile teams. He stepped up his game against better competition. He reminded me of Steve Smith Sr. and a little bit of Antonio Brown.

Jamison is feisty and will hand fight and go up in the air with the best of them. Crowder’s route running was solid; he could sneak up on opposing defenders and get on top of them before they knew it. Most rookie receivers have a hard time getting separation in their routes against “Pro” competition. Well, Mr. Crowder is an exception to that rule against a lot of the NFL’s slot corners.

Plus, how do you keep a kid off the field that can sink his hips in to routes so fast, is a willing pass blocker and can give you a bump in the special teams return game? I drafted him in my main league and threw him on my taxi squad and I let him marinate.

That move has paid off for me this year. I lost J.J. Watt & Navarro Bowman on the defensive side and my boy, Juice14 (Jarvis Landry) has taken a backseat to the new and improved Dolphins running game. This left me to start Crowder most of the year, with great success. Don’t get me wrong, replacing Watt and Bowman’s almost 700 combined points is not going to be fixed with Crowder’s services alone, but it helped me secure a spot in the playoffs.

I literally stole Crowder in my 2015 draft. I secured him with the 11th pick in round freaking 29. I had my eyes on him starting 5 rounds prior to round 29, but I knew I could push him back because I really don’t think most people do their due diligence. It was funny to see most so-called “experts” freak out about mediocre Josh Doctson getting drafted there in D.C… I was not concerned what so ever because I knew Mr. Crowder was better and would shine when given the opportunities. Now he will be a full-time starter for the ‘Skins and I hope I can squeak out a back to back championship.

Remember kids, it’s not the big names that secure fantasy relevance, it’s the players you take in the late rounds of your draft when the drunks can’t hang anymore and the quitters leave the draft in the 20th round!! That is your time to clean up and give a shot to the players who don’t have the media circus surrounding them.

Nothing feels better (in most cases) to draft a player in a room with other owners and have them say: “Who the hell is that?”

For those who had made the playoffs already I wish you luck and health for your teams, for those who are done this year, the best advice I can give you is if you care enough about this nutty game we play called Fantasy Football: READ, READ and then READ some MORE! Knowledge is power.

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