Inside the War Room: IDP Superflex Startup Draft

Let’s take a look at my thought process as I drafted my team in a 14-team superflex startup. Starting 13 IDP players, and 11 on offense, this will be an interesting draft for all. We start two TEs as well which will leave many different ways to build teams. This is where you can find the league. Here are the league’s starting requirements. Scoring is also a lot of fun. Points for first downs is something I would love to see more of. Hopefully, this will help some who are starting out in a balanced scoring IDP league.

1.05 Odell Beckham WR

I was looking to move down from the top spot. With a loaded top tier, I was looking to add another pick in the top 10 rounds to help solidify my roster. An offer came up where I could move down to the 1.02, from my 1.01, and pick up an extra 8th round pick, and lose my 15th. I took it. Once again I had an offer to pick up another 8th round pick, to move from the 1.02, down to the 1.05. Normally I would go for QB here, but with OBJ on the board, I switched my approach.

2.14 Travis Kelce TE
Starting two TEs, I wanted to secure my top ranked guy. Capable of putting up some big numbers, I look for a nice plug, and play option. Going with him here I am going to be hurting at QB but, the upside of having one of the top TE’s in a friendly scoring format solidified him as my pick.

3.01 Andy Dalton QB
The run on QBs happened as expected. I needed one now or I would be unable to lock in a starter. At this point, I have my WR 1, TE 1 and my only QB on my roster. I don’t want to work any trades to move back up for any QB’s. With IDP scoring so good I plan on going after defensive players soon.

4.14 Bobby Wagner LB
My top ranked LB was staring me in the face. One of the league’s top scoring players a year ago was waiting for me. I look for him to continue those numbers this season. I feel good about rostering my top ranked IDP player and my foundation with this pick.

5.01 DeVante Parker WR
I decided to add my 2nd WR with this pick. With this position flying off the boards, I needed another. The upside is there, as long as he wants it. If he works hard and takes the next step, he will produce for me.

6.14 Deion Jones LB
Another MLB who is capable of repeating his tackle numbers from a year ago. With LBs scoring on par with WRs I now have locked in two high scoring players.

7.01 Jamie Collins LB
My third LB already! Balanced scoring changes the nature of our drafts in these leagues. I am looking for big things from the Browns defense this year. I should now have 3 of the league’s top scoring LBs locked up. Not going after lower tier players on offense, I am stacking up my top tier IDP’s.

8.04 Benardrick McKinney LB
YES, another LB. As with my earlier picks, I believe my players will all match last season’s numbers, at the minimum. My attention will move towards offense soon, but I am confident my LBs will be able to carry my team.

8.10 Mark Ingram RB
Only needing to start 1 RB, I have a one that will be a solid plug and play guy for me. Should get me another thousand yards on the ground and give me some good points weekly.

8.14 Lavonte David LB
I could not let the value pass me here. Starting 5 LB’s who can score in tier one will give me a good advantage, I hope. With my LB core set, it’s time to fill in my offense. Safety position also scores very high but, the top guys were already gone.

9.01 Michael Crabtree WR
Almost 30, but should push a thousand yards again this season. My WR 3 is going to have to come close to double digit touchdowns and keep those catches coming for me to look back and love this pick.

10.14 Kam Chancellor S
My 7th ranked safety is a welcome addition to my team. I’m looking for thirty points a game here. Looking at my board, he will outproduce most of the offensive players remaining.

11.01 Julius Thomas TE
I secured my 2nd TE. This position flew as we need to start two of them. I am hopeful he will put some healthy numbers now that he is back with coach Adam Gase, who knows how to use his skills. Not a blocking TE. It will be fun to see him play like the good old days in Denver.

13.01 DeAndre Washington RB
Depth add for me here. This was a pick I wish I had back. He had a couple nice long runs last season. If the Raiders use him in a committee attack this year and I can use him as a fill-in player, I will feel better about this pick.

14.14 Gary Barnidge TE
Having to start 2 TEs, I wanted some insurance with this pick.

16.14 Jadeveon Clowney DE
I anticipate him being tagged as a DE for the 2017 season. My first DE should be a healthy weekly start. Double digit sacks are what I expect here.

17.01 Akiem Hicks DE
He was one of my favorite sleeper picks from early last season. I am looking for another nice year. Forty tackles and 7-9 sacks would be a nice help as my DE 2.

19.01 Mario Edwards DE
Went three DEs in a row. Need this unit to hold its own for me to feel good.

20.14 Eric Berry S
With this pick, I have my starters set at safety. He is a solid player and is a plug and play safety for me. The race is on at this point of the draft for your remaining starters.

21.01 Malcom Brown DT
Solid DT who will score on par with WR 2s. It is easier to acquire DT and DEs on the waiver wire and in the draft than it is offensive players. I aim for them late in my startups.

22.14 Matt Forte RB
This was another depth pick. I am looking for flex help and bye week coverage now.

23.01 B.J. Goodson LB
More depth. Should be the starting MLB for the Giants this season. I want to be able to start 5 LBs every week. Adding depth will allow me to do so.

23.14 Shawn Williams S
This is a pick that will give me weekly options at the S position. After looking around the draft board and other teams rosters, I went with a starter here rather than take a long shot on offense.

I took you through the majority of my process. Here you can view my complete team. I am concerned about my QB situation. In a super flex league, it’s always nice to have a couple of startable QBs on your roster. My depth at RB and TE leave me feeling good. My WRs are not the best but will score good enough weekly for me. My LB core will keep me in games this season. They are the strength of my team. One position I will look to add to will be my defensive ends. Take note that Akiem Hicks put up 424 points last season in this scoring format. That’s on par with the top offensive scoring players. Always know your scoring and starting requirements. They vary from league to league. Be willing to zig when others zag. Each and every draft is different.

Let me know your thoughts. I am on Twitter @DFF_JohnIDP.



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