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A video surfaced yesterday of Aaron Rodgers throwing the football. This is a great sign that his recovery and healing is going well. Most post-operative rehabilitation protocols limit excessive shoulder elevation and rotation for the first 6-8 weeks, and Aaron is throwing footballs just over 5 weeks post-op. Good stuff. He is eligible to return Week 15 from IR. The tricky variable is that his return will likely be dependent on whether or not the Packers are in the playoff chase at that point. However, the Packers do look to have a couple of winnable games over the next few weeks playing the Buccaneers at home and then the Browns on the road.

In terms of the information available to the public with his recovery, it seems like a Week 15 return is very likely. Just in time for the last few rounds of fantasy playoffs. Keep an eye on him if you have a suspect QB and he is available on the waiver wire. He should be ready to go Week 15 if he continues to heal well and progresses along his current path


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