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Karter Schult “In the Player Pit” with J.T. Maynard

This interview is the debut article of my newest writing endeavor, “In the Player Pit.”

It will be a running series of me interviewing, in person or via phone, up and coming football players from all levels of competition. First off, I want to say that I am beyond appreciative of the time that these players give to me. I know that their time is crucial. I also appreciate the opportunity to even converse with them.

My very first player interview is with; you guessed it, a defensive player. Mr. “Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em” Karter Schult, a defensive end out of Northern Iowa and the first Northern Iowa player to win the STATS FCS Buck Buchanan Award. I had a great time talking to this man; it felt like I was talking to one of my childhood friends about football. A great first interview! Here you go all you non-skimmers, whom I adore!

Q: What part of your pro day do you think you will excel at more so than the others?

A: I’m really excited for all of it, but initially things I’m better at right away would be my bench press. I also think I’m going to surprise some people with my 40 yard dash time and my vertical jump.

Q: I’ve researched you, and I noticed that you are listed at 6’2”, 6’3” & 6’4”. So which is it?

A: (Laughs!) If it were up to me it would be 6’3”!

Q: In the pros, would you either have your hand in the dirt or stand up?

A: Whatever way I can help that team the most is what I would be comfortable do. I have done both, from DL to OLB. I am comfortable doing anything in between. My versatility will help my stock.

Q: Who would you compare yourself to in the pro game?

A: I really like to watch J.J. Watt; he is very versatile and can go anywhere. I really like his game. I also watch Chris Long, but I can only compare so much because my game is so unique and those are two guys I would try to emulate.

Q: I noticed you were invited to New York for the William V. Campbell Trophy Award banquet, and that you were a finalist. Congratulations! How was it to meet all the NFL legends there?

A: It was an amazing experience, it was awesome. I show up on a Friday night, and I immediately see Archie Manning! They showed us Rockefeller and around New York. I got to meet Peyton Manning, Roger Staubach and shook hands with Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. There were a lot of big names, and it was pretty crazy but a great experience.

Q: What have you learned from leaving NI till now about the learning curve from College to the Pros?

A: The knock on me is that I didn’t play at a higher FBS level competition, but at the Shrine game I didn’t feel intimidated. The biggest thing I have to work on is my consistency. Being 100% consistent in your technique is going to crucial all the time. Getting coaching at the Shrine game, I really think will give me an advantage going into the pro game.

Q: We’re a bunch a fantasy football maniacs here at and we want to know what part of your game will translate into us drafting you, and you scoring us some points in our #IDP leagues. Will it be sacks? Forced fumbles? Batted balls? Etc.

A: I think I can get all of them! A good season is double digit sacks. Sacking is great but tackles for a loss are underrated and makes you more valuable and being a complete package is what I’m going for. I’ll try to get as many fantasy points for you all! (Laughs)

Last question in all of my interviews is a fun one.

Q: If you can see any band or musical act live, from any time period, which would it, be?

A: Wow that’s a good question; I’m more into classic rock, so I would have to go with AC/DC.

I’m beyond happy and proud to be able to talk to up and coming and outstanding young people who are trying and clawing to live their dreams and doing whatever is necessary to fulfill their goals and passions. Even if they fail, I am still proud that they were all valiant in the attempt and that gains my respect.

Good Luck Karter! I will be rooting for you! This was my first live phone interview, and it was an amazing experience, with a stellar young man. Keep an eye out for my next interview/article…Youngstown State defensive beast, Derek Rivers!

Until then always keep your head on a swivel in “The Player PIT!!”

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