J.T.’s IDP Underground:  2017 Up & Coming IDP Performers.

Welcome to the first edition of the IDP UNDERGROUND”. This is a look inside my degenerate IDP mind & the all around debauchery of my life in this obscene year  2016-17. If you know me by now you know I am a no holds barred, foul mouthed, Browns fan, death-core singing, lover of I.A.S.I.P. and some might even call me a “Vanilla Gorilla” in my approach to some of my views on football and life in general! So, if you don’t like bad words or my made up slang, then you can get off here at “Flanders Wuss Blvd.”

This article is not for the people who don’t dig deep for info. I like to call them “Skimmers.” They only read the surface articles that some major media fantasy sites post. They are not hardcore. They are who we destroy in fantasy and owners like us tell these “Skimmers” that “The dream is over jabroni!!” In this day in age of unlimited information at your fingertips, there should be no reason that you don’t research deeper. I’m an old shit and I remember back in the day all we had was the newspaper! So, if you are as serious as your shit talk is then you should read more than the sports networks ticker. So, here at Dynasty Football Factory I will take you deeper than anyone else out there in the fantasy football world. I will give you players that WILL PRODUCE. Individual defensive players are the new evolution of F.F. and I am your Tyler Durden of the IDP world.

These are my top 15 up and coming players for the 2017 NFL football year. I will give a couple of explanations on a couple in each category you glorious non-skimmer!


  • Vince Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers: He was a complete monster in very limited time this year. From what I seen, he is in line to take over when Timmons leaves. I think he will be your top LB in “Shittsburgh” sooner than later.
  • Nick Kwiatkoski, Chicago Bears
  • Corey Nelson, Denver
  • Blake Martinez, Green Bay Packers: I had kind of a small argument with an old friend about the players that make a splash who came out of Stanford University. He said go look up how many supposed NFL quality players that came out of there. (Besides Andrew Luck) I had a hard time disputing his statement. I pushed Blake on him and said he will be an exception. I think I’m right so far with this kid showing up this year next to Jake Ryan.
  • Jatavis Brown, San Diego Chargers: This kid was playing in my backyard at Akron U. and I checked him out on several occasions. I loved his tenacity and grit but I didn’t think he would make an impact this year. I was wrong!! If you grabbed him this year and threw him on your roster or taxi squad you did well my friend.

Defensive Backs:

  • Sean Davis, Pittsburgh Steelers: I must’ve picked up Davis and had to drop him like six times this year. I knew how versatile he was at Maryland I knew it would translate well for any team he got drafted by. Well, the last couple of weeks he finally got the starts and he’s blowing up! I think I’ll hold on to him now. Ha!
  • Byron Jones, Dallas Cowboys
  • Jahleel Addae, San Diego Chargers
  • Jaquiski Tartt, San Francisco 49ers: I loved this kid coming out of Samford. I watched him a lot in college and I knew he would be a asset and a punishing tackler for an NFL team. If he continues to make his coverage game legit, then he will blow up your IDP teams stat line.
  • Miles Killebrew, Detroit Lions

Defensive Lineman:

  • Trey Flowers, New England Patriots
  • Yannick Ngakoue, Jacksonville Jaguars: If you read my stuff then you know I did an article on Yannick. He came on hard this year and if you nabbed him, hold onto him now. He got injured so he fell off the radar. But, with the Jags youngsters on defense I think they will all come around next year.
  • Andre Branch, Miami Dolphins
  • Sheldon Rankins, New Orleans Saints
  • Carl Nassib, Cleveland Browns: There have not been many bright spots on my “0 for this life” Cleveland Browns. Mr. Nassib was unquestionably one of them that shined early. If the Cleveland coaching staff and front office can actually develop players by holding on to them and not trading them  to other teams like some professional football farm team!!!!!!! UGH!  (Sorry for the small Browns fan rant!) Then I think, we here in northeast Ohio can have something of substance to cheer for. With 13 more draft picks coming up in 2017 *Including two first rounders* if we can hit on even half of those picks, like we did on Nassib, we will be doing a, ok.   I mean I would be proud as F#%K to be 8-8 here!!

Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time

For y’all have knocked her up

I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe

I was not offended

For I knew I had to rise above it all

Or drown in my own shit….

Song: Maggot Brain by Funkadelic

If I have anything to do with it I will not let you drown in your own crap in your IDP leagues! So please don’t be a skimmer and read and get grade A advice to win your championships!

Follow me on Twitter @FatAdamSchefter I will be on before the 1 p.m. est. Sunday games if you have any questions! Good Luck & always come back to the IDP UNDERGROUND!  



Lead IDP Writer, Live/Film Scout, Interviewer. Ranker. Best Prediction % for IDP in season weekly starts 2016. Born & raised in Beautiful Cleveland. Browns, OSU & Tampa Bay Bucs fan! Successful 26 year F.F. vet. I have an Amazing wife of 3 years. Middle linebacker mind but I played defensive tackle when I was young. Bad car wreck took me out, now I concentrate on scouting & writing. Constantly looking for that next amazing player. My passion is true 4 Football & Music. ((Small School Player Supporter.)) ~FSWA Member.~ Follow me on Twitter: @FatAdamSchefter I beyond appreciate your support!

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