IDP Stock Market: Week 13 Edition

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We are now near or at the of the playoff portion of the fantasy season. By now, you have a good idea of whether your team is a contender or not. This week I will help you find those pieces that you need this year and beyond. Hopefully, my suggestions have steered you in the right direction and improved your IDP portfolios. It’s time to look at your stocks and see which net assets are worth keeping or buying and which ones need to be liquidated. I wish everyone the best of luck and help you with your quest for the championship!

The Stock of the Week

LB, Joe Schobert, Cleveland Browns Theses are the type of stocks that pay big dividends for both buyers and sellers. Schobert is a top stock that doesn’t get the recognition of the big-name stocks but provides just as good of value if not better as those big-name stocks. This is a stock that if you own, you may want to look at selling as his price is very high right now due to his excellent production this season, especially lately.

In the last two games, he has recorded 15 tackles, 10 solos, two for a loss, one sack, four interceptions, and eight pass deflections. Those numbers are better than some players have in a full season. Do I expect those record pace numbers to continue? No, but I do see him continuing to shine and being a critical piece for any fantasy team. Now, if you’re looking to buy stock in Joe, keep in mind and expect that the price will be a little steep. In a one for one deal, you will pay up, so I suggest working him in a package deal where you can offset some of the cost to acquire him. He’s a stat box filler, and you’ll be glad you invested in him.


LB, Fred Warner, San Francisco 49ers Over the last three weeks, Warner has played as good as anyone in the league. During that span, he has registered 33 tackles, 29 solos, four for a loss, three sacks, and two forced fumbles. His numbers saw an upward rise after Kwon Alexander was lost due to an injury, but Warner was playing well before that and is the face of the future for the Niners. Keep in mind this is just his second season, so he’s only going to get better. This a great piece for any playoff team and for any team looking for players to build their team’s future around. Investment Rating (4)

LB, Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers The rookie from LSU has had a mixed season so far, but things are trending upward for him and now is the time to buy, before his stock prices go up. After missing some games early this year due to injury, he now looks like the big game piece we expected to see.

He had to work off some rust after return, but he has been a hot play as of late. In the last two games, he has tallied 22 tackles, 16 solos, and two sacks. Playing next to Lavonte David, he can relax and play ball. They compliment each other very well, and White is developing nicely. If you missed out on drafting him, now is the time to correct that mistake and trade for him. His value is only going to continue to increase, and he’s a great piece to build around. Investment Rating (5)

CB, Adoree’ Jackson, Tennessee Titans If you play in position-specific leagues, then this is just for you. Adoree has had a terrible season, for the most part, leading owners to sell their shares or even just straight drop him. The Titans even scaled his role back some during this time, but with some injuries and ineffectiveness, Adoree has gotten the call again and has produced how everyone expected him too.

In the last two games with a bye week sandwiched between them, he has tallied 20 tackles, 16 solos, one for a loss, and three pass breakups. This what we wanted to see from Jackson, and his schedule the rest of the season looks very favorable for him. He can be had for pennies on the dollar (penny stock) and is a great addition for your IDP portfolio. Investment Rating (4)

DE, Maxx Crosby, Oakland Raiders Here is a stock that I am grabbing up every share of that I can. This rookie has been impressive and is only getting better. A must own stock in dynasty leagues. He started a little slow and had a hand injury but is healthy now and straight ballin’. In the last three weeks, he has produced 12 tackles, eight solos, six for a loss, five and a half sacks, and a forced fumble.

Teams are largely focused on fellow rookie teammate Clelin Ferrell allowing Crosby to feast. He’s a starter for the Raiders and gets 80%+ in rep count and I like his schedule a lot going forward. Great ROS (rest of season) and dynasty addition. There are still some who have reservations about him, so make them an offer and get a great deal. His buy price is still in a great area right now and will give you a terrific return on your investment, whether you keep him or sell down the road. Investment Rating (4)

DT, Ed Oliver, Buffalo Bills As we all know, it’s hard to find stable production at defensive tackle, and in position-specific leagues, it’s crucial to have solid players. If you have been following me, then you know just how high I was and am on this young superstar. The hype took off, and I tried to temper everyone’s expectations in the beginning. Not because I thought he couldn’t produce, but because he needed time to get acclimated and adjust to the pro game.

Well, he’s adjusted, and now the beast I expected is on the loose. He’s a perfect fit for Sean McDonhough’s defense. In the last two games, he’s totaled four tackles and two sacks. His schedule going forward looks great, and he’ll have a lot of opportunities to make some big plays. He can be had cheap right now as some owners are disappointed with his stats to this point and are willing to sell. Take advantage of this opportunity and get a blue-chip stock for a decent price. 

On Thanksgiving day versus the Dallas Cowboys, @Edoliver_11 had his breakout game. He was a wrecking ball all game and was able to record four tackles, three solos, two sacks, one forced fumble, and a pass deflection. Get this stock now! Investment Rating (5)


LB, Von Miller, Denver Broncos While I think Miller still has a lot left in the tank, I believe now is the time to sell his stock. Losing Bradley Chubb hurt, and the Broncos need better play from the interior and only have AJ Johnson at Middle Linebacker as help. Miller hasn’t had the success that he has had in the past. He is on pace to have his second-worst statistical season of career. Part of this is due to teams being able to focus, and game plan him out of the game.

He’s still a top player, and as I said, he has a lot left, but I would rather sell early than too late. I have a few shares of him in some of my leagues, and I am selling on the big-name value while I can and try to help my team in future seasons. He still carries some decent value in sack heavy scoring leagues and should trend back up a little next season, with the return of Bradley Chubb. Use that to your advantage when trying to trade him away. Liquidation Rating (3)

DE, J.J. Watt, Houston Texans Even if you are a newbie to IDP, you have already seen the good and bad of JJ as an IDP asset. If you are a veteran should have already sold your shares, but in case you haven’t done it now is the time. When healthy, there is no mistake he is one of the best in the league and can win you a lot of games, but can you afford to have him get hurt yet again and make you scramble for a replacement?

I have tried or am trying to sell all shares of him that have left and let someone else worry about the risk of owning him. He still carries some name value, and when healthy, he’ll put up good numbers. I suggest packaging him in a deal where you may be able to recoup some of your investment in him. Liquidation Rating (5)

S, Earl Thomas, Baltimore Ravens One of the best safeties in the league for the past decade, but his best days are now behind him. He will still have some good games along the way and maybe one more season as a somewhat dependable IDP option. For me, the fall-off seems to be coming very quickly for Thomas, so I would advise selling your shares of him now. Liquidation Rating (5)

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