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IDP-Only Rookie Mock Draft

I’d like to thank our mockers for the time and thoughts on this mock. We all have a strong passion for IDP. If you’re reading this, you as well have the IDP love. This will show you where players are going before the NFL Draft. I’m in a few rookie drafts now, and this kind of exercise helps demonstrate how highly players are valued and at what point they are likely to be drafted in your rookie drafts. Back in January, we did an IDP-only mock as well; you can find it here.

Round 1

1.01  @DFF_Cog

Jamal Adams, SS, LSU

Adams is the complete package. The folks at PFF have me slightly concerned that he could end up playing CB. But they were just spitballing about his versatility. When drafting 1.01 you want an immediate-impact player that you can use every week. Myles Garrett might squeak out 10 sacks as a rookie but his tackle total will not be much higher and he could still end up playing OLB. Adams can be that in-the-box cruncher we all desire. I will burden him with a Landon Collins comparison. That’s how much I believe in him and this pick. I would have taken Reuben Foster, Hassan Reddick, Obi Melifonwu and Zac Cunningham before considering Garrett.

1.02 @Nfl_drafthub

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

Garrett enters the draft as the heavy favorite to be the first name called when Commissioner Roger Goodell takes the stage on April 27th; he’s the favorite for good reason. Garrett has a tremendous combination of size, quickness, and power that his him looking like a potential Hall of Famer. If Garrett can reach even half of his potential, you’ll be getting a double-digit sack machine, as well as a star run defender. Here is his profile.

1.03 @DFF_JohnIDP

Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt

My plan was to select Adams here. It’s a little heartbreaking when you have your eyes on your prom date and have her vanish in front of you. At this point of the year, I believe the top LBs can all score close to each other. Zach Cunningham could be the coveted ILB of the bunch. With blazing speed, he covers the field and can be left playing all 3-downs. Blitz and cover player who can do it all at a pro-caliber level.

1.04 @FatAdamSchefter

Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

No brainer here: a 3-down MLBer who is compared to Navarro Bowman and will score more in his first year than some of the players picked here before him. If you want to win your IDP league now, this is your guy. Here you’ll find his profile.

1.05 @DFF_JamesH

Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

This guy is an absolute machine, and for me, the most NFL-ready defensive end in this draft. He is fast, powerful, has great hands and is a really hard worker. This is also my defensive rookie of the year candidate.

1.06 @coachkernzy

Haason Reddick, LB, Temple

This player has continually gained steam throughout the scouting and draft process. He’ll be a Round-1 pick and be expected to immediately step on the field as a starter and major contributor. What more can you ask for? Freakish athletic ability, draft capital, immediate opportunity and the ability to put it all together into one badass IDP scoring machine.

1.07 @FF_Evilempire

Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida

Davis is a high-character, high-athleticism, and high-motor guy that NFL teams love. His ability to play in space should translate to him being a three-down player at the pro level. I expect Davis to be a highly productive LB for a long time.

1.08 @Kered_Eel

Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut

I was hoping Reddick would somehow fall to me, but I’ll take Obi, the combine super freak. I heard that some teams are looking at him as a CB, which would break my IDP heart, but I’ll take my chances they wise-up and put him in an in-the-box safety role he was made for.

1.09 @josh444444  

Raekwon McMillan, LB, Ohio State

Good instincts and finds the ball on a regular basis. Not sure he plays ILB in the NFL, but has the speed to play outside. Here is his player profile.

1.10 @Fulst_rosto

Jonathan Allen, DE/DT, Alabama

Dominant inside pass rusher who is solid plugging gaps against the run too. The Crimson Tide Senior has elite talent that would let him shine in either 3-4 or 4-3 base defenses. While Bama’s 6′ 3″, 286 Lbs D-Lineman put up perceived pedestrian numbers at the combine, his performance showcased his talents all across the line with above average tests for DT in the 40, Vertical jump and Broad jump. Allen also scored well for DE in the 3-cone and 20-yard shuttle.

1.11 @sportstrucker  

Derek Barnett, OLB/DE Edge Rusher,

At 6’3” 265 Lbs., this guy is a strong edge defender who can stuff the run and get to the QB. With 12 sacks and 18 tackles for loss you can see he can do it all. Believe this guy is going to be a top NFL DE.

1.12 @nateclever8

Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

He wouldn’t be my first choice as an IDP, but at 1.12 I feel pretty good about his NFL talent and becoming a point monster.


That first round was loaded with talent. The players taken could put up some points for our fantasy teams. As in most IDP drafts, LBs dominated the first round. I’d be happy to land any of them. If you’re in need of a solid safety, this mock demonstrates you will need to draft them high. Off to round two…

Round 2

2.01 @DFF_Cog

Duke Riley, LB, LSU

This was a hard choice. I also highly considered Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Kendall Beckwith here. Yet, both have injury concerns. Riley stands just six foot tall so I do not believe he will get a chance to play the edge in NFL with any kind of consistency. His 4.58 (40-time) and 6.89 (3-cone time) speed will likely put him in a sub-package role as a rookie. I believe he has the ability to develop into an ILB and be a very solid LB2 type.

2.02 @NFL_drafthub

Jabrill Peppers, Safety, Michigan

Peppers entered the year as perhaps the most talked about prospect in the draft. Now the steam has cooled off on the former Wolverine, but his talent hasn’t gone away. Peppers should be used as a free safety in the NFL, and he should be a pretty damn good one. If Peppers can learn to create more turnovers, he’d be a steal at this point.

2.03 @DFF_JohnIDP

T.J. Watt, LB, Wisconsin

Bonus pick if you’re playing in OLB-required leagues. If he is drafted to play with his hand in the dirt he will fail. This is an off-the-ball LB.  Learning his role will take some time, but the kid is all about training and working hard to perfect his skills. Big-play scoring will also be a nice bonus here. DL has a few good options, but I like the upside pick here.

2.04 @FatAdamSchefter

Budda Baker, Safety, Washington

I’m more than happy to take my top-ranked safety here. This man has the heart of a lion. He is a linebacker in the body of a safety. His only knock is that he will have a hard time with bigger tight ends in the NFL. Otherwise, let this kid roam and maybe on occasion shadow the slot. Not only does he have great tackling skills, but he can read keys and does not get taken on fakes. His high football IQ, instincts, and passion will make him a fantasy and regular football monster.

2.05 @DFF_JamesH

Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan

At 6’6 and 277 lbs., he is huge and extremely meaty. He has a hard outer shell and is extremely tough. Taco has all the ingredients of an NFL player and is great both against the pass and the run. He hits hard and will leave QBs regretting going near him the next day!

2.06 @coachkernzy

Charles Harris, Edge, Missouri

Harris has the skills to play 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB. He has a wicked spin move that will continue to serve him well getting to the QB. He will need to improve his coverage skills if he’s drafted by a 3-4 team, but he has plenty of athletic ability to do so.

2.07 @FF_EvilEmpire

Anthony Walker Jr., LB, Northwestern

Known as “The Franchise” in college, Walker was a standout player in his sophomore and junior seasons in the Big 10. Size, speed, motor, character and production… Walker checks all the boxes to be a productive NFL linebacker.

2.08 @kered_eel

Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB, Tennessee

Just gonna take one of my guys… Really like how he attacks the ball. Has quality athleticism on a smaller frame. Injury history is a concern, but the reward is high if he can stay on the field.

2.09 @josh444444  

Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA

I have been drafting Tak in the later rounds of all my mock. He is a very explosive athlete with long arms and a huge motor. He has some medical concerns, but was still very productive last year playing with that injury.

2.10 @fulst_rosto

Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M

An explosive talent who covers ground quickly, the Texas A&M Senior is a solid coverage safety who, due to being slightly undersized at 6′ 0″,191 Lbs., may be best-suited in matchups against slot receivers. Has a penchant for highlight reel hits which can result in missed tackles. High points the ball well, giving up few penalties for the Aggies. A ferocious hitter, none more evident than when “The Eraser” lit up Derrick Henry during his Junior year. This is Evans’ player profile.

2.11 @sportstrucker

Tim Williams, LB/Edge, Alabama

This guy was ranked a lot higher pre-combine, so I’m gambling on his game translating to the NFL. He plays better than his combine numbers.

2.12 @nateclever

Malik McDowell DT, Michigan State

I think this guy might be a stud if he gets a chance to play right away. If not, stash him away for a little bit cause he will shine at some point.


LBs flew in the 2nd round as well, the backbones of our dynasty teams! It’s a good year to need an LB. In the 2nd round, the top tier safeties also went. Take note for your rookie drafts as safety is a position that can score well for those who will play near the line of scrimmage.

Round 3

3.01 @DFF_Cog

Kendell Beckwith, LB, LSU

A torn ACL has killed Beckwith’s present value. Picking him here eliminates most of the risk had I taken him earlier. At this point, upside is everything. I cannot say most of the remaining players have as much upside as Beckwith, with 35 SEC starts. Here you’ll find his player profile.

3.02 @NFL_drafthub

Demarcus Walker, Defensive End, Florida State

One of my favorite prospects in this class, Walker will make his money off of his incredible quickness and superb technique. We’ll see if he can improve as a run defender, but his pass rush skills make him a special prospect.

3.03 @DFF_JohnIDP

Dawuane Smoot, DE, Illinois

Gets after the QB, either with his hand in the dirt or standing up. Will be a nice toy for any defensive coordinator and can earn playing time early with his pass-rush skills. I’m buying here in the 3rd round. Big-play scoring! I will enjoy seeing him move around and attack QBs. His play in the run game is okay, so he could also grab points in tackles.

3.04 @FatAdamSchefter

Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida

If this young man can stay healthy, he will be the better fantasy LBer coming out of Florida this year. He is a 3-down backer who will cover and blow up gaps. He is the David Lee Roth of this rookie class! This is his player profile.

3.05 @DFF_JamesH

Desmond King, S, Iowa

While he may not be the tallest guy going into this draft, at 5’11’, King is big enough to make an impact in the NFL. Some sites list King as a cornerback, but in my opinion, his skill set is more suited to playing FS. He does lack a bit in speed, but he more than makes up for that in football intelligence. In the 2015 season, he led the NCAA in interceptions with a total of eight. Here’s to hoping the team that drafts him uses him at safety and not at cornerback!

3.06 @coachkernzy

Montravius Adams, DT, Auburn

Excellent explosiveness and powerful lower body combine for what could be the best pass rushing DT in this class. Stays low and uses leverage well during initial get-off. Motivation and consistency will be key for this player, but with the right coaching and situation, he could be a very disruptive inside force.

3.07 @FF_EvilEmpire

Josh Harvey-Clemons, S, Louisville

He’s a former five-star recruit with all the size and talent one could ask for. Harvey-Clemons has tested positive for marijuana multiple times, so his chances of washing out are high. However, if he cleans up his act, he could be a force in the pros.

3.08 @kered_eel

Paul Magliore Jr., LB, Arizona

Has good size and is very aggressive to the football. Might only be a 2-down thumper, but I’m ok with that at this point in the draft.

3.09 @josh444444

Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State

Not the most explosive athlete, but has long arms and a strong lower half. Uses his hands pretty well and is instinctive. Had a great Senior Bowl and should be able to develop into a rotational guy in the NFL.

3.10 @fulst_rosto

Ryan Anderson, LB, Alabama

Overshadowed in the Tide’s D, Anderson nonetheless is a proven winner with a high football IQ.  Solid against the run, and willing to work in the trenches, Alabama’s stoutly built 6′ 2″ 253-pounder lacks length and would be best suited as an OLB in a 3-4 in the pros.

3.11 @sportstrucker

Josh Jones, S, NC State

Jones, at 6’1” 220lbs with 4.41 speed, has that size/speed combination I Love. He keeps his eye on the QB and has the burst to challenge the throw. Has the explosiveness to rake it or take and high point the ball. Jones had 109 tackles with four for loss, 3-INTs, and 8-pass break-ups in 2016. He can’t wait to run downhill and hit someone.

3.12 @nateclever8

Derek Rivers, DE, Youngstown State

Quick and can get around the corner, Rivers would be a good fit in the 4-3 D for Marinelli in Dallas. Later pick should be a nice add for my boys.


Good value picks in the third. You’re still adding depth players who can start when needed. I’m looking to add 3rd and 4th round picks this year since the IDP depth in this draft is very good.

Round 4

4.01 @DFF_Cog

Carl Lawson, Edge, Auburn

Ding, ding, ding – can you say “value?” There are inherent risks with all the players in this round. Yet just because Lawson is injury prone, doesn’t mean that he is dead.

4.02 @NFL_drafthub

Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida

Brantley’s amazing athleticism at his position has him looking like a future star as a 3-technique! He should be a really solid inside pass rusher, as well as proficient in the run game. Low-risk pick here.

4.03 @DFF_JohnIDP

Tyus Bowser, LB, Houston

Bowser is a can-do-it-all kind of a player. He needs some work, but is capable of pass rushing and covering. Solid pick late in rookie drafts. Here you can find his draft profile.

4.04 @FatAdamSchefter

Connor Harris, LB, Lindenwood

Like this was going to be someone else? HA! This kid is full of determination, passion, and grit. Who cares if he is smaller or as some say, “Does not have the right length.” I will most likely take this animal over some of the top prospects coming out, depending on where they land after the draft. I hope Harris falls to me in every rookie draft!

4.05 @DFF_JamesH

DeMarcus Walker, DE, Florida State

Walker has great physical traits and extremely long arms, which allows his pass rushing moves to brush past the protection quickly. He is a ball-hawk and finished last season with 15 sacks. His only negative is that due to his size, some teams may look to play him at defensive tackle as opposed to on the edge.

4.06 @coachkernzy

Elijah Lee, LB, Kansas State

Lee is the most underrated LB in this draft in my estimation. He plays downhill and isn’t afraid to take on and go through blockers. Impressive athleticism with speed and burst. Those traits along with his quality ball skills and tackling will allow him to become a 3-down player.

4.07 @FF_EvilEmpire

Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama

The former cornerback was turned into a safety for the Crimson Tide. Jackson has solid instincts and could be helpful as a hybrid defensive back that NFL teams like right now.

4.08 @kered_eel

Blair Brown, LB, Ohio

Short for an NFL LB, which will hurt him in coverage. However, his quickness is NFL-worthy. Brown is versatile and should be able to play in any defensive scheme. He’s also effective when blitzing the QB.  He may only prove to be a special teams contributor in the pros, but keep an eye on him late in your drafts.

4.09 @josh444444

Joe Mathis, Edge, Washington

A bit of a homer pick here for me, but I really like Mathis. He has a constant motor and shows great instincts. Explosive athlete that is very quick off the edge. Not sure how well he can hold up against the run in the NFL, but as long as his injury is behind him he could be a steal at this point in the draft.

4.10 @fulst_rosto

Chris Wormley, DE, Michigan

Michigan’s 3-year starter is thick framed, yet agile for his size at 6’3″ and 296 Lbs. He would fit at DE in a 3-4 system. The Wolverines’ team captain has excellent burst off the line of scrimmage coupled with fantastic leverage. A tweaked hamstring limited him at the combine; however, Wormley put up a solid 40-time of 4.83 as well as 7.08 in the 3-cone drill at his pro day.

4.11 @sportstrucker

Adoree’ Jackson, CB, USC

The 5’10” 186Lb. playmaker might be a little small, but he has return skills and ball skill. He has 4.42 speed and playmaking moves on the ball. Returned both kickoffs and punts, and also helped on offense with 27 catches and 414 yards – plus 2 TDs. Jackson can come in and help an NFL team on special teams and as a slot corner as a rookie.

4.12 @nateclever8

Marshon Lattimore, CB, OSU

Lattimore is a pure stud shut-down CB with huge big-play potential. I can’t see any other way to end the draft.


Some corners went in the 4th. In CB-required leagues, the rookies who start get targeted. In yardage-return leagues, the CBs who can help on returns are more valuable. I like the LBs who came off the board. The depth is getting me excited to get real rookie drafts rolling!

Thanks for taking a look. Go get your draft boards ready! We will run one more rookie mock after the NFL draft. You can find me on Twitter: @DFF_JohnIDP


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