IDP DRAFT PROFILE: Jordan Evans LB, Oklahoma

Jordan Evans LB, Oklahoma: 6’3 232 pounds

Quick thoughts

After watching Jordan Evans play, I was ready to suit up myself. Three words come to mind watching Evans play.

  • Tough
  • Athletic
  • Instincts

This kid is a baller and leader on his team’s defense. In 2015 he suffered a torn pectoral muscle and has recovered well.

Run game

Couple stats to throw at you, led his team last season with 98 tackles, 4 interceptions, and had himself 9 tackles for a loss. Being a three-year starter helped him understand the game. You can tell he figured out where the offensive lineman are moving and he reacts quickly to that. Knowing the offense, he gets a good jump on where he needs to get to make stops. Showing a little burst, he flows into gaps and stops the play.

Football instincts are very impressive, has to be a good student of the game. Sacrificing his body he is not going all out for the glory, by going into a block with his body he closes holes allowing teammates to make the plays. Unselfish and a true team player shows me his love of the game. On the downside, when playing in traffic, he will lose his way and be unable to be a difference maker. At times he looked like he was lost in the shuffle. When he is getting blocked by stronger players he is pushed away from the play.

Pass Defense

This is where he shines and really made a name for himself. Football IQ shows really well in this part of the game. Understanding passing lanes and where openings will come up around him, have him moving to spots to make plays on the ball. Watching the QBs eyes and flowing with ease put him right where he needs to be. He shows speed and great reaction to the play’s unfolding around him.

Draft day

Due to a lack of separation and getting beaten up by more physical players he will be drafted in the 5th round I believe. His pass defense will earn him work early as well as special teams play. If he can add some weight and muscle I would be taking a look at him in a 43 defense as an MLB. Able to go one on one with RBs and TEs would help an aggressive defense. Zone coverage is also a major plus. With added weight he would hold up better at the point of attack, allowing him to make more tackles.

Fantasy outlook

For me, if he lands with a team playing a 43 defense, I would look to add him with my 7th round pick. Able to contribute in passing roles, he will get on the field often. The NFL is a passing league after all. If he can get into an every-down role as an MLB, his value shoots up. It might not happen year one, but that’s why we have taxi squads.

Enjoy the NFL Draft!

You can find me at @DFF_JohnIDP. Below are Jordan Evans Senior Highlights. 

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