IDP Draft Profile: S Jamal Adams, LSU

Jamal Adams, Safety, LSU

Age: 22

Class: Junior

Ht: 6’0

Wt: 214lbs

Games Watched: Alabama, Wisconsin, Florida


Jamal Adams has great awareness and football IQ. He goes through his reads very quickly and is very decisive in how to react. He does not shy away from contact and is willing to “stick his nose in there” and can lay the big hit. Adams continually shows his toughness, and the game versus Alabama is a great example.

Adams showed above average awareness in zone, especially in thirds responsibility. He wasn’t quick to bite on route combinations and allowed them to develop and showed patience in allowing the concepts to play out. He won’t jump on “dummy reads.”


Although Adams is a sufficient and more than willing tackler, he needs to improve this technique, especially in the open field. Sometimes Adams will leave his feet to deliver the big hit and whiff. Also, tends to “arm tackle” too frequently.

When playing single high safety, Adams seemed a little indecisive. An example is in the game versus Wisconsin. With the offense in a spread set inside the Tiger’s twenty, the slot receivers ran a flag-post combination. Adams allowed for the flag route to distract him long enough to allow the slot WR running the post to gain separation, and become open. Luckily for Adams, the pass was inaccurate, but it would have been a TD.


Adams is an explosive and athletic prospect, that understands how to quickly read his keys to dissect the play. He is certainly a big hitter but needs to improve his tackling technique. It seems as if his better fit will be as an in the box safety/robber in the NFL. He plays much better closer to the line. This is not to say he cannot play single high safety but his quick instincts would better serve a defense closer to the box. Adams could excel being on the field for sub packages/multi-WR sets because of his ability to play physical and defend the run. He also has the athletic ability to keep with most RBs out of the backfield in the league.

The only concern I have is that he could end up with a similar career to former Dallas Cowboys safety, Roy Williams. While Williams had a very successful early career, he fell behind when offenses went more pass heavy.


Top 10 pick



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