IDP Draft Profile: DL/Edge Myles Garrett, Texas A&M


Myles Garrett has been at the center of the NFL Draft world ever since the last pick of the 2016 Draft was made. He’s been hailed as the second coming of Von Miller, and the next Khalil Mack, need I say any more? Yes, yes I do, or this would be an extremely short article. The hype is there. The former Aggie is tremendously talented and is expected by many to be the first name announced by commissioner Roger Goodell come April 27th. The 6’5, 260 lb, Junior terrorized the SEC even though offenses were geared towards stopping him. We all know Garrett is something special, but should he be the number one overall pick? Let’s break down Garrett piece by piece and dissect just how successful he may be.


The very first thing you notice when watching Garrett is his absolutely tremendous, seriously astonishing power. When pass rushing, Garrett should be able to extend his arms and simply drive the blocker and collapse the pocket (much like Von Miller). While that won’t necessarily register sacks it puts the Quarterback under pressure and overall helps out the defense immensely. And in the run game, teams may have to run away from Garrett at times simply because of his ability to hold his ground and take up blockers while the linebackers run free to the back. Bottom line, No EDGE defender(defensive end and 3-4 outside linebacker) comes close to matching Garrett’s strength. You have to go back to Joey Bosa of last years class to see anything similar. To go along with his potential HOF level power is a quickness and burst that makes Garrett almost impossible to block when he gets in a groove. Offensive lineman are going to be in a quandary trying to block him, because whether you force him to use his speed or his power, advantage Garrett. Bottom line, long term, you won’t find a better defensive prospect than Myles Garrett.


Garrett may be the best defensive prospect in this class, but he isn’t without faults. I’ll tell you upfront, don’t be surprised if Garrett gets off to a fairly slow start to his career. Garrett’s first problem is in his pass rush skills. He was able to get his way in college by simply using the bull rush move, but that won’t be quite as successful at the NFL level. If he wants to be a consistent double-digit sack artist, he must develop some other moves. Another area where I would like to see improvement from Garrett is in his technique; and specifically, in his hand fighting with offensive tackles. Garrett too often is unable to free himself up from blockers who extend their hands to hit him early in their drops. Lastly, a little more consistency in Garrett’s play would be nice to see. For how much natural talent he has, he shouldn’t go many plays in a row without making an impact.


Myles Garrett is certainly a top 5 prospect in this class, and his potential is higher than anyones. But his effectiveness right now could be crippled by the weakness we discussed earlier. Whoever ends up landing the former Aggie will be getting a hell of a football player, that we can say for sure.

Pro Comparison: Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders




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