IDP Draft Profile: Edge Keion Adams, Western Michigan

Games reviewed: Buffalo, Toledo, Kent

The player:

One thing that I have to see from an edge rusher is quickness. This kid is quick! He won’t get stuck or shoved away from a play. Getting off a block is not an issue. This keeps him in the attack of the ball and not flat on his back. Versatility is something that shows up. Moving back and forth from the strong side to the weak side won’t slow his game down. Another thing I like to see is a sense of urgency in getting to the ball carrier. What I mean is, can he locate the ball and go get it? The answer is, yes he can. Fighting through traffic, getting bumped along the way, he does not lose the ball. That’s important as he will get the tackles and be able to stay on the field. Keion Adams will sacrifice his body at times, himself into blockers to free a teammate up. Very unselfish, total team first player.  When rushing the passer, he can leave stiff linemen looking silly. In his 2016 campaign, he had 17 tackles for a loss. That’s one of my favorite stats. Not only is that bonus points in fantasy, but puts him in enemy territory often. His spin move is so good he can set up the linemen and get into the QBs face as shown by his 7.5 sacks last season. This kid shows good bend and combined with his quickness it has gotten him results. Credited with 10 QB hurries shows us in the stats that he is getting in the QBs face.


So we have an edge player who can track the ball, can get after the QB, and move around a defense. This is what I am looking for at the next level. Chasing down a ball carrier is something he showed he could do. This kid is quick and even while putting on his spin move it seems as if he does not slow down at all. It’s Go Go GO.

Moving into the NFL:

Getting into the NFL, I see him as a player who can move around from ILB to OLB. This is very valuable. In a 34 defense I would think he could thrive. In a 43 his best fit might be as a WILL. At 245 pounds he could handle the run support and be a factor in that role. Having someone capable of lining up everywhere, and with ability and a high motor and burst of speed, is just too good to pass on.

Fantasy outlook

Watch where he lands come draft day. I plan on using a late round pick (5th round)on this guy. I would suspect him hearing his name called on day 3 of the draft. In the perfect spot he could push his way onto the field quickly. Worst case you could taxi him for a year. He shows so many good traits and I plan on making sure he is on my fantasy teams. In the land of IDP, LBs are gold. Hoard them!

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