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The Florida Gator defense has been an “elite cornerback” factory of late. In the 2016 class, there was Vernon Hargreaves who ended up being selected 11th overall by Tampa Bay. In the 2017 class, the Gators upped the ante by producing not one but two 1st round talents at the cornerback position. Quincy Wilson and Teez Tabor dominated the SEC, and now both may become 1st round picks when Roger Goodell takes the stage on April 27th. In this article, we’ll break down true Junior Quincy Wilson as a prospect, and also where he should be valued come IDP rookie drafts.



Wilson stands tall at 6’1, he’s got a solid build at 213 pounds, and only being a true junior this past season still has time to pack more weight on to his frame. To an NFL Draft analyst like myself, this gets you “over the moon” excited even before you watch him. NFL teams know that they have a nice block of clay to mold if they land Wilson.


Pretty uncommon for a man as big as Wilson is, he’s got great speed:

This excites me and his potential overflowing. In all kinds of coverages, athleticism is the truest form of a versatile skillset, and thankfully, Wilson has it.

Ball Skills:

Wilson’s ball skills are top notch. The ability to attack the ball and knock it free from receivers is vastly underrated (compared to interceptions), and he excels there. Combine his height with his ball skills, and you should have a corner capable of defending the best big men in the game. Wilson had a very respectable 6 passes defended this past season. Quarterbacks better think twice before trying to go deep on Wilson’s side of the field.

Man/Zone Coverage:

I love how far along technique wise Wilson is in coverage skills. You can tell by watching him that he’s a natural. He knows what he is doing, and does it very well. Minor hand fighting at the line of scrimmage, reading the quarterback’s eyes, and angling receivers to the sideline are examples of little things a corner can do to disrupt potential completions.

Wilson, for this reason, should be solid coverage wise from Day 1. He simply knows how to cover receivers.


Run Defense:

Oh boy, this is a problem. It was hard to watch Wilson in run coverage, especially vs. Alabama it almost looked like part of the Tide’s game plan was to run right at him. This needs fixing in a hurry. By no means is this unfixable, Wilson is young, he’s got a good frame, he certainly has potential here. Technique wise, and effort wise, he needs improvement. It’s going to take a lot of work and coaching for him to become proficient.


Wilson, even with his hips, can still become a superstar. However, I am unsure how he will handle the smaller, quicker receivers. I feel that the Edelman’s and Diggs’ of the NFL will pose more of a problem to Wilson than the Green’s and Bryant’s (Dez). Stiff hips are hard to improve, but if he and his coaches can continue to work on this, that will round him out as a lockdown cover corner.


Quincy Wilson is easy to fall in love with, and I won’t discourage you from doing so. As an NFL draft prospect, I worry about his run defense and hips which are why I have him as a late 1st rounder instead of early 1st rounder. As for IDP rookie drafts, I would rank him as the 5th/6th best corner, interchangeable with Chidobe Awuzie of Colorado. If you’re comfortable drafting him there, go for it. I will say this, though, this cornerback class is very deep and waiting to draft say, Ahkello Witherspoon or Sidney Jones, for example, may be a better option.

If you would like to do scouting of Wilson for yourself, I’ve shared the game tape that I used in my profile below.

Alabama tape:

Missouri tape:

Florida State tape:



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