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This is the second installment of a three part series covering linebackers in IDP auction format of fantasy football. I will investigate how much of your salary to invest in each IDP position and whether it is worth it to shell out the big bucks or spend modestly. A lot of this will depend on your league’s roster and scoring settings. Please adjust according to your league’s format let’s figure out some IDP auction values!

If you are in a normal auction/salary cap league you already have your strategy and salary handled, but just to recap some of the basics:
QB – 10-15% (20-25%)
RB – 15% (25%)
WR – 25% (35%)
TE – 10% (20%)
*This will obviously vary depending on your own roster but we’re just trying to set guidelines.
**Numbers in parenthesis represent non-IDP format league values

The same can be applied to IDP, in a sense, because of the expanded roster limits and salary cap. Here is what I came up with on a budget of $1000:
DT – 10%-15% (if required)
DE – 15%-20%
LB – 30%-40%
CB – 10%-15%
S – 5%-10%
*Notice these numbers only add up to 50% because the other 50% is already allotted to offense

Linebackers are considered the “bread and butter” of an IDP roster much like WR are the foundation for offense-only teams. From an IDP auction standpoint, this where you put your money where your mouth is because you want to land top performers and grab potential talents that have the talent and opportunity of developing into starting roles due to them taking advantage of a teammate’s injury or just providing a special skillset that had been missing in the first place, like edge rushing, pass defense, or man-coverage.



A top green dot (3-down) LB will likely cost you around $50. This allows you to buy a name like Seattle’s Bobby Wagner who had double digit numbers 16/17 weeks. Alec Ogletree, Kwon Alexander, and Christian Kirksey are all in that same boat and will cost just under that $50 mark. More money means added security. These players are weekly starters you just don’t have to worry about. Watch out though because these payouts add up fast and you could be breaking that 40% limit real quick.

If you do find yourself spending over 40% of your budget on linebackers, don’t panic! Just cut the difference from your DB budget which I will cover in part 3.

So, you’re in the fray of the auction draft and you have 1-2 top LBs locked up, now what? Start working down the line picking up the guys who are starting to generate some opportunity for themselves. Deion Jones, Jatavius Brown. Once you get past the tier of Jamies Collins, Eric Kendricks, Thomas Davis, and Vic Beasley the prices and production get pretty sketchy so buyer beware after that point!

A few guys to keep an eye on that tend to appear at cheap prices considering their production values are Tahir Whitehead, Mason Foster, and Nigel Bradham. Just keep an eye on the prices and that player’s opportunity and use your best judgment.

That does it for your LBs! Stay tuned for the last segment where I cover the strange and ever changing landscape of Defensive Backs.


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