Free Agency: IDP Aftershocks

Here are some of the signings I took note of this week. Anytime when we see a player swap teams in the NFL, it is wise to review what it means for our fantasy teams. Value goes up; value goes down. I will share my thoughts on a few player signings below:

Jabaal Sheard – Moving on from New England where coach Bill did not use him in his chess matches as much as I expected he would have. What Indy is gaining is a player who will play through pain and bring the heat. Capable of playing the run and getting after the QB, the Colts have helped their beleaguered defense. At first sight, I thought, WOW, great add. Looking at it after that initial, WOW rush though, the Colts will likely move Sheard to OLB where his role will be used more for than just a pass rusher specialist. The need will be there to drop back, cover and play the pass. If they ask him to get after the QB from the edge all the time and don’t try and get creative with him, he will be doomed.  If I own him, I am looking to see if anyone is excited and aim for an early third for him. 

Chris Baker – From the cold, city lights in Washington, to the warm ocean breeze in Tampa he goes. If you’re playing in a DT required league this move is one you like. Playing next to the dominating McCoy, this guy will eat up the ball carriers and get the prize, which is tackles for a loss.  Capable of crushing a pocket on the QB he could see three down work. Best guess would be run downs. Playing DE in Washington we might see him moved around some. I play in leagues that start 2 DT, and I am coming after him in those leagues. I anticipate the move to DT.

Lawrence Timmons – This old timer who has carried the Steelers defense, for what seems like forever, has found a home in Miami. It only took two years and 12 million to make it happen. Last season, his tenth in the league, he still posted 114 tackles. His new team plays the 3-4 defense, and he will have to get used to playing in it. I would expect him to rack up tackles in Miami. Look for another 100 plus tackles. I didn’t like him in Pittsburgh but in Miami in 2017, if I am contending, I am adding.

Tony Jefferson – From the sun of Arizona to the cold confines of Baltimore. I love my strong safeties. Ranked 5th by Pro Football Focus last season shows how great he is. Just under 100 tackles a year ago and he could hit that century mark in Baltimore. What the Ravens are getting is a safety who can tackle in the box or make a play in coverage. He did miss one game, or he would have locked down the 100 tackles mark last season. Look out Tyler Eifert, Jefferson is a tough matchup for TEs. Love this add.  Let’s be honest here if you own him you’re not moving him unless you’re in a rebuild.
Johnathan Cyprien – I will concede I have never been a fan. Last season his game improved a ton. This is a win for the player here.  Lacking coverage skills, he was never a good fit in Jacksonville. In Tennessee I would expect him to be asked less to worry about coverage and focus on his strength, attacking the enemy ball carrier. See ball, hit ball. This will make him a good add in fantasy. The tackle points will be more consistent.

Go get it everyone. Take a look at trade bait and waivers. We have no off-season! Always be building.




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