FCS Spotlight: RB Tarik Cohen, North Carolina A&T

Tarik Cohen – not really a household name, but a name that many people may recognise in the future.

You may remember a video that went viral viral a while back, of a short, well-built guy catching two balls simultaneously while doing a backflip, well this is that guy.

The North Carolina A&T running back coming out of Bunn, NC may not be looking to go in the early rounds of this year’s NFL draft, but whoever does pick Cohen up is not going to regret it.

He may only be 5’6″ and 179 pounds but does he pack a punch! In his four years of college football, he ran for 5,619 yards including 28 games of 100 yards or more. Now, I know what you may be thinking, “he is playing football at the FCS level so he isn’t up against much.” While I would agree that it may not be as strong as FBS football, it is still a good standard that has thrown out several high-quality players (Vincent Jackson, Delanie Walker and Malcolm Butler to name a few). He has big play ability and has a great eye for the end zone. Averaging over 7 yards per carry last season, he is very much a power back with great pace.

The obvious downside to Cohen is his size. NFL teams will rarely look to a running back that comes in at less than 5’7″, but all you have to do is take a look at Darren Sproles. Their size is almost identical with Cohen being 10 pounds heavier. Sproles, while he hasn’t had an Adrian Peterson level career, has still had a solid career boasting well over 50 touchdowns.

So the big question: will I be drafting him? Obviously, there are several things to take into consideration. Who (if any) will take the gamble on him? What sort of situation does he fall into?

If I have room to stash a player on my dynasty team, hell yeah I am picking him up! Based on the running back talent coming into this year’s draft, it would have to be in the low rounds of my draft as it would be crazy to put him up there with the Dalvin Cook’s and Leonard Fournette’s. But Cohen’s ceiling is high. With all the talent that he boasts, he could be a future stud in the NFL.

Having followed this guy through most of his college career, I honestly believe that he could pay dividends for whoever is willing to take the gamble on him. Reports from the 2017 Collegiate Bowl say that a lot of teams were looking at him. And while he didn’t feature a lot in this game, when he did carry the ball, he didn’t disappoint, with 27 yards on just 4 carries. (To put this into perspective, the leading rusher for the American team was Teriyon Gipson with 54 yards on 8).

Remember the name… Tarik Cohen.



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