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IDP FCS Spotlight & Interview: DE Keontre Anderson, Jackson State

Keontre Anderson. Not quite a household name yet, but give it time.

Coming out of Canton High School in his hometown of Canton, MS, Anderson received several scholarship offers from Memphis, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee and more. Coming into college football as a 4-star receiver, Anderson chose a different path to take. One that took him to the FCS playing for the Jackson State Tigers.

Back in 2015, as a Sophomore, he was third on the Jackson State depth chart behind close friend Javancy Jones and Teddrick Terrell. Despite this, Anderson still managed to record 4 sacks and 46 tackles (10.5 of which were for a loss) while leading the team with 13 QB hurries. However, this was only the start of an ever improving college football career for Anderson.

In the 2016 season, after missing a bit of time in the spring due to an ankle injury, Jackson State was left with a gap to fill after losing Terrell. This was when Anderson truly announced himself to the Southwestern Athletic Conference. During this season he led the nation with a mammoth 25.5 tackles for a loss, over 46% of his total tackles made. He was also a nuisance to quarterbacks with 9 sacks and 6 hurries. Even when he doesn’t get to the QB, you can almost guarantee he will be in their mind while he applies the pressure. He has unbelievable physical qualities to go along with his talent. At 6’4″ and 230 lbs. he already has the size to compete in the NFL. Looking at his tape, you consistently see him overpowering the offensive lineman to put immense pressure on both the pass and the run.

During his superb 2016 season, he was named SWAC Defensive Player of the Week following an unbelievable performance against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. This turned out to be the Tigers first win of the season with Anderson recording 6 tackles and 3 sacks.

Ultimately, this is a guy that is going to play on Sundays in 2 years. If you are in a Devy IDP league, be looking to get him on your team. I got the chance to talk with Keontre and ask him a few questions about his game.

Keontre, how old were you when you first started playing football?

I was 5 years old, playing for a little league team in my hometown of Canton, MS.

What made you select Jackson State to play football at?

The Football tradition at Jackson State stood out to me. But also, I wanted to make an impact on other athletes around the world, even though I was rated a 4-star prospect and had a lot of different offers, Jackson State felt like home to me. Also to prove that you do not have to go to a bigger school to make it.

Wow, that’s a great attitude. So have you ever played any other positions other than DE?

Middle linebacker and Outside linebacker. I’ll also slide to the 3-tech and 1-tech in different packages.

What aspects of your game do you think help you succeed the most?

I utilized my speed, quick hands, and football IQ. I can break down film like a pro. But there is always room for improvement.

Do you study any NFL players and try to incorporate their game into yours?

Khalil Mack, J.J Watt, and Michael Bennett.

Definitely 3 good players to emulate! Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

J.J Watt, because he was a walk-on and made himself to the player he is today. He wasn’t given anything, hard work and dedication made him the player he is now.

Yeah, he is an incredible player. We are all about fantasy football here at and we want to know what part of your game will translate into us drafting you, and you scoring us some points in our IDP & Devy leagues. Will it be sacks? Forced fumbles? Batted balls? Etc.

I have a nose for the ball and a great first step. I will get sacks, force fumbles and I will intercept passes. I led the nation in tackles for loss this past season with 25.5. I will be a dominant player with great leadership and a nonstop motor. You will no doubt be drafting me on your fantasy football team.

Great stuff, I like your confidence, I notice your Twitter handle is @_RaeSantana. Is that a nickname?

Yes, it’s a nickname my close friends and I came up with, we gave each other nicknames.

Ah okay, Finally, if you could play alongside any former player, who would it be?

Javancy Jones, This guy is a great football player and also like my brother. If I had him for one more year we would be an unstoppable force.

No doubt, there is a lot of talent between the both of you.

Yes, we competed every play to be the best.

Thanks for your time today, good luck for the future!

Thank you, Sir.

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