DynastyTradesHQ Podcast Ep. 30: #SFB8 and Crowded NFL Situations

Welcome to Episode 30 of the @DynastyTradesHQ Podcast!  “#SFB8, Crowded NFL Situations & Come Meet Shane at the FFPC”

The HQ crew discuss their Scott Fish Bowl 8 drafts (#SFB8) and then examine the crowded and muddled situations that some NFL teams face.  Who will benefit and who will drop off with the limited amount of targets to go around!  Also, if you are in Vegas for the @FFPC drafts, come meet Shane and all the other DFF personalities that will be attending the event in September! Hang out and have fun with Shane, Michael, & Jeremy as they evaluate Dynasty player values and trades!

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The DynastyTradesHQ podcast (with your hosts Shane Manila @DFF_Shane, Michael Cipes @FFBlitz, and Jeremy Browand @DFF_Madman) goes beyond the obvious to bring you the right takes on trades, trade philosophies, and impact of ADP on trading. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll get through the crazy world of dynasty trading together every week!

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