NFC North Preview

Chris Smith(@Chrisheatcanes)

What to Watch For:

King of the North. Oh, how I wish Game of Thrones were back. But I digress with the Viking on a Bye. Can the Bears stretch the lead by a half game? Well, they have the Lions this week which is always an entertaining game in the black and blue division. With the Packers getting a break from first place competition this week hopefully, they can make this a three-team race as they fight for playoff position. Let’s dive into The North and see who will be closer to being king as this saga unfolds.

Fantasy Impact Players:

Tarik Cohen/RB/Bears

The Lions defense has given up a lot of yards to running backs. Being Chicago has found a lot of ways to get their running backs involved. Expect Cohen to see a lot of opportunities to get points this week.

Projection: Rushing 8/45 receiving 6/76/1

Jordan Howard/RB/Bears

I finally get to talk about Howard this week. Hasn’t had the season most expected this year I think this will be his best game yet. Like I mentioned before the Lions run defense is terrible. Howard should be very productive this week.

Projection: 18/109/1

Marvin Jones/WR/Lions

Now the number one wide receiver, Jones should see the most targets this week as Mathew Stafford will be running for his life in Chicago.

Projection: 6/76/1

Theo Riddick

The return of Theo is back. With Golden Tate in Philly now expect a lot more targets to go to Theo as the offense starts to get closer to looking like the Patriots. Which hopefully means that Theo will be used more like James White instead of just being on the bench most of the game.

Projection: Rushing 5/35 Receiving 7/56/1

Aaron Jones/RB/Packers

Miami has a bad run defense, so Aaron should be able to redeem himself from that fumble last week. With Jones being the most productive running back on the roster I expect a heavier workload this week since snow is in the forecast for Green Bay.

Projection: Rushing 17/105/1 Receiving 2/15

Davante Adams/WR/Green Bay

Maimi has a really good corner that follows the best wide receiver. With a double coverage expected on Jimmy Grahm. Like last week expect Adams to have low yardage but one touchdown.

Projection: 5/76/1

Sleeper Alert:

Taylor Gabriel/WR/Bears

Gabriel is a sleeper so often because of how productive the running game has been of late. With Slay lurking in the defensive backfield expect Taylor to get some yards on the other corners for the Lions.

Prediction: 5/89/1

Marquez Valdes-Scantling/WR/Green Bay

He produces when he is on the field, and I expect nothing less this week. The fastest option on the Green Bay team he has shown Rodgers that he is worth throwing the ball to.

Projection: 4/103/1

Game Predictions:

Lions 13 Bears 24

Packers 28 Miami 13


NFC South Preview

Chris Smith(@Chrisheatcanes)

What to Watch For:

What can you say about the NFC South? All but one team got the win last week but there seems to be no short of offense in this division. And with the Saints knocking off the Rams last week and taking the Number one spot in the NFC this division is the best division in the conference. I have to say this Julio Jones got his first touchdown. There are a lot of other fantasy players in this division that should be helping out your team. Let’s dive in this plethora of offense and see what we can pick out. 

Fantasy Impact Players:

Christian McCaffrey/RB/Panthers

Norv Turner is in a grove and is doing as expected with this offense. Christian is having his most productive year yet. And if you know Norv he loves to run the ball and throw to the Tight end.

Projection: Rushing 13/56 Receiving 9/89/1

Greg Olsen/TE/Panthers

Knowing he is the first option in the offense he is a must start from here on out.

Projection: 7/89/1

Mike Evans/WR/Tampa Bay

On my dog house list from last week performance, I am looking for a bounce-back performance this week. Why? You might ask because of Josh Norman. He is still a good corner, but that’s it. And Mike is very familiar with him from his days at Carolina, so this should be business as usual.

Projection: 6/101/1

DeSean Jackson/WR/Tampa Bay

Revenge game this week. This will be the first time Jackson has played the Redskins since he has been in Tampa. I know he is fueled for this game and to show his old mates he still got it.

Projection: 3/103/1

Alvin Kamara/RB/Saints

Well, the mystery on whether Mark Ingram was going to affect how productive Alvin would be is over. He is still the best player on the team, and he will get his targets and touches no matter who the quarterback is. But understand this. Enjoy every time you get to watch this kid play. He is on my A list for running backs. And to me, he is one of the best in the league. And if you didn’t draft him last year because of worry don’t make the same mistake twice. He is a top five back and should be looked at that way from here on out.

Projection: Rushing 15/89/1 Receiving 7/78/1

Michael Thomas/WR/Saints

Straight Beast!!! That’s all I can say. This man almost killed my fantasy team by himself. 211 yards last week is an insane game. And the phone celebration had me thinking about old Joe Horn and just loving the fact that I was alive to see that too. The Bengals are weak on the defensive side of the ball so expect another big game from Mike.

Projection: 8/145/1

Julio Jones/WR/Falcons

Go, Julio, it’s your going we to party like it’s your birthday. This man got his first touchdown of the year last week. They say when it rains it pours and its always pouring in Cleveland lately. So Julio will get another this week as well.

Projection: 7/123/1

Tevin Coleman/RB/Falcon

Tevin Had a monster game last week and against the Browns expect more of the same. He was effective in the passing game and the running game.

Prediction: Rushing 15/67/1 Receiving 6/78/1

Sleeper Alert:

Calvin Ridley/WR/Falcons

Explosion is an understatement when it comes to Calvin. Why is he so good at a young age? His route running, when you watch him play, look at his feet, and that will tell you all you need to know. They are so quick that from the beginning of his route to the end you have no idea where he his going. He has a Doctorate in route running I love it

Curtis Samuel/ WR/ Panthers

Former running back at Ohio St he is now a do it all wide receiver in the NFL. I watched him in the combine two years ago, and he looked a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog. Fast and quick I am so happy to see the New York product produce in the NFL. I am serious though look up the Combine picture he has an Afro Hawk that does make him look like Sonic.

Projection: Rushing 4/45 Receiving 4/56/1

Adam Humphries/WR/Tampa Bay

The silent assassin who know one knows. He is like a swiss army knife can do it all and score touchdowns. They are using him like the gadget guy so expect a lot, ore of the same as the coach tries to save his job this week.

Projection: 7/78/1  

Game Predictions:

Panthers 21 Steelers 24

Redskins 24 Tampa Bay 28

Saints 42 Bengals 28

Falcons 28 Browns 24


NFC East Preview

Chris Smith (@Chrisheatcanes)

What to Watch For:

The NFC East it just gets more interesting each week. The stories of the week in this division are full of drama. First, the Washington Redskins Offensive line has taken a big hit. Losing two offensive linemen for the year and one is for a month. Which could affect the production of Adrian Peterson. Second, the Dallas Cowboys lost again last week Amri Cooper was a good Addition, but the predictability of the Cowboy’s offense still seems to hunt them. Can the Eagles smell blood in the water now that the Redskins and the Cowboys are showing some serious weaknesses? Let’s dive in and see what we can find out in this weeks “As the NFC East Turns.”

Fantasy Impact Players:

Maurice Harris/WR/Redskins

If you don’t know his name its cool cause a lot of people didn’t until last week. Catching 10 passes for over one hundred yards will make you a household name real quick. Being that the Tampa Bay’s Defense has just been plain bad this year expect the Redskins to get some air yards this week.

Projection: 7/78/1

Adrian Peterson/RB/Redskins

Not sure how the Redskins offensive line will perform this week. This has me on the fence. The Buccaneers are so bad on defense it might not matter. Its a battle of attrition lets see who wins out. My money is on “All Day.”

Projection: Rushing 18/87/1

Alshon Jeffery/WR/Eagles

Being the second most targeted player on the team and the best wide receiver they got expect Alshon to have another big game this week against a struggling defense in the Dallas Cowboys.

Projection: 8/107/1

Zach Ertz/TE/Eagles

The Best Tight end in football this year will continue to produce against the Cowboys this week. Losing Sean Lee again to a Hamstring will prove costly to the Eagles being Zach is coming to town. 

Projection: 6/78/1

Ezekiel Elliott/RB/Dallas

Expect the same type of production this week that you got last week. Being that Elliott is the most productive player on this team, they will do all they can to get him the ball.

Projection: Rushing 19/87/1 Receiving 3/45

Amari Cooper/WR/Dallas

With all the attention going to Elliott Amari will continue to see single coverage. And with the pressure to get the ball to Cooper to try and get that eighth man out the box expect them to keep forcing the ball his way.

Projection: 7/76/1

Saquon Barkley/RB/Giants

More productive as a dump off option these days Barkley will continue to be the release valve for Eli Manning as his offensive line still hasn’t improved. Hopefully, they can hold a block for at least a couple of seconds this week, so we can see some of those flashy runs that make Saquon so much fun to watch.

Projection: Rushing 14/60/1 Receiving 9/100/1

Odell Beckham/WR/Giants

The number one wide receiver on the team Odell will get his targets this week. The Giants are in a desperate need of a win. Coming off the bye expect a lot of different looks. Hopefully, that means that Odell will get moved around a lot.

Projection: 9/135/1

Sleeper Alert:

Jordan Matthews/WR/Eagles

Most people don’t know this, but Jordan was the best man at Carson Wentz’s wedding. When you think about it that helps you realize why he was so productive in the last game when he is actually on the field. If your best friend was on the field and wasn’t drawing doubles or the best corner you would throw him the ball right? Well, expect Jordan to get his share of friendly targets this week. Its Dallas week a very hated rivalry get your popcorn ready.

Projection: 5/65/1

Josh Adams/RB/Eagles   

If you didn’t pick him up last week while on the bye get him this week and stash him on your bench. Or start him at the flex position if you like. Josh seems to be a new toy the eagles have has on the practice squad this whole time. With the struggles they are having in the running game, he is a big back with speed that can make a difference.

Projection: 15/89

Evan Engram/TE/Giants

He hasn’t had a big game all year I think this will be the game. Coming off a bye the Giants need to show they can be a competitive team and beat a team who is one their third quarterback.

Projection: 6/78/1

Game Predictions:

Redskins 24 Tampa Bay 28

Eagles 24 Cowboys 17

Giants 21 49ers 28


NFC West Preview

Mitch Lawson (@DFF_MitchLawson)

What to Watch For:

Can Nick Mullens Follow Up His Stellar Debut?

Before last week, I would challenge you to find someone who knew who Nick Mullens was. Now, after undressing the Raiders in his debut, he’ll look to repeat his success against the Giants.

To his fortune, he faces a lowly New York team, then gets a bye, then gets to play Tampa Bye on more than a week’s rest.

Mullens has a pretty clear path to walk down. The question is; How far he can go?

Fantasy Impact Players:

Nick Mullens/ QB / San Francisco 49ers

Mullens, as mentioned above, looked good last week. But it was against a bottom 5 defense. He faces another weak defense this week, and I like his chances to put up usable numbers for desperate deep-leaguers or 2 QB leagues.

Projection: 25 – 36 / 345 / 2 TD / 1 INT

Russell Wilson/QB/Seattle Seahawks

Wilson has been a consistent producer all season long. He’ll be in for a tough test on the road against the Rams. But the Hawks and Rams have been in some back-and-forth battles over the past two years. Wilson can be started with confidence

Projection: 28-39 / 310 / 3 TD / 1 INT

Tyler Lockett / WR / Seattle Seahawks

Doug Baldwin will draw the most starts in fantasy thanks to Lockett’s depleted targets, but I think Lockett’s ability to stretch the field will be of the most use to Wilson. Baldwin is a solid bet for WR3 production, but I’ll give Lockett a bump to low-end WR2 in a potential shootout.

Projection: 7/95/1

Cooper Kupp/ WR / LA Rams

Kupp is fully healthy and will continue to be a solid fantasy option along with the other two Rams receivers. All 3 are startable, but I want to hone in on Kupp, who I think has A+ potential this week against the Seahawks.

Projection: 8/125/2 TDs

David Johnson/RB/Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have had a bye week to sort out their offense. My hope (and projection) is that they decide that feeding DJ is the first, second, and third most important things moving forward. He could have himself a mighty fine fantasy day.

Projection: Rushing –  23/140/2 TDs Receiving – 5/52/0

Sleeper Alert:

Ricky Seals-Jones/ TE/ Arizona Cardinals

Seals-Jones hasn’t been as good as he can be over the past couple weeks. But in a game against the Chiefs, who have been soft against the TE position, I think he could end up with a decent line.

Projection: 6/67/1

Game Predictions:

Seattle – 35 @ LA Rams – 37

Arizona – 29   at  Kansas City – 41

San Francisco – 27 vs. NY Giants – 23

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