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Hello Fantasy Football Nation!

As many of you know, effective today, June 14th, 2019, Dynasty Football Factory has moved behind a paywall. This post is intended to help understand the reasoning behind this decision.

Why is there ‘now’ a Paywall for content on the website?

Writer Retention

In order to keep and foster the talent that has provided the excellent written content you’ve come to expect from DFF it is necessary for us to be able to pay our writers. DFF writers are coveted throughout the fantasy industry and can be found writing for a number of sites already behind a paywall. Our writers are some of the most talented and hardest workers in the industry and we think it’s fair they be rewarded for their efforts.

Annual Reports

As I am sure you can imagine, the time and commitment to create something truly unique and equally impactful is the primary reasoning behind this step. Our Factory Guides are planned and developed over the course of a year. The staff assigned to each of these guides are tasked with ensuring they are insulated with an abundance of edge and difference-making content for you to lean on as a resource. By extension, assigned staff members have made the commitment not only to themselves, their fellow peers but also to you, our loyal readers. It is this commitment and dedication which is being shown appreciation through the process of monetization.

Factory Membership:

As a platform built to offer valuable insights and analysis, our primary job is to remain accountable to our readers. We do this by ensuring we provide consistent, quality and impact-laden content.

We pride ourselves as being a platform that not only offers content spanning all facets of the Fantasy Football experience, but a large and widely diverse staff of content providers. We are not a “group think tank”, rather a platform which takes great pride in offering a balance of various perspectives.

It simply cannot be overstated that the appreciation and support you have shown to our staff over the years has been humbling. If it weren’t for your continuous support, this passion led project which fuels our staff might have fizzled out. Because of you, our staff remains inspired and motivated to provide the information and analysis you need to properly navigate the Fantasy Football experience.

Our advancement behind a paywall will grant the opportunity to further extend our appreciation in their quality work and dedication and by extension, the most effective way for us to stabilize our platform is to begin generating the necessary revenue as we work towards reaching the lofty goals we have set forth.

The Membership fees will also allow us to continue to insulate our platform with passionate and knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to providing the consistent quality and impact content you deserve.

Membership Add-ons

We pride ourselves in being a platform which has never rested on its laurels. We are constantly reviewing new ways of developing impact content and when those new streams of information are solidified they will find their way as part of your Factory Sports Membership.

We have created a subscriber community where our subscribers will be able to interact with our writers and one another. We will utilize GroupMe and invite each of our subscribers to join our general chat as well as more specialized chat rooms for IDP, Redraft, Dynasty, and Devy discussion. We will begin this rollout shortly for our subscribers. 

We’ll also be rolling out a video mailbag that will air on our site on a weekly basis where our analysts will answer all of your fantasy related questions.

Starting this upcoming NFL season you’ll also be able to chat on our site with our analysts and have all of your start/sit questions answered leading up to Sunday’s action.

The types of additions we wish to make to the site will be invaluable to you the reader and can only be achieved by spending capital. Our subscriber fees are earmarked for paying our writers and improving the site’s utility for you our loyal readers.

A New Era

This is the dawning of a new era for our platform and one we are taking very seriously. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our delivery of the information you desire. Our mission is clear, and our vision is ever-expanding. Make no mistake; we have only just begun!

In closing, we look forward to continuing to service your Fantasy Football related needs and hope you will remain on this journey with us! Remember, Always Be Building!

You can sign up to become a subscriber here.


Michael Goins (MG)

Managing Partner

Dynasty Football Factory, LLC

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