EDGE CRUSHERS – IDP Podcast: NFC North IDP Examination

Welcome the DFF Network’s IDP-centric show. Your talking heads Nick ” Hail to the Redskins” Wagner and Joshua “@DFF_Cog” Johnson are here to help you circumnavigate through the murky IDP trenches, as well as make you a more well-rounded dynasty threat. Tighten your laces and get your mouthpiece fully in your mouth as the boys rattle your cage.

Vikings: with Bradley Ylitalo
DL-special unit! Linval Joseph DT required gem. Jaheel Johnson is waiting in the wings! Danielle Hunter not a starter but a freaky freak nonetheless.
LB-Anthony Barr looks to move past his injury plagued season. Open competition at WLB.
DB-Harrison Smith still trustworthy? Jack Tocho potentially a future safety?

These two need a WLB to complete a dynamic trifecta!

-Adolphus Washington arrested with firearm… he does have a concealed weapons permit.

-Warning: Denver CB Chris Harris is not Chris Lewis-Harris

-If this 2017 TE class is as good as advertised how will it effect the next three classes of TE prospects? Will it create a copy cat scenario or will too many teams not have a need?

DL-Can Kenny Clark continue to grow?
LB-Not a sexy unit but blue collars killers.
DB-Josh Jones a 2018 wonder!

Blake Martinez is ready to get his nose dirty in 2017.

DL-A’Shawn Robinson be a pass rusher?
LB-Tahir Whitehead to lose reps!
DB-What can Miles Killebrew be in 2017?

Ansah is healthy enough to run wild again!

DL-Eddie Goldman is must own in DT required leagues.
LB-Who is more roster worthy in Deeper leagues Jerrell Freeman or Christian Jones?
DB-Eddie “Action” Jackson has a bright future?

Amos maturing nicely at FS for Da Bears.

Dynasty Trade Thresher:

-Odell Beckham for Brandin Cooks, T.Y. Hilton & 1.08



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