EDGE CRUSHERS – IDP Podcast: Jabrill Peppers is Not My IDP

Welcome the DFF Network’s IDP centric show. Your talking heads Nick ” Hail to the Redskins” Wagner and Joshua “@DFF_Cog” Johnson are here to help you circumnavigate through the murky IDP trenches, as well as make you a more well-rounded dynasty threat. Tighten your laces and get your mouthpiece fully in your mouth as the boys rattle your cage.

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With the NFL Draft firmly upon us, we have decided to give you our pre-draft IDP rankings based on pure talent. This is a deep dive into the defensive rookie spectrum. Please be advised these are IDP rankings and things will likely change a little once landing spots a fully entrenched.

Jabrill Peppers faked us all by going to combine as a linebacker and then saying he is a safety.

Haason Reddick did the same thing to a lesser extent.

2017 Pre-Draft Showcase:

Top 5 LBs

  • Rueben Foster is the clear cut #1
  • What can Connor Harris and Kendell Beckwith do for you?

Top 5 DBs

  • Malik Hooker ranks 2 to 5?
  • Obi Melinfonwu a cornerback?

Top 5 DLs

  • Solomon Thomas is the source of some mild disagreement.

Kick Me Out of the War Room:

  • Josh’s Idea: Derek Barnett over Myles Garrett? Nah not really but almost!
  • Nick’s Idea: Deshaun Watson has to be the first QB to get drafted.

A Deeper Dive:

Top 5 DTs

  • Can Malik McDowell keep himself motivated?

Top OLB 5

  • Where do Ryan Anderson and Tim Williams rank?

Top 5 CBs

  • Chidobe Awuzie is a tough grinder!

Both Nick’s Redskins and Josh’s Raiders need defensive bodies but who are their ideal IDP round 1 selections:

  • Can Reddick play for both teams?


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    • troysympson

      May 4, 2017

      Great pod, guys. Will it be available on iTunes or other podcast apps?

      • Shane Manila

        May 4, 2017

        It’s on Stitcher and Podbean as well, does that help?


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