EDGE CRUSHERS – IDP Podcast: 2018 Devy IDP Report

Welcome the DFF Network’s IDP centric show. Your talking heads Nick ” Hail to the Redskins” Wagner and Joshua “@DFF_Cog” Johnson are here to help you circumnavigate through the murky IDP trenches, as well as make you a more well-rounded dynasty threat. Tighten your laces and get your mouthpiece fully in your mouth as the boys rattle your cage.

Arden Key LSU 6’5 233 – Probably the most gifted pass rusher in the class but size profile screams OLB. 23 career games 96 tackles, 19 TFLs and 16 sacks. Quick-footed power swiper.

Bradley Chubb NC State 6’3″ 275 – 28 career games 31.5 TFLs and 16 sacks. Thick chest allows him to muscle his way out of blocks.

Sam Hubbard Ohio State 6’4″ 265 – Quality edge bender who has already made 26 starts. He has 10 career sacks and he saw tackle numbers increase from 28 as a freshman to 46 as a sophomore.

Clelin Ferrell Clemson 6’5″ 255 – He looks the part. Just one year of starting experience but 44 tackles 12.5 TFL + 6 sacks. Edge Crusher for sure. Will get Demarcus Ware/Julius Peppers comps.

Da’Shawn Hand 6’4″ 283 -Very similar to Jonathan Allen as he can play on the edge or in the interior. In 24 career games only 10.5 TFLs and 6 sacks. He should see a major larger role this season so look for a production jolt.

Defensive Tackles:
Maurice Hurst Michigan 6’2″ 282 – He moves very well for his size. He can succeed all over the DL, he also played fullback in high school. He has 25 starts as a two-year starter, he has recorded 68 tackles, 19 TFL including 8 sacks. His versatility and size will be useful in DT required formats.

Honorable Mention: Daylon Mack Texas A&M 6’1′ 320

Malik Jefferson Texas 6’2″ 238 – 4.57 40-time! Instinctual, polished and smart football player. He understands blocking schemes and he feels weakness opening up. Only 60 tackles a piece in each of two first years of college is a little disconcerting but he is always around the ball at the end of the play. His discipline to remain in contain is very impressive.

Azeem Victor Washington 6’4″ 232 – Quick-twitched up player. He floats in containment. 90 tackles as a sophomore with 9 TFLs and 68 tackles as a junior, he only played nine games because of a broken leg but no serious damage was done.


Cameron Smith USC 6’1″ 245 – Smith was a freshman all-American in 2015 a season in which he averaged 7.8 tackles per game. He led the Trojans in tackles with 83 in 2016. Only 8 career TFLs and just two sacks speak to his read and react discipline. He is not an A+ athlete but he is loaded with instincts and power.

Natrez Patrick Georgia 6’3″ 240 – In his first year as a starter, Patrick recorded 59 tackles in 10 games. A shoulder injury cost him three games in 2016. He is quick and forceful sideline to sideline. He seems a risky devy pick. His “hair on fire” approach constantly opens himself up to injury.

Matthew Thomas Florida State 6’3″ 227 – Very impactful hitter who can play both inside and outside. He made 77 tackles and 11 TFLs in his first season as a starter for the Seminoles. Just two career sacks doesn’t mean he can’t rush the passer, the ‘Noles just don’t require that of their LBs. He sometimes hits a little too high but he always leaves an impression on those he tackles.

Shaun Dion Hamilton Alabama 6’0″ 232 – The Crimson Tide rover backer made 64 tackles, 9 TFLs and 2 sacks in his first year as a majority snap player. He has the speed and coverage ability to hold up as a NFL strong safety. He can also play WLB or ILB. #DangerousClosingSpeed

Defensive Backs:
Derwin James Florida State 6’2″ 214 – As a freshman James made 91 tackles, 9.5 TFLs and 4.5 sacks. He does tend to hit a little high at times. It is also entirely possible that he doesn’t know his own speed. He only played in two games in 2016 because of an MCL tear, the FSU staff was very quick to point out that is not an ACL injury and there no structural damage.

Ronnie Harrison Alabama 6’2″ 216 – His nickname is “savage!” He is a wicked hitter with lightning bolt like closing speed. As a sophomore starter he made 83 tackles in 14 games. He has 4 career INTs and 13 passes defensed.

Quin Blanding Virginia 6’1″ 205 – In his first three seasons Blanding has made at least 115 tackles in every season. He has the range, speed, and strength to play both safety positions.

Designation Changes: Rumors swirling about Philly’s Nate Gerry and Washington’s Josh Harvey-Clemons both possibly switching from safety to LB.


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