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This article is meant to be a quick recap of news from the last week, thoughts going into each week’s games, notes on injuries, guys to put on your radar, etc. It’ll be a quick article every week because we’re all busy Sunday mornings.

News and Notes

Vontaze Burfict was all over the news this week. Is Burfict ever in the news for a good reason? First, he came in late on a tackle against the Browns.

 Then Burfict threw a hissy-fit when a trainer brought him off the field.

Finally, news of Burfict’s second concussion in three weeks lead some to question whether he’ll ever play in the NFL again. 

The Washington Redskins are a dumpster fire. Zach Brown has been losing snaps to 6th round rookie Shaun Dion Hamilton. Washington signed Reuben Foster after the domestic violence arrest, so their LB corps is in great shape. Well, a self-described porn star outted Brown for reaching out to set up a sex session.

This is not the way to increase your sack total Zach… Starting safety DJ Swearinger questioned DC Greg Manusky after losing to Blaine Gabbert.

“We should have blowed them out. If I’m the D-coordinator, I’m calling zone every time on third down because you got a backup quarterback. Make him beat us. We’re playing a backup quarterback. Why would you put us in man to man? We are our best on defense when we look at the quarterback.”

Swearinger continued, “I express my frustrations every single time I come off the field,” Swearinger said. “I’m a very smart football player. I probably watch more film than the coaches. … I’m trying to give my insight but it doesn’t work.” Saying you watch more film than the coaches is a real indictment of the coaching staff. Swearinger’s comments were a step too far for Washington, who cut Swearinger. Did I mention Washington signed Reuben Foster…

Arizona claimed Swearinger off waivers. Swearinger returns to the desert to an interesting S corps. Tre Boston will be a UFA after the season. Soon-to-be 35-year old Antoine Bethea has one more season under contract while star sophomore Budda Baker is right in the middle of his rookie contract. HC Steve Wilks has run a very productive system for safeties. If Wilks stays, Swearinger likely steps right into Boston’s FS role next season. The Cardinals would be smart to focus most of their efforts this offseason building around rookie QB Josh Rosen so this defense shouldn’t see many personnel changes.

A few weeks back, Stephen A. Smith almost broke Twitter with his amazing Chargers/Chiefs preview. I think Pittsburgh DC Keith Butler wants some of that ESPN money. 

In a surprising realization, Antwaun Woods is a reptile. There’s no way someone could do this without being cold-blooded…

How high are we all drafting Atlanta Punter Matt Bosher next season? This tackle is worth a 2nd Rounder pick… 

Tweet(s) of the Week

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