Dynasty Warzone Podcast: EP 56 Mock Draft Continues, Honeymoon Ends

Welcome to The Dynasty Warzone podcast, the flagship Dynasty Football podcast for The DynastyFootballFactory.com and the Dynasty Football Network (@DF_Network). Your hosts are John Schepps (@SlizzDigital), Randy Young (@DFFMemphis) & Mike Jernigan (@DFFMikeJernigan). You can also follow the show on twitter @DynastyWarzone.It’s another Bonus Edition of Dynasty War Zone and today the gloves come off. The gentlemen from @DynastyTradeHQ podcast are back in the Dynasty War Zone. The group is back with rounds 3-6 of their DWZ way too early, first mock draft of the 2018 offseason. It’s a one QB, non-IDP, standard mock and each host will draft two teams for 12 teams. This one isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s all here in this 6-man battle royal of mock action.

It’s a knockdown, drag-out affair! There is Pod versus Pod debate on players and then at one point co-hosts turn on each other. There are more bleeps, edits and foul language than a George Carlin comedy, but you’ll have to use your imagination because we’ve cleaned it up. This one contains more verbal smackdowns than ever before and it’s all right here in this bonus edition of the Dynasty War Zone!

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We can be found on Podbean,  Itunes, Stitcher, BlogTalkRadio and the Dynasty Football Factory Youtube channel. Intro and outro use samples from “Nappy Roots Aww Naw instrumental” by Catherine Campbell.

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