Dynasty War Zone Podcast Episode 101: The Week 6 Preview Show and Sell, Sell, Sell!!

Welcome to The Dynasty Warzone podcast, the flagship Dynasty Football podcast for The DynastyFootballFactory.com and the Dynasty Football Network (@DF_Network). Your host is  Randy Young (@DFFMemphis) and your co-host is Jerry Sinclair (@JerrySinDFF) You can also follow the show on twitter @DynastyWarzone.

The guys cover the all the news and notes from week 5 that lead us into week 6 and they do their best to give a Dynasty spin to it all. You must be a “Seller” if you’re not a “Buyer” from last week’s show. The guys are going to tell you “Who” to sell and then “How” to sell some of the players on your squad. Then it’s all about where the guys were “right” and where they were “wrong” as it relates to Week 5 and the season so far. The show then takes a turn towards the sophisticated as we go to “Overreaction Theatre.” Then the guys are bargain hunting in the “Bargain Bin”, which is where you can find sneaky value here and there.  Do you DFS and Dynasty?  Memphis and Jerry both have a sneaky, low cost play this week that could allow you to spend up in other places. Finally, it’s the GTBets.eu “Parlay of the Day”, which is Jerry and Memphis’ idea of repaying a great sponsor of the show by giving you a few games that will allow you take their money. It’s all here in the Zone, the Dynasty WarZone.

News: 6:39

Players to Sell: 14:32

Look Back at It: 36:58

Overreaction Theatre: 50:33

Bargain Bin: 54:21

DFS Darlin’: 55:59

GTBets: 58:41

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