Dynasty War Zone Podcast Ep. 80: The Four Horsemen of the NFC North

Welcome to The Dynasty Warzone podcast, the flagship Dynasty Football podcast for The DynastyFootballFactory.com and the Dynasty Football Network (@DF_Network). Your host is Randy Young (@DFFMemphis) and you can also follow the show on twitter @DynastyWarzone.

Welcome to Episode 80 The Four Horsemen of the NFC North

Memphis @DFFMemphis is joined by not one, not two but three amazing guests and this foursome is ready to rip through one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. @sethfffellas @ff_evilempire and @MikeJernigan79 are all here to help Memphis breakdown a very entertaining and fantasy relevant NFC North. We get off of football for just a few minutes when each guy talks about the three other people they’d want to be in a golf outing with. Some interesting names come out of this segment for sure. Then each man takes a team from the black and blue NFC North and we break them down to the micro level. As always it’s here in the Zone. The Dynasty WarZone

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