Dynasty War Zone Podcast: 2019 Season, Dynasty Bobsled Straight to Hell

Welcome to week six of the 2019 regular season and we have a new show format this season.  We are attempting to stay truer to our dynasty roots, while still giving pertinent information on a week to week basis.

Here’s what to expect each week in the Dynasty WarZone.


-Stock Up/Stock Down, which is a segment that will look at the fluctuating value of players outside the top 100 of a dynasty startup on a week to week basis.

-Overreaction Theater, a segment where we help you cool your jets and not overreact to a snap shot in time or a single game performance.

-Bargain Bin, a segment where Jerry and Memphis give you a name to pick up or to consider and one that is usually way down on depth charts.

-Vegas Slant, a segment designed around building optimal lineup based on the information that the Las Vegas pros give us for free every week.

-DFS Darlin’ brought to you by Draft, Just a couple of DFS guys that we think can help you for all those DFS lineups.

It’s all here in the Zone, the Dynasty WarZone.

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Thanks for listening and Happy Wednesday.

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