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In case you missed it (or you have never listened to the Edge Crushers – IDP Podcast) this is a written translation of one of the many segments we do on the show. Now we know what you are thinking, “But, Eric Decker doesn’t play defense.” This we are aware of, and our IDP centric pod is about 85% IDP. However, our goal is to make you a more well-rounded Dynasty Threat! That is why we do segments like this on the show. We feel it is important to look at both positives and negatives of all players. For this segment, Nick Wagner had the “For” side hence his comments in green are in defense of Decker and Joshua Johnson had the “Against” side and his remarks are highlighted in red.

-Eric Decker may be going into his 8th season, but he’s not that old. He is 30, but with a 6′ 3″, 214 lb frame he could be productive well into his mid-30s, unlike the smaller speedsters, whose numbers tend to have a steep drop off once they lose a step.

-His dead money or the cap hit to cut him this year is $3,000,000. Next year it’s $1,500,000. So it is highly likely that he is playing for his job this season. Even if he can stay healthy, the Jets QB situation is “vomit in your socks” bad.

-Yes, Decker missed all but three games in 2016 with shoulder and hip injuries, but he is far from injury prone. In the previous five seasons combined he only missed a total of two games.

-If Decker is a Jet in 2018, it will cost them $7,500,000! I feel the only way the Jets retain him is if they suffer a rash of injuries among the rest of their WR corps. Or if they draft Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold and they feel his veteran presence is needed. Of course, Decker would have to still be on the team at the time of the draft, or prepare for a potential contract restructure.

-There have been conflicting reports all offseason on whether or not Decker will be a Jet in 2017, but I believe that either way it shakes out Decker could benefit. If he’s released and signs with a team that provides an upgrade at quarterback (which most teams would), then Decker would likely have more touchdown opportunities. If he stays in New York he would be far and away the Jets top wideout (sorry Quincy Enunwa truthers) and would be a target monster. This is a truly rare win-win situation.

-The Jets drafted ArDarius Stewart in the third round and Chad Hansen in the fourth round. The Jets have also brought in Quinton Patton, KD Cannon, Brisly Estime and Gabe Marks to compete for a roster spot this year. They already have Charone Peake, Robby Anderson, Jalin Marshall and Quincy Enunwa. All these players have been brought in during the last three seasons to strengthen the corps and get younger at the same time. This has also all happened after the Jets signed Decker to a massive free agent deal.

-Don’t forget how productive Eric Decker was from 2012-2015. Between 962-1,288 yards every year, and 80+ receptions with double-digit touchdowns in three of those four seasons. While he may have benefited from playing with Peyton Manning for two of those years, the other two seasons were with the Jets, proving he can produce at a high level with lesser talents at the quarterback position.

-The one good year Decker had with the Jets (80/1,027/12 in 2015) means nothing to the coaching staff that just wants to survive another offseason. Sure Decker has been a quality player, but that is in the past. He has three career 1,000 yard receiving seasons. However, those were likely due to either playing with Peyton Manning or Brandon Marshall. Decker is not a WR1. He is not a player you build your passing game around. He is a complimentary piece that can help sustain something that is already thriving.

Well have you made a decision? Can Decker be a missing piece to a championship that has puzzlingly alluded you? Let us know what you think and we would love to hear your suggestions for future installments of “For” or “Against!”


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