Dynasty Trade Guide: Tips of the Trade

Whether you’re new to Dynasty or a seasoned vet, there’s an important thing to note. There are do-overs, however, it’s never over. Be proactive, regardless of what action it is; it’s important to be active at all times. Building a good relationship in dynasty is as important as anything else you do. Like any environment, you’re not going to win everyone over, but you need to at least be known as someone who will make moves. It is essential to coexist with each other and always keep the door open for talks. Try to create good relationships with your league mates and hopefully they’ll turn into good trade partners.

Get to know your market

How is player value created? Simple, it’s ultimately opinion based. That’s not to say that factual events haven’t helped shape our “opinions” however, that’s all they are, just an opinion. Everyone in your league will have a unique view of players and values. Some owners value picks some move them at the drop of a dime.

Take some of the humanity out of it. I know you have a favorite player, someone you’ll pay more for. Whatever the price you are willing to pay to acquire a player, try and think of that player as your favorite “stock option” that’s really what we are dealing with here. You want to know when to buy and sell your stocks to attempt to take the best advantage of there said value. The tough part can be playing your opinion against this constantly changing market. It’s all about equity and how you use it. It’s not always about winning, but the goal should be to build a dynasty. A team that you know can almost always compete. As much as you love your team, it should have a sort of revolving door.


I can’t express the importance of good communication in dynasty enough. Reach out to owners you have interest in trading with. Respond to all trade offers, even taking the time to reject the awful ones. Let the league know when you’re shopping players. Especially your studs. Don’t take the first offer you get for Odell BeckhamIt would be best to let the entire league know he’s available. You’ll be able to gather more assets with a good old fashion bidding war.

Be honest

Here’s a tough skill to master, but one that is as important as any. Yes be honest, we all want to feel good about the trade we just made, trust me I know. It’s our intent going into any trade situation to make our team better. We want to manipulate the situation however we can to help us. One thing I try not to do is talk the player I’m selling you up or the player I’m buying down. That means if I go to a team and ask for Jeremy Hill they’ll probably be curious why I want him. If they ask well now, I have to “kinda” tell them.

We’ve all dealt with the guy trying to help us out by devaluing our player to try and buy low. My answer, if you think he sucks he doesn’t want to play for you. Sounds childish I know, but come to me with some damn integrity. Trust me it goes a long way in building the relationships that will become your trade partners for maybe years.

This truly isn’t meant to be about trade etiquette. I only bring these things up because I truly believe these simple steps can go along way in building good relationships. I believe that those good relationships can lead to more trades. More trades leads to more fun!

Let’s get to the good stuff! A few strategies I like to use when making trades.

Splitting the stocks

Dynasty is all about risk-reward, it really is like playing the stock market. This isn’t always easy, and you need to be willing to take a risk and assess your team and its future.

I’m going to give an example of how I “split” the stocks recently.

I recently traded Jerick Mckinnon for Laquon Treadwell, a 2018 3rd and a 2019 3rd. Nothing huge at all. Most of the league believed I sold low on McKinnon and maybe they’re right. My history with McKinnon in this particular league is great. He’s been a part of two championship teams in two years. I acquired McKinnon off waivers for FREE while Adrian Peterson was still playing for the Vikings. It was literally just because I had the roster space and I wanted to hedge against AP getting hurt. Well, he did, and McKinnon was flex-worthy all year.

Now enter the 2017 rookie draft, and I’ll be honest after Dalvin Cook was drafted my stingy league mates wouldn’t give me a 4th let alone a 3rd and a player. I’ve split the stocks! The McKinnon share rose to a value I never actually imagined on the day I picked him up. Maybe just maybe one of those three assets I acquired rises as well. Again risk and reward.

Taking advantage of your opportunities

For this, I’ll just stick with the McKinnon trade. A window of opportunity opened as soon as McKinnon said he was looking for a bigger role on a team.

First thought, “Why not? McKinnon has done well the last couple of years, maybe he would be decent in a bigger role”? Slow down here; I’m willing to bet any NFL player or free agent would like a bigger role. How long will other owners believe in this “bigger role” enough to do a no hassle trade?

I think we’ve seen his ceiling and his floor are fairly close. Honestly, though I think this is it. I genuinely believe In McKinnon and his ability to help your team even if as a flex. He’s worth a grab.

So what do I think this did to McKinnon’s trade value?

With this opportunity, I don’t necessarily believe it’s opened a sell-high window. I think what it’s opened is an opportunity to move him a little easier. Don’t act too rash but again always be ready to take advantage of the market.

A glitch in the system

These are also all about opportunity, the window on the “glitch” doesn’t usually stay open very long. It usually rights itself within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. You need to be on your toes. In my opinion, an example of a glitch in the system could be Alex Smith. Alex Smith had such a great season last year. He helped a lot of us get to the playoffs on the cheap.

Alex Smith, however, is 33 he will be 34 years old before week one. As soon as Smith signed the contract with Washington, I put him on the block in a one QB league. Deep at QB, I was just hoping for an easy sell on a 2018 3rd. Well, my first and only offer was another owners complete 2020 rookie picks, all of them. Believe it or not, I was very conflicted by this proposal. I don’t want this owner regretting trading with me in the future. His offer was way more than I wanted, I countered with just the 1st and 2nd 2020, and he accepted. He offered it I accepted, but I still feel guilty. Okay, I don’t feel guilty. Take advantage of these opportunities. I can’t say enough BE ACTIVE.

The Dynasty Trade Guide will help take advantage of these opportunities. It will hopefully help create some easy, seamless trades. Let’s face it we’re all busy none of us need to be in trade talks for days.

As well as taking advantage of these spur of the moment opportunities we will try to predict when to buy and when to sell. I want to predict those opportunities before they happen.

Who would you like to buy or sell? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @DFF_Swag.


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