Dynasty Superflex Rookie Mock Draft Round One

HeDraft season has begun in earnest, and no doubt some of you are busy working out who you want to take with your first round picks in Superflex rookie drafts.

Some of the writers here at Dynasty Football Factory got together to do a mock draft to help you make that all-important decision when you are on the clock.

We are assuming regular scoring settings and roster construction, PPR, Superflex (where you can start a second QB in one of your flex spots).

Seconds out… Round One… Ding ding ding!


1.01: @DFF_Walk – [profiler]Kyler Murray[/profiler] (QB) Arizona Cardinals

I’m assuming I’m the worst team in the league and I still almost took Jacobs at 1.01 over Murray, but ultimately let the league format dictate my pick. Murray is a day one starter in what should be a high-scoring offense that spent most of the 2019 NFL Draft acquiring offensive talent to support Murray.


1.02: @DFF_Shane – [profiler]Josh Jacobs[/profiler] (RB) Oakland Raiders

Very tempted to take Harry here, but I’m going to bet on the NFL Draft capital and the expected workload as a Jon Gruden starting running back. This is a pick you make when you think your team is competing this year; otherwise, Harry is the play.


1.03: @DFF_Kane –  [profiler]N’Keal Harry[/profiler] (WR) New England Patriots

With Josh Jacobs off the board, it is a straightforward decision to take Harry. He is the best wide receiver in the class. I also would have taken him over Josh Jacobs because of the longer shelf life receivers have over running backs.


1.04: @Fl2drinkminimum –  [profiler]Dwayne Haskins[/profiler] (QB) Washington Redskins

After Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins should be the first to be given the reigns to take over at QB amongst the QBs. An improved and healthy offensive line for the Redskins should provide the clean pocket Haskins needs to succeed. Redskins went and drafted his college teammate, Terry McLaurin, to be the speedster, plus Kelvin Harmon, big bodied WR, to all grow together. If you want to take Haskins at 1.02 behind Murray in a Superflex league…I have no issue with that.


1.05: @JerrySinDFF – [profiler]David Montgomery[/profiler] (RB) Chicago Bears

My RB1. Josh Jacobs is in a great spot to get the workload, but I prefer the Nagy system and Montgomery’s game. Easy pick for me.


1.06: @DFF_sbt1030 –  [profiler]Miles Sanders[/profiler] (RB) Philadelphia Eagles

I have a mid-round pick in enough leagues to make me very excited to see Sanders here. I think he fits the bill as the main running back in all facets of that system. His athleticism and versatility will ensure he is on the field for three downs. Philly will likely cut at least one impediment to this role, so Sanders could easily land in RB2 territory with RB1 upside in a prolific offense.


1.07: @WillieBeamanDFF –  [profiler]D.K. Metcalf[/profiler] (WR) Seattle Seahawks

Metcalf’s NFL Combine performance may have dropped him in the NFL Draft, but his landing spot looks good for his fantasy value. He ends up going to a team with a great QB and their number one receiver most likely retiring. Russell Wilson‘s accuracy should make up for any of Metcalf’s shortcomings in the developmental stages, but really all Seattle needs him to do is run straight extremely fast and use his physicality to secure the football. Obviously, he needs to stay healthy, but I love this landing spot and happily take a chance on him at 1.07.


1.08: @EricJohnFlynn – [profiler]Deebo Samuel[/profiler] (WR) San Francisco 49ers

I was going to get excited about most any wide receiver drafted to San Francisco in the early rounds of the NFL Draft, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Deebo lives up to his nickname and defenders won’t exactly be looking to have to make contact with him in the open field. He’s a playmaker who is like a running back with the ball in hand and looks to reach the endzone on every play. He’ll be a PPR monster.


1.09: @DFF_Mike2 – [profiler]A.J. Brown[/profiler] (WR) Tennessee Titans

At first glance, I thought A.J. Brown got handed a terrible landing spot. He’s got a defensive head coach, they want to run the ball first and foremost, and they already have Corey Davis, say what you will about him. Marcus Mariota hasn’t gotten his second contract yet, and that’s concerning.

I still believe in Brown. He was my WR2 just millimeters behind N’Keal Harry in the pre-draft process. I think Brown can thrive in the offense as a “Big Slot” that’s taking the league by storm. Mariota doesn’t take deep shots, which plays well into his game, and Davis will presumably take coverage away from him. Even if they look to go in another direction at QB in a year, Brown as a safety valve to a young QB sounds like a pretty good contingency to me. I like him here as WR4 in the class.


1.10: @DFF_Swag – [profiler]T.J. Hockenson[/profiler] (TE) Detroit Lions

I feel like we hear two narratives for Hockenson.

1. Patricia is going to want to use Hockenson as Belichick used Rob Gronkowski in the past.

2. Stafford won’t throw to a TE.

I’m worn out on both, why can’t it be somewhere in the middle?  I could go on and on about this, Ebron did have 711 yards his third season with the Lions. That was in thirteen games. Three fewer games than that of last year with only five fewer receptions and thirty-nine fewer yards.

Ugh, breathe, this is supposed to be short.

What TE did Pats use so well last year? I mean any game without young Gronk or Aaron Hernandez for that matter.

T.J. Hockenson is a stud, a definite upgrade to the position. Jesse James will do the blocking. No Golden Tate and an aging Theo Riddick could leave some nice targets for my boy T.J. Hockenson!!!!!

1.11: @FF_DownUnder – [profiler]Parris Campbell[/profiler] (WR) Indianapolis Colts

This felt like a robbery at 1.11. The Colts can’t stop raving about this kid, and to get him after Metcalf who has question marks, and A.J. Brown who landed in offensive purgatory, Parris Campbell felt like great value here. He’s a freakish athlete and has Andrew Luck throwing him the ball. Sign me up.


1.12: @DFF_Cog – [profiler]Hakeem Butler[/profiler] (WR) Arizona Cardinals

Oh lordy, I am seriously the only one who loves this pick for the Cardinals! The day before the draft, I would have taken Butler as early as 1.03, and I don’t think I am alone. Are we going to let landing spot and draft position deflate his dynasty value? I will take him all day long at 1.12, and the rich get filthy rich!

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