Dynasty Nightmares!!!

You know what’s fun? Daydreaming about how the NFL Draft is going to turn out. You picture the devy players you’ve been holding onto for years ending up in the perfect landing spot. The rookies you’ve already drafted, because you just couldn’t wait until after the NFL draft to hold your rookie draft, finding a home on the perfect team that matches their skill set.

Your stud WR ending up with a team with an excellent QB but one without a true WR1 on the roster. The running back you own ending up on a team that runs the perfect blocking scheme for his running style. It’s fun right? We all love it when everything falls into place.

Know what’s not as much fun? The draft throwing a monkey wrench into all your best-laid plans and raining shit all over your parade. A fatalist by nature, I’ve decided to look at some scenarios that would turn the NFL Draft into my own personal Dynasty nightmare.

The Ravens kill Breshad Perriman:

In the April 2nd edition of “8 In-The-Box” @DFF_Cog posed this very question to the panel and immediately Breshad Perriman jumped to mind. I love Perriman this year, he’s a strong buy for me. I’ve highlighted him in several different articles, here and here for example. My worst fear is the Raven’s don’t feel the same love I do towards Perriman and crush any hopes I have of his 2017 breakout. Round 1 at 16 overall the Ravens draft the top-rated WR of this draft class in Corey Davis. That would hurt, but I could live with that. Mike Wallace is in the final the year of his contract and it’s prudent to plan for the future. The rest of the wide receivers on the Ravens roster aren’t anything to call home about, so I’ll live.

Round 2 at 47 overall the Ravens then draft Evan Engram or David Njoku.

Welp, that would do it for me. I’d start selling Perriman off for spare parts or anything that was offered to me. If the Ravens go this route they are basically screaming directly in my face that Perriman will never be the 1st option in their offense. In fact, Perriman may never even be the 2nd option in their offense.

Jordan Matthews is over:

This one is personal. At this point, it’s fair to call me a JMatt apologist. Trash him on Twitter and a siren call goes out to me to run to his defense. The Eagles sign Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith? No worries I tell you, it’ll actually help Matthews. Rumblings the Eagles may look to trade Matthews? Ignore those I tell you, just bored beat writers looking for something to write about. What could possibly end my wide-eyed optimism? The Eagles selecting a WR with the 14th overall pick. If the Eagles select one of Mike Williams, Corey Davis or John Ross the JMatt train we’ll have come to a sudden and final halt.

If the Eagles select a WR that highly it’s fair to assume that they plan on featuring that player in the near future. With Matthews in the final season of his rookie contract, he’s certainly going to command more than the $1.09 million he will earn in the 2017 season. The Eagles cap situation is less than ideal with roughly $5.3 available for the 2018 season. It’s debatable, at best, how much of that cap space they’d earmark to the WR position. Drafting a wideout at 14 would be a sign the Eagles value Matthews much lower than I do. Considering the more pressing needs at cornerback(they have less than 1 actual starting level CB on the roster), defensive end and linebacker, drafting a wide receiver in the 1st would end JMatt.

Dallas Cowboys select Joe Mixon:

The Cowboys led the league in rushing attempts last season with 30.8 attempts per game. Of that total Ezekiel Elliott accounted for 21.5 carries per game along with 32 receptions. Zeke monopolized the backfield workload. Perhaps the Cowboys decide they’d rather not run Elliott into the ground and ruin him after 2-3 seasons. To help in that cause the Boys draft Joe Mixon in the 1st at 28 overall. Mixon has already shown he can share a backfield successfully at Oklahoma. The Cowboys have shown they do not care about the public backlash when it comes to who they roster; see Hardy, Greg.

Mixon could come in and immediately lessen Zeke’s workload to more reasonable 16-18 carries per game. Mixon closest comp on PlayerProfile.com just so happens to be Zeke, though Elliott is a much tougher runner. Bringing in Mixon to spell Zeke the Cowboys wouldn’t lose much, they’d keep Elliott fresh and continue to be the run-first offense they aim to be. Oh, and it’d kill Joe Mixon’s prospects to be an RB1 and hurt the value of the guy, Elliott, going off the board no later than 1.04 in most start-up drafts.

John Brown bounceback 2017 meet John Ross:

After breaking out for 1,003 yards on 65 receptions in 2015, Brown had a disastrous 2016 season. Starting in the preseason with a concussion that lingered up until week 1, then hamstring issues and finally a diagnosis of “Sickle Cell” trait.

Now that there’s a plan in place to deal with the sickle cell issue, which may be a cause or at least an underlying factor in Brown’s season spanning hamstring issues, Brown is a sneaky buy-low player. Michael Floyd drank himself out of town, Larry Fitzgerald is on his last legs and is Jaron Brown recovering from a torn A.C.L. Brown’s path to a WR2 season seems clear.

Brown’s path to a WR2 season seems clear.

Unless of course, the Cardinals decide to draft John Brown 2.0., John Ross. Ross is a more explosive(!), faster more pedigreed version of John Brown. He’s a more complete receiver who would signal a death knell to the now 27-year-old John Brown’s dynasty value in the desert.
Those are just a few of my dynasty nightmares. What is it that you fear will occur during the NFL draft to give dynasty nightmares? Feel free to share in the comments or let me know @DFF_Shane



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