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Dynasty Hot Routes: Who To Drop?


The mission of this article is to make our in-house experts sizzle and bristle over the hot button issues that face dynasty owners. Our experts make the entire route tree HOT as they address topics from the world of IDP, Devy, Start/sit, Non-PPR, PPR and everything in between. Try not to get burned by all the fiery YAC below! This is Dynasty Hot Routes!

12-team PPR start 3-5 WRs (deep rosters) must cut at least one of Seth Roberts, Terrence Williams, Dontrelle Inman or Justin Hardy?

Joshua Johnson– I say cut ’em all except Justin Hardy. He is a God! But seriously with Kyle Shanahan gone maybe Hardy usurps Taylor Gabriel in the slot. Hardy caught like 9000 passes while at ECU and rumors of fewer targets for Mohamed Sanu are major headlines.

I still believe in Justin Hardy. Just in case you play in a league with me don’t bother checking I likely own Hardy if the rosters are deep enough. TWill is a nice WR2/WR3 (on his team) but he has yet to seize his any of his many opportunities. Roberts likely dropped a pass at the very mention of his name. Inman more like meh-man!

Eric Iannaccone – I’d cut Seth Roberts. Terrance Williams and Dontrelle Inman have shown they can contribute on a somewhat consistent basis. Justin Hardy still has some appeal as we haven’t really gotten a chance to see what he can do. The job has never been his in Atlanta and maybe with some coaching changes, we could see something from him this season. 

Roberts, on the other hand, has had the WR3 role in Oakland for a couple years now. Other than the random touchdown here and there, he hasn’t been a consistent contributor. And with Jared Cook and Beast Mode in town, that touchdown opportunity has probably shrunk for Roberts.

Shaun Laibe – I’m cutting Dontrelle Inman out of this bunch. Nothing says “we don’t like you” like drafting someone who plays the same position at #7 overall. Inman was given every chance to succeed after Keenan Allen’s season-ending injury in Week 1 but failed to turn his opportunity into sustained weekly success. Catching 3 passes or less in 8 games, Inman could not be counted on for anything more than a bye week fill in last season.

Inman will have more opportunity in early 2017 while Mike Williams nurses a back injury, but he does not appear to be a guy who has much of a future in the NFL… or my dynasty roster.

12-team PPR 2TE, must cut one Xavier Grimble or Clive Walford?

Joshua Johnson – This is a tough one because I feel like no matter which one I drop the other will go off. Both are in good passing offenses with top end WR talent. I believe Walford has the juice to push Jared Cook for TE1 snaps. Although he has yet to show much improvement. Grimble, has more quickness and blocking ability than current starter Jesse James. My peers in Pittsburgh believe Grimble will surprise some people this season. So let’s go with Grimble!

Eric Iannaccone – When choosing between two evils, I always like to choose the one I haven’t tried before. We’ve seen Walford play meaningful snaps for the Raiders, and what has it resulted in? Not a whole lot. Unless you subscribe to some “third-year tight end” theory than Walford isn’t suddenly making the leap to pass Jared Cook as the starter.

Xavier Grimble, on the other hand, hasn’t had the opportunity to shine yet. Reports from camp have been very positive, specifically speaking towards his athletic ability. That alone could be enough to get him on the field this season, and then we can see what kind of potential he has. I’m giving Grimble an opportunity before we write him off.

Shaun Laibe – Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. In today’s NFL, opportunity is everything. Xavier Grimble has it in Pittsburgh while Clive Walford seemingly does not in Oakland. Walford is still a nice prospect, but when the Raiders acquired Jared Cook in the offseason, it all but shut his door to make much of a fantasy impact.

In Pittsburgh, the tight end competition opened up when Ladarius Green was cut in the spring. That left Xavier Grimble and Jesse James as being the two most noteworthy tight ends on the roster. The case for Grimble is based on his athleticism. He won’t blow you away with his speed, but is 6’5” and 250 pounds and excels in his ability to box out a defender to make the grab. Grimble has never put up huge numbers, even in college, but I believe he possesses the ability opportunity to become a weapon with Ben Roethlisberger.

12-team PPR (24-man in-season rosters definitely quality over quantity in this league) drop 4 of these 8 players? Vance McDonald, Clive Walford, Will Tye, Travis Benjamin, Terrence Williams, Charcandrick West, Kendall Wright or Tyler Boyd?

Joshua Johnson-McDonald has been rumored to be a cut candidate all off season. He has talent but he has been unable to showcase it thanks to the 49ers changing their coaching staff every year of his career. TWill and Walford have already been explained above. Travis Benjamin ugh? Anyone else regretting having anybody in the Chargers WR corps right about now? Tye could serviceable this year but likely not a consistent level. West’s value will see a slight surge if Spencer Ware or Kareem Hunt get hurt.

It is too early to give up on Boyd who had a mid-1st 2016 Rookie Draft ADP. Wright has had some big successes but they are certainly a distant memory. I would honestly just hold the younger players and hope for the best. I would guess this team is either top heavy or not very good. So high 2018 pick could do wonders. Boyd (23), West (26), Tye (26) and Clive Walford (26) would be the age winners.

Eric Iannaccone – I’d cut Will Tye, Charcandrick West, Kendall Wright, and Clive Walford. I don’t see a situation where they have much of an impact on your fantasy team. Tye is competing with Engram and Ellison for snaps – I think both are better players than Tye. West is a forgotten man behind Ware and Kareem Hunt. Walford, as I said before, just hasn’t been good even when he’s had the opportunity – and now he’s behind Jared Cook.

Travis Benjamin, Terrance Williams, and Tyler Boyd could all contribute this season and start for you, at least as bye-week fill-ins. I’m confident they’ll play meaningful snaps for their teams this season. Vance McDonald has been rumored to be out of the 49ers plans at the tight end position, but I like what I’ve seen from him and believe he is talented enough to land on his feet with another team if he is indeed cut.

Shaun Laibe – Wait, Kendall Wright is still in the league? I’m cutting him along with Clive Walford, Charcandrick West, and Vance McDonald. Walford’s lack of opportunity was explained in the question above, making him the easiest drop. The Kendall Wright drop seemed obvious as well. Since his breakout season in 2013, Wright regressed in 3 consecutive seasons. He is now looking for a revival in Chicago, but I see little reason to believe it happens.

Charcandrick West’s stock took a major hit when Kareem Hunt impressed against Cincinnati in the Chief’s 2nd preseason game. Hunt ripped off 40 yards on 8 impressive carries. More importantly, he looked the part while running with the starters. Spencer Ware owners should be concerned. The last cut came down to Vance McDonald and Will Tye. I’m not much of a believer in either, but think Tye has a better chance to become fantasy relevant at some point, making McDonald one getting the ax.



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