Dynasty Hot Routes: Trade Freezes, Senior Bowl & Super Bowl Thoughts

The mission of this article is to make our in-house experts sizzle and bristle over the hot-button issues that face dynasty owners. Our experts make the entire route tree HOT as they address topics from the world of IDP, Devy, Start/sit, Non-PPR, PPR, and everything in between. Try not to get burned by all the fiery YAC below! This is Dynasty Hot Routes!

What Are Your Thoughts About Not Being Able to Trade Until After the Super Bowl In Your Dynasty League?

Joshua Johnson – There are many reasons why leagues abide by this rule. Maybe they are waiting for everyone to say they wish to continue in their league or waiting for everyone to pay. Plus, some commissioners don’t want teams to trade away all their top assets, only to end up quitting the league. I majorly disagree with this if your league is full of trustworthy and active owners. The constant fluctuation of player value is too oscillating for me to consider having a deadline. News breaks all year round about players, and whether good or bad, it affects the axiom of the dynasty community. On the Twitter-sphere people verbally abuse each over hot-takes. Why must we close that door during such a critical and crucial time? Dynasty owners are like bored infants. We make mistakes/stupid trades. Let us swirl in that cesspool and reek of its stench if we so choose.

John Hogue – I don’t get it. I honestly can’t imagine a rational argument in favor of shutting down trades. Well, unless you believe in protecting the collective interests of overzealous owners who can’t wait to mortgage their future to “buy high” on hype monsters. But I say, “caveat emptor, baby!” In the month since the regular season ended, I have been able to capitalize on the hype trains of Todd Gurley, Jimmy Garoppolo and the first overall rookie draft pick reaching terminal velocity. I’ve been able to buy low on forgotten studs like Odell Beckham, Jr., Mike Evans, and David Johnson. And I was able to do it because trades were allowed after the fantasy season, while 2017 was fresh in owners’ minds. Of course, I act like I won those trades by being opportunistic, but the reality is the other owners may have done the exact same thing: They may have just traded me damaged goods for a once and future fantasy star. The point is that there was a demand on both sides for the deal to get done. Commissioners: Don’t get in the way of progress!

John Orr – These are the leagues I grew up in. Many of the leagues I play in still hold on to “trade deadlines.” Locked in the old school mentality that teams hold the players they roster through the gauntlet and into the championship. Newer leagues seem to have moved past this and leave trades open all season. It really does move some depth pieces for the teams still battling. Those teams who push expendable pieces to help build their draft stock really make out. Getting draft picks for players they don’t want or need next season, and then getting something for those picks, that’s why I love the “no trade deadline”.

Pete Lawrence – There is no valid or decent argument for locking the trade deadline after the season ends. Let teams make moves. Smart and active owners can get the drop on their league mates and exploit information. Plus, it keeps the fun going all through the offseason. If you don’t want to partake in trades during the offseason, then don’t. Just don’t force a deadline on the rest of your league.

Name One Player who Impressed You During Senior Bowl Week?

Joshua Johnson – Senior Bowl snub Riley Ferguson is my current Superflex obsession. I literally cannot stop thinking about his beautiful throws, his anticipation, and his confidence.

The one Senior Bowl player I loved was San Diego State RB Rashaad Penny. He might be 4.3 fast. His balance is legendary. Seriously, this kid could explode in the right situation. He is twitched up like Marshall and his power reminds me of Craig “Iron Head” Heyward. Penny hardly ever goes down on first contact or by just one tackler. He is a fighter and dangerous dual threat.

John Hogue – There were so many breakout stars in the Senior Bowl, and a handful whom, if I’m being honest, I had never even heard of before the game. Rashaad Penny, DJ Chark, and Kyle Lauletta all stood out, but the player who impressed me the most would have to be Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. In 2016, he was a physical freak and just looked pro-ready, but 2017 wasn’t much to write home about for the 6’5” prospect. He managed just 16 touchdowns and threw 6 interceptions in a non-power conference against opponents like Utah State and Gardner-Webb. He was sliding down draft boards and I was personally concerned as a Denver Broncos’ fan, that he would be drafted on his size and physical gifts (a la Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch), and never materialize as a pro quarterback. However, seeing Allen fight back after a slow start, and complete 9 of his 13 passes for 158 yards and 2 touchdowns, while standing in the pocket and facing heavy pressure, re-ignited the spark from his dazzling 2016 season. Now the bigger concern for Broncos’ fans is that Allen likely won’t make it to the fifth overall pick, and the Cleveland Browns will be the ones enjoying Allen’s long, prosperous career.

John Orr – DE Marcus Davenport jumped out for me.  You may recall his TD on a fumble recovery?
Impressive play in the game, relentless and high energy, the kid has a passion for the game and it showed. Keep your eyes on him during this draft process!

Pete Lawrence – Rashaad Penny out of SDSU is the guy I’m stoked about. He comes in at 5-11 and about 220-pounds. He is a playmaker with the ball in his hands contributing on kick/punt returns to go with his 3,625 scrimmage yards and 39 touchdowns. Penny is hard to bring down on first contact and looking at PFF, Penny is ranked first overall in their Elusive Rating. He is above Guice, Barkley, and Michel in this metric. He will need to refine some aspects of his game for the NFL, but the guy has elite level talent.

Pick an Offensive and Defensive Player to Win Super Bowl MVP Honors?

Joshua Johnson – If Philly wins it will because New England could not slow Zach Ertz. The Eagles schemed him with staggering success versus Minnesota and he is clearly the key cog in their offensive machine. Of course, if the Pats win another Super Bowl, Sir Tom Brady will be knighted MVP again. Yet, maybe former Eagle Dion “Little Dirty” Lewis does his best James White impression to help New England prevail.

Defensively Fletcher Cox could disrupt the pocket and make Brady very uncomfortable. A sack fumble could be a massive momentum/game-changing play. For the Pats, DE Trey Flowers has the most ability and sack potential. A multi-sack or multi-TFL day is what Flowers does in his sleep.

John Hogue – From the depths of the least logical, most fantastical corners of my brain, I’m picking the Philadelphia Eagles because “if you will it, Dude, it is no dream.” (Credit to Theodore Herzl via Walter Sobchak). The stupid Patriots are probably going to win this game, which – for me – basically has the exact opposite effect of Cialis. But I’m going to root for the Eagles, and their path to victory has Nick Foles and Chris Long as the Offensive and Defensive MVPs, respectively, if the Eagles can defeat the Evil Empire. The Jacksonville Jaguars had the Patriots dead to rights in the AFC Championship game, but choked the game away with lethargic offensive play and play-calling in the fourth quarter with a two-score lead. If Doug Pederson and the Eagles learn anything from that tape, it’s that you stay aggressive in both your play calling and execution on offense when you have a lead, just as they did in the NFC Championship against the Vikings. That would mean Nick Foles, pouring it on late in the game because (as we learned in last year’s Super Bowl) no lead is ever safe. And the way to keep Tom Brady from scoring is as simple today as it was 16 years ago, when he came from behind to beat the Rams for his first Super Bowl ring: generate organic pressure. Don’t blitz; he finds the hole in your coverage. However, if the front four of the Eagles – led by Long on the end and Fletcher Cox up the middle – can disrupt Brady’s timing and comfort, the Eagles can leave Minnesota as Super Bowl champions. And I get to lock the doors, dim the lights, and cue “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls.

John Orr- Taking the boring pick, Tom Brady! Age has been kind and his golden arm will sling it all over the field as New England looks to get one more ring for this modern era dynasty. He has seen it all and with the extra time to prepare this coaching staff will have their team ready. The Eagles fierce pass rush will have a target, but will they be able to apply steady pressure all game? We shall see.

On defense, the Pats use everyone! They don’t have a flashy pass rusher to take over a game, what they have is a solid weekly game plan and moveable chess pieces to attack with. One can never truly know what to expect from the Pats. Both teams have shown all season how good they are at adjusting. I would love to see James Harrison make key plays in this game and be the guy on defense who makes the difference.

Pete Lawrence – The obvious pick here for the Patriots if they win is Tom Brady. With the award being voted on by the public Brady has the name brand and QBs usually are odds-on favorites to win. I think that Danny Amendola or Chris Hogan will be the real MVPs though. Patriots will use them underneath with their RB group to carve up the Eagles. Defensively I could see James Harrison having a big game as a pass rusher disrupting Nick Foles and the Eagles offense.

For the Eagles again it’s a QB, Nick Foles. With him utilizing the Eagles Run-Pass-Option he could get the Patriots defense out of position and exploit throws to his WRs. On defense, I look to the Eagles DL, who must keep pressure on Brady and make him uncomfortable.


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