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The mission of this article is to make our in-house experts sizzle and bristle over the hot button issues that face dynasty owners. Our experts make the entire route tree HOT as they address topics from the world of IDP, Devy, Start/Sit, Non-PPR (standard scoring), PPR, and everything in between. Try not to get burned by all the fiery YAC below! This is Dynasty Hot Routes!

Who on your dynasty rosters are you the most worried about going into 2019?

Joshua Johnson @DFF_ CogLast year I loaded up on Derek Carr shares because I assumed he would be a New York Giant by now. He and Odell were going to rule the NFC East and hoist a few Lombardi trophies along the way. Flash forward to today/reality and it seems no one is certain he will even be the Raiders QB anymore. Oakland may draft a QB with one their three first round picks. If they do then what exactly does the future hold for Carr. The addition of AB84 seems like a great idea ”on paper.” However, there is a genuine concern about his mental state. Maybe there is too much Kool-Aid being spilled right now and too many straws available to suck it down.

Matt Walker @DFF_WalkDoug Baldwin. He had a solid run as a WR2, but age and injuries are mounting. I couldn’t move him last year due to an injury which he never fully recovered from. Now he’s on record saying that he “needs more surgeries” this offseason. It looks like Lockett may finally be breaking (has broken) out. Sad to say it but I may be looking out at the abyss with Baldwin.

Kyle Francis @FranchiseKFJared Cook. He had an excellent year for me in a league where I desperately needed it last season. With him signing in New Orleans, are we going to see the Jimmy Graham target numbers (145, 135, 142, 125) or will the position continue to be obsolete, since the emergence of Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara? I feel cautiously optimistic but would have been more comfortable had he re-signed in Oakland.

John DiBari @dibari22I’ve got a ton of Tyreek Hill. I was on him early as a rookie in 2016 and was able to snatch him off of early season waivers in most of my leagues. If the rumors and allegations against him are true, he is going to be looking at a lengthy suspension from the NFL. If he does miss significant time, I’m going to have a difficult time replacing his production across multiple leagues.

Tom Burroughs @DFF_Tom – Josh Gordon is probably the obvious answer here, but his spot on my bench is more honorary than anything at this point. So I will say, Derrius Guice. I was high on him last season and thought the fit in Washington was excellent despite the concerns about Chris Thompson’s contract extension and supposed monopoly of 3rd downs. There is no disputing Guice’s talent, but the situation shortly looks bleak in that offense.

Washington was 28th in offensive DVOA in 2018, and there does not seem to be a path towards improvement without an answer at QB. The offensive line was ranked 26th in 2018 per football outsiders, and while they have been plagued by injuries, it is hard to envision Guice and company not facing stacked boxes early and often. He will be a serviceable and startable asset given volume, but his ceiling will be capped by minimal scoring opportunities and stalled drives.

What is your biggest flaw as a dynasty owner?

Joshua Johnson @DFF_ CogJust as my writing, I tend to get very very wordy. I also over analyze stuff to death. I guess you say can I pay too much attention. Often I either focus too much on something good or on something bad that stands out to me. In a sense, I circle the wagon until it becomes a yacht/superstar or a hopeless raft/deep sleeper that never pans out.

Matt Walker @DFF_WalkMy biggest flaw is easily my inability to quit on “my guys”. Good, bad or indifferent. I have held failed assets for far too long (looking at you Rico) effectively clogging up a roster spot. I have also held realized assets for too long and didn’t maximize their return. Nothing worse than watching one of your guys finally pop on someone else’s team.

John DiBari @dibari22I’m terrified of letting go of my sleepers who might “pop” one day. Odds are, most of the sleeper-type players never amount to anything. As I mentioned above, I hit on Hill years ago, but for every Tyreek Hill, there are hundreds of Elijah McGuire‘s and Kenneth Dixon’s that I’ve held onto for way too long in way too many leagues. Especially considering that I’ve gotten multiple offers for most of these bums over time.

Tom Burroughs @DFF_Tom I think it would be fair to say I tend to overthink things. Player valuations, trades, lineup decisions. I run through every possible scenario and look up statistics to support any number of outcomes. This can lead to being paralyzed with indecision about making the wrong move and regretting it later. I have to catch myself doing this and revert to what my gut instinct was to start. I have found that this is usually the best course to take. Even if it ends up being the wrong decision, it at least is the one I can tell myself I was most able to live with at the end of the day.

Who is your prediction for the consensus 1.01 in rookie drafts for the 2020 class?

Joshua Johnson @DFF_ CogI still believe in the ultra-powerful thighs of Cam Akers. You can call me a Florida State Seminole homer all you want. That is precisely what I am, and your lacerations would be correct. Running back’s thighs (especially massive ones) are what drives them to be a success. Akers career at FSU has been just okay. We have seen flashes of brilliance and power. He seems like a cross between Earl Campbell and  Leonard Fournette. That might be an old-school approach to RB scouting, but I am an old fart/curmudgeon, so it suits me.

Matt Walker @DFF_WalkTravis Etienne. This kid is simply disgusting on the football field. The 5’10, 200 workhorse back has dominated his ACC competition in his first two years on campus to the tune of 2,424 yards and 37 touchdowns on the ground!  If he can produce as a pass catcher in 2019, then the sky’s the limit for this kid. (Full disclosure.  If the lack of passing game involvement persists then D’Andre Swift could jump him due to his fully realized skill set).

Kyle Francis @FranchiseKFGeorgia RB, D’Andre Swift.

John DiBari @dibari22I’m not a huge devy guy so I may be way off, but in superflex, I’ve have to think Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert from Oregon have a legit shot at being the first pick in both the NFL and Superflex fantasy drafts. In non-Superflex, maybe Tyler Johnson from Minnesota or Bryan Edwards from South Carolina.


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