Dynasty Etiquette: Leaving Your Dynasty League

Dynasty football etiquette is like an unwritten code of polite behavior that reflects a common courtesy to your fellow competitor. The unspoken nature of this community code can cause conflict within your leagues when silent expectations fall short. One of the many catalysts to league dysfunction is caused by managers departing an already-made roster, leaving a captainless ship for the remaining constituents to deal with. Vacating a dynasty league after signing up for a multi-year commitment can cause understandable frustrations. Nevertheless, sometimes a departure is necessary. Leaving a league should not be viewed as a disrespectful act if you approach the process with clear intentions. It would be best if you never quit a league blindly without notification. There are much more courteous ways to do so. Let’s dive into the Dynasty Etiquette of Leaving Your Dynasty League and answer some of the common scenarios in question.


End Of Season

Truthfully, there is no such thing as an ideal time to discontinue your dynasty league. It can sometimes be challenging to find a trustworthy replacement once a team has been built. The absence of one manager can greatly change the ecosystem of the 11 remaining managers. With that said, if you are considering leaving your dynasty league, the best time to do it is immediately after the season ends and before your league’s rookie drafts. This will give the incoming manager a more extensive opportunity to control their roster trajectory.


It may be harder to find a replacement if your league’s rookie drafts have already commenced. If you are in the offseason, attempt to do right by your league mates by personally finding a replacement before the season begins. Notify your league mates of your intent to revoke your manager rights so they can aid in the search.


I would never recommend quitting a league in the middle of a current season. Do your best to see the roster through to the end of the league’s playoff date and immediately state your departure afterward. Do not expect a refund of league dues if you are forced to leave mid-season. If a departure is absolutely necessary, having a manager ready to replace you is always an appreciated pleasantry. However, one should not feel solely responsible for finding said replacement.


Personal Reasons

Real life should always take precedent over fantasy football. You should never feel guilt or obligation for needing to depart a league based on external personal factors. Send your league commissioner a direct message and respectfully ask to be replaced. No need for details, don’t overthink it.

Negative League Dichotomy

Maintaining a functioning dynasty league for several seasons takes a commitment of courtesy from all participants. A few bad apples can undoubtedly ruin the bunch. If your league is filled with incessant negativity or shaming in the group chat, simply state that you are no longer enjoying the league. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of collusion, blind scoring manipulation, or sudden rule changes without voting. Toxic interactions need not be tolerated. You can always find a group of managers that better suit your personality elsewhere.

League Inactivity

Being active in a dynasty league does not necessarily require constant transactions and roster movement. The minimum level of activity should be met by responding to direct messages, staying up to date in the group chat, and acknowledging trade offers in a timely manner. If the majority of your league does not partake in any of the above activities, it may be time to switch to a redraft format.

Low Roster Value

Unfortunately, the most common reason managers abandon a league is low roster value. This reason for departure is frowned upon by most dynasty managers, as finding a replacement is often difficult, causing the entire league to be in jeopardy. If you have mismanaged your roster value to the point of no return, the most respectful way to depart the league is by paying league dues for the current year so the incoming manager does not have to take on the monetary risk.


At its core, dynasty football should be about having fun while building a community of like-minded individuals to share an admittedly strange passion. Breaking up with your dynasty league can feel like leaving a dysfunctional relationship. The easiest way is to treat it like a band-aid. Make it quick; make it painless.

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