Dynasty Hot Routes: Awful Fantasy Scenarios via the NFL Draft



The mission of this article is to make our in-house experts sizzle and bristle over the hot-button issues that face dynasty owners. Our experts make the entire route tree HOT as they address topics from the world of IDP, Devy, Start/sit, Non-PPR, PPR and everything in between. Try not to get burned by all the fiery YAC below! This is Dynasty Hot Routes!

What is the worst possible Fantasy Scenario that could come out of the NFL Draft?

Joshua Johnson – How about Joe Mixon to Miami? Oh, it hurts, doesn’t it? That’s right let it soak in until your eyeballs float on a horizon of uncertainty. In this scenario, Jay Ajayi becomes a standard league only guy and Mixon becomes a PPR flex/bye week filler at best.

Corey Davis to Philadelphia? The Eagles would need to cut Torrey Smith this summer and not resign Alshon Jeffery to pave the way to more snaps for Davis. The Eagle offense is not set up to feature one WR.

Myles Garrett to Cleveland and they play him at OLB. He will still get over drafted because of his name recognition much like what happens to Von Miller every year.

Obi Melifonwu or Jamal Adams get drafted to play cornerback! This is a very real scenario. They are currently my top two IDP DBs, and you will hear a massive sigh of disgust ring through the vast South Dakota prairie from me if either player receives a designation change.

Also no offense to the city of Cleveland but you do need to ask yourselves is there a QB in this class that can carry the burden filled cross of your town. I respect and admire the Dawg pound but this year might not turn out any better whether it’s Trubisky, Watson, Mahomes, Kizer, Peterman or Kessler. I also respect that many of you feel you have someone in place this year to benefit you to a further extent in 2018. If that is your argument why not let Kessler lead you to a 10-6 season in 2018? Would you not be that much further ahead? Not to mention if Kessler completely falters the 2018 QB class will feature the Josh “the Chosen” Rosen, Sam Darnold, Mason Rudolph, etc.? etc.

Brad McDaniel – Patrick Mahomes to the Houston Texans. Mahomes is arguably more talented than Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden combined, but he’s not ready yet. He needs time to develop. There is an assumption that Bill O’Brien knows quarterbacks, that he is able to develop quarterbacks. Pop quiz time. Name one quarterback that O’Brien successfully developed since becoming a head coach? I’ll wait.

Shaun Laibe – Corey Davis to the Chiefs. Davis is my #1 WR in this year’s rookie drafts, but if he lands in Kansas City his value drops precipitously. The Chiefs have been very good in recent years, but their success has been in spite of their passing game. For as long as Alex Smith remains at the helm in KC, I’m avoiding their WRs at all costs.

John Orr – Any of my top LBs to the Saints is an unmitigated disaster. I don’t believe they know how to use their LBs. Look at Stephane Anthony! Adding A.J Klein and Manti T’eo into this defensive unit and more questions get asked than answered. This team needs a playmaker at LB, it would not be my first option for them. If they take one in the first two rounds, I would be very worried.

Who is one veteran top 10 caliber WR you dislike and why?

Joshua Johnson – Allen Robinson is like that girl that broke your heart in high school. You pine and daydream about could have been. Then you realize the drama (or Blake Bortles) was just a burden that your heart could never invest in properly. Let’s not blame each other Allen, we both clearly have different roads in which we need to travel.

Brad McDaniel – This is a tough question. It feels like nitpicking and just comes down to personal preference, but I do not like T.Y. Hilton. He’s always been too up and down for me. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t score that many touchdowns. Maybe it’s because the Colts’ offense can’t seem to find an identity. Maybe it’s because there are always other WRs that I’d rather draft in the same ADP neighborhood.

Shaun Laibe – Michael Thomas, Saints. I was a huge fan of Thomas as a rookie out of Ohio State, but I think expectations need to be tempered for the second-year star. The trade of Brandin Cooks to New England seems to open more opportunity at first glance for Thomas. But it will also lead to more double coverage and increased attention from opposing defensive coordinators. I’m a believer of Thomas in the long term, but I expect a bit of regression in his second year.

John Orr – Deandre Hopkins, Houston. Will we see him storming back statistically this season? The QB situation is a nail bitter. No doubt he is elite, but it makes me wish he was playing with someone who could get him the ball consistently. The reason I don’t like him has more to do with my feelings about his QB then they do with him.

Who is one veteran top 10 caliber RB you dislike and why?

Joshua Johnson – I would like to give Mike Jernigan of the Dynasty War Zone credit for musing this question out of me. During their episode entitled “Top Ten Least Terrible” my main man, Mike brought up the bonehead factor when it comes to Le’Veon Bell. Surely Mike is not the only one to think of that, but at least he is man enough to say it to the masses. Bell is a bonehead! It is also entirely possible he could be a much better player if he laid off the weed. The dude was dumb enough to smoke in his car while entering a secured area of an airport before boarding a team charter. Yes, a TEAM charter!

Sure this happened two years ago, but I must be “Blunt” here, it still (cough, cough) happened! See what I did there? Now you cannot tell me that whole Steelers organization is okay with him. If they were, they would have re-upped the 25-year-old talent. He is extremely talented. But the injury history combined with the lack of cranial fortitude have me at odds with morality, basic human decency, and self-respect.

Brad McDaniel – This one is not as tough for me; it’s Devonta Freeman. I still think Tevin Coleman is the more talented running back. It seems like all of Freeman’s production comes in bunches. Several weeks of meh typically surround those spurts of production. Chasing consistency in fantasy football is nearly impossible, but I’ll pass on Freeman in startup drafts for a reliable WR ten out of ten times.

Shaun Laibe – Maybe I’m just hating on the Saints today, but the top 10 RB I dislike the most is Mark Ingram. Regarded as one of the more reliable backs in fantasy, not many realize he has reached 1,000 yards rushing exactly once in his 6-year career. More troubling is the fact that he was benched by Sean Payton for fumbling issues last season. I feel very uncomfortable with Ingram as my RB1.

John Orr – Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas. My dislike is about all the talk he gets about how talented he is. Don’t get me wrong here; he is a great player! My issue is, I could be a productive player behind that offensive line. Let’s show some love to the big guys up front when we throw all the hype on him.



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