DynasatyTradesHQ Podcast Episode 84: A DynastyTradeAddictsHQ Podcast Event

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Welcome to Episode 82 of the @DynastyTradesHQ Podcast!  “A DynastyTradeAddictsHQ Podcast Event”

The HQ crew merges with the hosts of the @TradeAddictsPod to create a supersized 5 man podcast booth all about trading in dynasty, or at least that was the intention behind this venture. Hear what really happened when Russ Fisher (@DynastyOuthouse) and Brian Harr (@BrianHarrFF) joined the guys!  There were live trades thrown around, live rejections & counters sent out, insults that had to be bleeped and some heated words thrown at each other.  But in the end the guys were able to come together and give their opinions on some trades and also show some insight into the whole process of attempting to make the trades happen in the first place.

So, come to have some fun and hang out with Shane Manila @DFF_Shane, Michael Cipes @FFBlitz, and Jeremy Browand @DFF_Madman it will be a blast!

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The DynastyTradesHQ podcast (with your hosts Shane Manila @DFF_Shane, Michael Cipes @FFBlitz, and Jeremy Browand @DFF_Madman) goes beyond the obvious to bring you the right takes on trades, trade philosophies, and impact of ADP on trading. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll get through the crazy world of dynasty trading together every week!

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