Draft Profile: WR Amara Darboh Michigan

Amara Darboh Senior / 6’2″ / 215 – Michigan

Games Watched:

  • 2016: Illinois, Ohio State
  • 2015: Utah, Northwestern

The Skinny:  Amara Darboh is a tough, down and dirty WR. He engages contact with the ball in his hands. Darboh is also a very willing blocker who stays on his blocks or continues to find someone to hit until the whistle. He is also not afraid to lay out to make a catch, even in traffic. Darboh has strong ability to adjust while the ball is in-flight. He will convert bad passes into first downs. Darboh has shown some concentration drops but some of those are a result of him stretching to make a play in the first place.

He has not had good QB play at Michigan but he still has produced quality tape of him doing extraordinary things. Still, his film sample is limited hence he could be a day three pick in the draft. His footwork off the line and within a route are above average versus the rest of the class. However, his foot placement in those moments prior to catching the ball is top notch.

His 2016 game versus Ohio State was his most impressive tape. He fought and competed toe-to-toe with three potential first round DBs for the Buckeyes. They beat him up with no help from officials. Yet, Darboh kept on plugging away. He finished the game with eight receptions for 68 hard fought yards and a touchdown. His acrobatics and courage to sit in traffic should speak to scouts.

He seemingly entered 2016 as the Wolverines #3 weapon in the passing game. This was despite leading Michigan with 58 receptions in 2015. Other draft eligible players Jehu Chesson (50 receptions) and Jake Butt (51 receptions) had more fanfare and momentum as prospects entering 2016. Darboh once again led the Wolverines in receptions. He had 11 more than Butt and 22 more than Chesson. In addition, Darboh had three more receiving touchdowns than anyone else and he saw a three-yard increase in his yards per catch.

Fantasy Outlook: Darboh might not be the next Dez or Julio but he can be a reliable WR2. Granted his peak will be effected by scheme fit. He seems like a perfect match in Buffalo or San Francisco. With the Bills, his targets might not be initially attractive. However, Sammy Watkins gets hurt more often than a curious three-year-old. In the Shanahan scheme with the 49ers he could be the Pierre Garcon understudy. He has a slightly bigger frame than Garcon but he could develop into a similar type of possession WR.

One hundred plus targets could easily be in his future. Arizona seems to be a team that will be in the market for a WR late. Brushing shoulders with Larry “F’n Legend” can only help any young WR regardless is frame or role with an offense. Darboh is a tad raw. His routes could be crisper and there could definitely be more deceptive hip rolling at the top his stem. That said, there are not any glaring holes that maturity and good coaching cannot overcome.

Combine: Here is the fun part. Darboh ran 4.45 40-time that was 12th fastest time amongst WRs at the combine. He tied with Zay Jones (ECU) and Stacey Coley (Miami, FL). Darboh was also just a step faster than Carlos Henderson’s of LA Tech 4.46, a player who many believe to be a second round talent.

His 36 inch vertical was okay but it only scored in the 57th percentile. His hand size is 9 7/8 (82nd percentile) and his broad jump of 124 inches was in the 75th percentile.

Darboh was not John Ross fast (4.22) but he is three inches taller and 27 pounds heavier.

Overall he tested well but he did not blow anyone away. I will admit his sub 4.5 40-time was what really challenged me to investigate him further. Then I saw his reported 3-cone time from his pro day was 6.81! I do not take pro day numbers as gospel truths but I would imagine at worst Darboh is in the 6.90 to 6.95 range. Combine that with his height, weight, hand size and his 40-time and in Amara Darboh you have a WR molded from a very intriguing cast.

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