Draft Profile: QB Nathan Peterman, Pittsburgh

Prior to the start of the football season, 2017 was being talked about as the great quarterback (QB) drought. After 2016 boasted 2- or 3- great signal callers (if you like Paxton Lynch as much as I do), 2017 was looking really weak. Then things took an unexpected turn, prospects grew immensely, and things clearly changed. Trubisky, Watson, Kizer and Mahomes are all worthy of first-round looks. Then there are the “second tier” guys like Brad Kaaya, Davis Webb and now Nathan Peterman who should go on day two.

Peterman rose up the QB ranks pretty late; he wasn’t even really on the radar to begin the year. But, as they say, it isn’t how you begin it is how you finish. And the “finish” line (Draft Day) is just under 50 days away and here Peterman stands, as a probable day-2 pick. Let’s break down the former Pittsburgh Panthers game, and discuss where the Redshirt Senior may land in Rookie drafts.


Pocket Presence. It’s a treat to watch Peterman navigate the pocket; he does it so effortlessly. Peterman’s ability to get outside the pocket and extend plays is something you can turn into a very relevant skill. If you want to look at a guy who does this well, look at Aaron Rodgers. Pocket presence is often a “natural” skill set that can be hard to teach. Fortunately, Peterman has it.

Mobility. Okay, Peterman is not Robert Griffin III. He’s just not. He doesn’t have the athleticism of Deshaun Watson or Joshua Dobbs. Nonetheless, he’s a sneaky good and effective athlete. Pairing this with his natural ability to extend plays, you have yourself a damn good combination. As a fairly simple reference, Peterman is about as mobile as Alex Smith/Teddy Bridgewater.

Decision Making. Watch Peterman and it’s clear he knows what he is doing out there. He is decisive about where he is going with the football, he knows when to run and when not to, and he stays away from stupid mistakes. This can (and often times is) a career-long struggle for some QBs, I expect Peterman’s football IQ to translate well.

You can watch some of Peterman’s game tape through the following links:

Peterman vs. North Carolina

Peterman vs. Virginia Tech

Peterman vs. Clemson


Mechanics. You may be thinking pocket presence, decision making and mobility… Tell me this doesn’t sound like Aaron Rodgers! Yes, they are very similar in those respects, but mechanics is where Rodgers flat out steam rolls him. I’m not here to tell you that Peterman has awful mechanics since they aren’t terrible. But I do believe it will limit him throughout his career in terms of both throwing power and accuracy, which are neither strengths or weaknesses for the former Panther. Here’s to hoping that Peterman can get past this roadblock.


Bottom line is, there’s a whole lot to like in Peterman’s game. His mechanics are very worrisome, but when you look past that you see a kid with a great sense for the game. With good football IQ, solid mobility and great pocket presence, Peterman has a very viable skill set. As for the NFL Draft, I have him as a solid 3rd round pick, for reasons listed above.

As for rookie drafts, I have him ranked #6 in my quarterback rankings. I would not draft him until at least these 5-QBs are all off of the board: Trubisky, Watson, Kizer, Mahomes and Webb.




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