Draft Preview-Kelvin Harmon vs N’Keal Harry. Who can help your team the best?

The 2019 WR class is absolutely loaded. There are legitimately around 25 receivers that could be starters someday, but the top of the class certainly is not limited either.

In that top crop, Kelvin Harmon and N’Keal Harry are both right up there. Both have first round grades on my board, and they can legitimately dream of being a future number one receiver in this league. However, which one of them is better? If I am the Ravens, would I rather have Harry or Harmon? Well, I am going to break that down, as these guys are legitimately so close it is crazy.


Man, N’Keal is something else when it comes to YAC. He uses his frame so well to just run guys over or somehow shimmy around them. Simply he is one of those rare breeds of WRs that can make something out of virtually nothing. Even if he is a great deep threat, he is an ideal screen and quick game receiver because of his fantastic YAC.

Kelvin Harmon is pretty darn good at it, too, but he usually doesn’t have this type of contact balance that Harry does. He certainly can break anything for a huge gain and he has the plan down, but the level of Harry’s YAC skills are probably the best in this class. No slight to Harmon, he just isn’t elite in this area, but he is very good.

Advantage: Harry

Contested Catch

Well, Harry is pretty crazy good at using his frame to just box guys out and pluck these balls out of the air. Sometimes through contact he will have a bit more trouble reeling these catches in, but he knows how to use his size more than enough. Even more, though, is his ability to use his catch radius to snag these. Harmon doesn’t have the radius Harry does.

But, he, well has incredibly strong hands. Oh, and he maintains leverage far more than Harry does often. Kelvin Harmon really never loses a contested catch situation because of his supreme physicality and absurdly good ball skills. I would never doubt Harmon in a one-on-one and every time you watch his tape, he proves me right to trust him in any jump ball situation.

Advantage: Harmon


Harry is not stiff, and he might not be entirely super fast, but he is quick. His cuts are extremely fluid and sharp and some of that is due to great foot speed. The cuts like this on the slant demonstrate that short area quickness that teams will look for in a good WR, and Harry has every single bit of it.

Harmon, however, is just much smoother and quicker than Harry. Here, Harmon changes direction in an instant, but Harry absolutely as a sort of “wind up” in his change of direction. It is a good way to combat the stiffness in his hips, but it is by no means perfectly fluid. In terms of quickness, pure fluidity will win.

Advantage: Harmon

Route Running

Even without the perfect quickness, the sharp cuts and ability to keep the knees high and moving allows Harry to be a dang good route runner. He also has a rather diverse route tree, so that is a massive plus for a guy that can win off the line and play from multiple areas. Harry has made a CB flip their hips more often than you would think.

Quickness and fluidity is great for Kelvin Harmon and he can run a mean route, but he isn’t as diverse in terms of his tree, although he still is very versatile. Harmon beats guys deep often due to clean double moves, but also because of amazing releases. That is his forte. It is not to say that he cannot win over the middle, but Harry is probably the smoother route runner right now.

Advantage: Harry


This is a key thing to note with Harry. He can gain separation in the intermediate game, but his lack of speed shows up in the vertical passing game. It doesn’t matter all that much because he is a contested catch cheat code, but when you are beginning a stem, Harry just doesn’t have the hand fighting ability Harmon does. He isn’t as quick either, so vertically, he is challenged separation wise.

Harmon, on the other hand, is a master of hand-fighting and eating up a cushion. This guy always win at the line because he is physical and has the plan to beat the guy hand usage wise. Harmon’s stems get vertical quick and win him leverage easily. There is not a better release receiver than Harmon in the draft, so Harry had an uphill battle anyways here.

Advantage: Harmon

Kelvin Harmon wins my 5 essential WR traits 3-2 and in my rankings it is reflected as such. Harmon is 3, Harry is 4, but make no mistake about it, both of these guys will be very good players and you want them on your team.


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