Devy Watch Update: Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson Looks to Transfer

Tyree Jackson is a polarizing quarterback prospect. Listed at 6’7” and 245 pounds, he has a skill set that is reminiscent of Buffalo Bills QB, Josh Allen. Graced with incredible arm strength and very good athleticism, Jackson lacks very little in terms of natural ability. He is an excellent deep ball thrower, but his accuracy on both short and intermediate passing will need to improve. Jackson played behind an offensive line that was elite in pass protection. However, when teams did pressure him, he lost his mind. For example, he was sacked multiple times on the first drive of the second half of the MAC championship game. Buffalo collapsed, lost the game as a result as Jackson became rattled beyond repair. Now that he’s entered the NCAA transfer portal, it will be imperative that he lands with a team that has a QB coach that can help him advance mentally and become more physically polished. He is able to do things that very few other college quarterbacks can, but his landing spot and commitment to his development will both go a long way in determining how he will be valued by the NFL in the 2020 Draft.

Potential landing spots for Jackson in 2019 could include: Arizona State, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, and TCU


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